Watch A Woman Show What 100 Years Of Beauty Looks Like In 1 Minute

Video: Different eras have different definitions of beauty. A look in the early 1900s can fall out of favour a few years down the road or maybe inspire a style decades later. Cut Video made this video that shows a model getting her and make up done to show what beautiful meant from 1910 to 2010.

A Day In The Unusual Life Of A Professional Amazon Model

“Amazon Amanda”, who stands 190cm tall, discusses her life and work in a subculture where men will pay to be squished, crushed, wrestled or just be seen in public with a super-sized women. It is an unusual world, but it’s definitely one where underground comic artist Robert Crumb would feel completely happy.

Amanda says that nothing sexual ever happens with her clients, but she does get some unusual requests — including once being asked to crush a terminally ill client to death so that he would die happy.

This Must Be The Coolest City Model Ever Made

Chris Burden says his amazing Metropolis II — a gigantic retrofuturistic city model where thousands of slot cars race forever — is not just a city model. Of course it’s not. It’s a goddamn amazing jesuschrist look at that city model. It looks glorious in this short by Henry & Rel.

This May Be The Coolest Toy In The World

Believe it or not, this guy is not human. It’s part of what may be the coolest toy in the world, which costs as much as a car.

This Is What The Universe Would Look Like If It Were A Tiny Model

The observable Universe is a 92-billion-light-year sphere — a place so big that it’s impossible to imagine its dimensions. But what if the Universe were as small as a scale model train? Then the Horsehead Nebula would look something like the above.

Beautiful Woman In Bikini Turns Into Santa Claus In Reverse Photoshop

Well played. Ad agency Victors & Spoils poked fun of mass media’s tendency to turn normal humans into plastic Barbie and Ken dolls through their abuse of Photoshop by, well, using Photoshop in reverse. That is, they took a viral photo of a girl in a bikini that had been heavily altered and added more alterations to the original alterations to transform the skinny Barbie into a fat Santa Claus. The power of Photoshop swings both ways.

Elaborate Buddhist Temple Made From Discarded Cardboard Boxes

And you thought breaking down your cardboard boxes for recycling was creative — Japanese gamer and amateur modeller Upuaza Touryou just trashed the competition, turning his stack of old flimsy Amazon cardboard boxes into an insanely elaborate Buddhist temple.

The Awesome NASA Passenger Plane That Wants To Kill The Sonic Boom

NASA and its partners keep making progress in their quest to design a new passenger airliner that can fly supersonic without making a lot of noise, one of the main problems with the Concorde. And that progress looks space-age awesome.

Wooden You Like A Wooden Merc?

In some ways, it must be nice being rich. You can afford luxury travel, holidays, and the little things that make life worth living — like this full-scale replica of a 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing carved out of teakwood. What… what was that again?

This Is What Happens When Barbie Dolls Turn Into Meth Heads

I love these amazing, ultra-realistic model photography series by the very talented Carrie Becker: Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse. I imagine this happening in an alternative universe where Ken leaves her after she turns into a meth head following years of alcohol and coke abuse.