6 Ways The World's Mega-Cities Could Deal With Explosive Growth

People are moving into cities at an astounding rate — so fast, not even the cities themselves will be able to keep up. A new show at the Museum of Modern Art opens this week to examine how that explosive growth will affect six cities globally: Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lagos, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro and New York City.

These 5 Gadgets Are Now In MoMA's Permanent Collection

A microcontroller. An experimental synthesiser. A kit for building game consoles. You can read about these things online, you can buy them online, and you can build them yourself. But starting this year, you’ll also find them in arguably the most important modern art museum in the world.

An Artist Is Using Augmented Reality To Stage A Guerrilla Show

New York’s Museum of Modern Art won’t display the early work of choreographer Ted Shawn — so Adam H. Weinert is doing it for them. Surprise! MoMa just got a permanent unauthorised exhibition that displays performances inside the museum through an augmented reality app.

This Folding Knife And Spork Is Plastic Cutlery Evolved

If there’s one downside to a summer spent relaxing at garden parties and backyard barbecues, it’s having to dine with disposable plastic cutlery. It’s flimsy and it’s awkward — and thanks to designer Wei Young, you’d be far better off just bringing this reusable set that folds away so it can hang off a carabiner.

This Reflective Umbrella Surrounds You In A Super-Safe Halo Of Light

To me, whimsical umbrellas — you know, the kind printed with Starry Night or cats — have always seemed like a mockery of the rain-drenched commuter’s misery. But this reflective version actually makes practical sense, since it turns its owner into a glowing beacon of safety.

Cannibal Buildings! Why MoMA Is Eating Its Next Door Neighbour

This week, MoMA confirmed its plans to raze a neighbouring museum, creating a continuous connection to the luxury supertall going up next door.

Inside The Hidden New York City Clocktower Gallery's Grand Finale

Even though the Clocktower Gallery has been around since 1972, you might never have known it was even there. It resides in the top two floors of a government-owned building in Tribeca, which is just part of the odd story of how this alternative art space has operated through the years. Now it is hosting its final show, Dale Henry: The Artist Who Left New York, before the space is cleared for a luxury apartment.

MoMA Will Banish Grotty Audio Guides With Free Guide App

Smart: MoMA has announced the launch of an audio guide platform that will be accessible on Android or iOS devices for free.

Asian Banks Drop $1 Billion On Long-Stalled Tower

A new $US1 billion financing package from a group of Asian banks is breathing life into a stalled plan to build the 320m tall MoMA Expansion Tower in New York City. The building was designed more than seven years ago by French architect Jean Nouvel — who imagined a shard-like steel framework of cross-bracing that terminates in three sharp glass wedges up top.

Famous Works Of Modern Art Imagined As Desserts

Ever scoffed over a piece of modern art and thought you could make it and make it better? Photographer Sarah Anne Ward took that thought in the most delicious direction, turning eight iconic examples of modern art into desserts.