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Momofuku's David Chang Cooks Four Delicious Dishes Using Instant Ramen

Chef David Chang, owner of the Momofuku restaurant group, shows how to make delicious food using a humble college favourite: instant ramen. From a fancy omelette with ramen seasoning to the more elaborate gnocchi parisienne using the actual ramen as gnocchi.

How To Set Drinks On Fire To Make Them Taste Delicious

I spill a dribble of liquid nitrogen onto the bar as I try to pour it from a steel vat into a coffee thermos for Dave Arnold, in a scene that vaguely reminds me of this image of Jesus turning water into wine, except that the splash turns into smoke and tiny beads, which skitter across the bar like insects.

Inside The Delicious Science Of Momofuku's Secret Kitchen Lab

The first thing I should tell you about the Momofuku Kitchen Lab is that I can’t tell you very much about it.

Inside Momofuku's Secret Test Lab, A Very Magical Kitchen

I’ve been wanting to break into (or be invited, whichever) Momofuku’s secret Test Lab since cookbook co-author and all-around ace food writer Peter Meehan revealed its existence six months ago. Alas, I’ve been beaten by Jimmy Fallon.

Momofuku's Ramen App May Be The Most Delicious iPad App Ever

David Chang’s Momofuku restaurants are the unofficial official eateries of Gizmodo. We love pork, oysters, fat, salt, noodles and cookies. The Momofuku cookbook is one of our bibles. Now, there’s going to be a Momofuku app, and it sounds delicious.

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