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Operation Avalanche Is An Alt-History Docudrama About Faking The Moon Landing

Operation Avalanche is a fake documentary about of the Apollo 11 moon landing, in a parallel universe of sorts where the event was faked. At that said, it’s a very real movie, which was also a real Sundance hit.

Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Has Some Choice Words For Moon Landing Truthers

Between Room 237, Moonwalkers, the Flat Earth Society and other conspiracy theorists and humankind’s general eagerness to believe anything that sounds strange enough to be true, the idea that Stanley Kubrick helped fake the Moon landings persists. And the director’s daughter is SICK OF IT.

Another Great Way To Prove Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theorists Wrong

Humans have landed on the moon six times, but conspiracy theorists still insist the actual number is zero. They cite bad science, misunderstandings of physics, and outright lies to try to convince you that American astronauts never set foot on our moon. Here’s one more way to prove those wackos wrong.

The Chinese Rover's First Moon Photos Are Here

China’s National Space Administration has released photos taken by the Yutu rover on the moon. There is also video footage of the Chang’e 3 lander’s descent, and you can see in the video (below) when it comes to a full stop about 50 meters above the surface of the moon for a quick photo survey.

China's Rover Has Reportedly Landed On The Moon

China’s state-run television network is reporting that the unmanned Yutu lunar rover has successfully soft-landed on the moon. The rover, which touched down a few minutes after 9PM Saturday night Beijing time, is the first object to be successfully soft-landed on the moon since 1976.

Monday Night Web Movie: Relive the Moon Landing With This Documentary

We woke up this week to a world without Neil Armstrong in it. He was taken over the weekend following complications from a heart operation earlier in the month. Armstrong’s achievements included being the first man to ever set foot on the Moon, and it’s now time to relive that achievement with our Monday Night Web Movie.

Neil Armstrong Talks Moon Landing To Australian Accountants

That’s right up there in terms of headlines I never thought I’d write, but it’s true nonetheless; Neil Armstrong — yes, that Neil Armstrong — a man notable for generally refusing interview requests outright, has recorded a series of indepth interview with the Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia.

New Apollo 17 Landing Photo Clearly Shows Lander, Flag

It’s blurrier than old MySpace snapshots, but it’s there as expected. The Apollo Lunar Modules and the US flag left behind at the Apollo 17 landing site has been caught in a close-up image by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Norman Rockwell: The Original King Of The Photoshop

Back when Norman Rockwell ruled Saturday evenings, Adobe wasn’t even a gleam in some nerd’s eye, but a new book shows that the painter was, nevertheless, a Photoshop god.

A Real Astronaut Reflects On America's Moon Landings, Past And Future

Our friend and astronaut blogger Leroy Chiao was an invited guest at the Apollo 11 40th Anniversary gala last night. Here he shares a few shots, his memories of the Eagle touchdown, and his thoughts on the next moon mission.

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