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Rumourmodo: Is This The iPhone 5C In Action?

Either Apple can’t keep a secret any more, or it’s changed its marketing policy in a marked way. Behold, the “budget” iPhone 5C. Maybe.

Olympus PEN E-P5 Australian Review: Mirrorless Perfection

How is it that every PEN camera that Olympus makes gets better and better? It’s unfathomable. Meet the new favourite: the Olympus PEN E-P5.

LG Goes Budget With New Android Mobiles

New entries in the L series (inventively named the L II), new 4G capable Optimus F5 and more make up LG’s rather budget-centric 2013 Australian range. The news isn’t so good if you were hanging out for the large screen Optimus Pro, however.

Living Large: The Biggest And Best Smartphones

You can be on the cutting edge of fashion, the very definition of style and the king or queen of cool, but if you’re carrying around an old junker for a smartphone it’s all for nought. Here are the best handsets for living large.

PayPal Here Australian Hands-On: Beating Square To The Punch Down Under

We’ve all been slowly waiting, wishing and hoping that Square, the mobile payment brainchild of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, would make it to Australia some day. If you can’t wait any longer, maybe try the PayPal alternative? It is free after all.

ZTE Hypes New Gaming Handset

Chinese manufacturer ZTE is hyping up something big for next week, telling Twitter followers today to expect some sweet gaming handset news in the near future.

Is This What The Samsung Store Will Look Like When It Opens In Sydney?

We’ve reported that the Samsung is close to announcing its first dedicated store on George Street, Sydney for sometime now, so is this what the store will look like when it opens here?

Pre-Order The iPhone 5 Now

Screw week-long line-ups, you can pre-order the iPhone 5 right now, provided you’re happy to fork over money for the as yet unannounced handset to vendors in China.

The Daily Might Be Dead By December

Remember when The Daily was launched by last year Rupert Murdoch? It was meant to save journalism by updating it with fresh, amazing content presented in a new and fancy tablet-only format. Doesn’t look like that’s working out so well, with reports pointing to the publication’s demise before the year is out.

RIM Has To Sell One Of Its Corporate Jets

For sale: One corporate jet. Previous owner selling due to lack of cash flow brought on by poor business decisions, a failure to innovate and a perpetually delayed operating system. Condition: slightly used, some stains from where board members have cried themselves to sleep.

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