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What Do You Get When You Cram A HTC Phone And Fake IPhone 4 Into A Game Boy?

Mayhem. That’s what you get. Modder “Goteking” hollowed out a Game Boy, and stuck a HTC Aria in, to peek through the Game Boy’s screen. Not to mention a fake white iPhone 4 for the back. Why? Err…

Prosecutors Dismiss Xbox-Modding Case Mid-Trial "Based On Fairness And Justice"

Federal authorities in the first-of-its-kind game-console–modding criminal trial abruptly dropped their prosecution here Thursday, “based on fairness and justice.” What happened?

Building Your Own White iPhone 4

If you were geeked on the white iPhone 4, but disappointed to see that they wouldn’t be shipping until late July, you could always just build your own. Engadget put together a white iPhone 4 with third-party parts and it looks, well, great. Though it’s missing an earpiece grill, lens cover, LED diffusor, and a white Home button, it’s a pretty neat mod for users who just can’t wait for the white version. There’s a Michael Jackson joke here but yeah, we’re not going there. [Engadget]

Hark Back To The Good Ol' Days With The Portable N64

Forget the DSi XL, Nintendo should look to the past for its next handheld console. Or, just commission the modder-maestro Zenlock for a heap of portable N64s, so we can revisit The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in style.

Back Up Your Valuables In A Time Capsule Gift Box

No broken MacBook and pair of old routers, but you do have a Time Capsule gathering dust? Turn it into a gift box, adding hinges and a silk cushion. Just don’t put an engagement ring in there, trust me. [Instructables]

What To Do With All Your Broken Routers? Make A MacBook Mod, That's What

Like the Everest-climbing George Leigh Mallory, modder Tyler saw a Linksys router and decided to shove a MacBook inside, “because it’s there.” Well, it was either that, or a Billy the Big Mouth Bass.

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