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You Can Now Get An iCloud Email Address

Yep, you can get email accounts now. If, you know, you’re bored (or incredibly and irrevocably spammed) on your Gmail or Hotmail or whatever else. Here’s how, straight from the iOS 6 Beta 3 Release Notes.

MobileMe Shuts Down Tomorrow: Save Your Pictures And Files Now

If you didn’t get the memo last year, here’s your last warning: MobileMe is shutting down on Saturday June 30 (June 31 in Australia). That’s tomorrow. If you still have pictures in your MobileMe Gallery or files on iDisk, save it or it’s going bye bye forever!

Unravelling The MobileMess Of The MobileMe To iCloud Migration

Apple is known for its ability to create products that are easy to use and even easier to understand. Too bad that ease of use doesn’t translate to their latest cloud features. Instead, they’ve seemed to have mastered the art of confusing the hell out of everyone.

Apple Needs To Merge Apple ID And MobileMe For iCloud

I’m super excited for iCloud but I’m still wondering what the hell I’m going to do with my two separate Apple ID accounts: my original one, which I made to buy stuff on iTunes — and still use to buy apps — and then the MobileMe account that Apple forced you to make as a separate Apple ID.

Apple Will Merge All Your Accounts Into One

You probably have an Apple ID. You might have more than one. It’s also possible you have a MobileMe account. So with the impending launch of iCloud, which login will you use? It turns out, you won’t have to choose.

MobileMe Users Get 25GB Free iCloud Storage Until June 2012

There are all sorts of goodies coming out of the iCloud developer build that arrived this weekend, the first being news that MobileMe customers transitioning to the service will receive 25GB of storage space once the service launches.

What Lives And What Dies When MobileMe Becomes iCloud

According to Apple’s new MobileMe site, most of MobileMe, including email, Find My iPhone, and everything from iSync, will remain intact. iDisk, iWeb and Gallery, are gone, but they’ll be replaced by iCloud features with different names.

MobileMe Will Live For Another Year As Find My iPhone Escapes From Its Grasp

MobileMe will die someday. Just not anytime soon, since apple will keep MobileMe operational until June 30, 2012. But now that iCloud is here (and free), all MobileMe subscriptions from the last year, will be free until they expire.

MobileMe Subscribers Getting Pre-iCloud Refunds From Apple

If your $119 a year MobileMe account just automatically renewed, Apple’s handing you back the dough – indicating that today’s iCloud bonanza will likely include a drop in price for floating in the MobileMe cloud. Or maybe it’ll be free!

An Educated Rumour: iCloud Isn't The New MobileMe—It's The New iTunes

We’re getting a better and better idea of what iCloud’s going to look like—music streaming, maybe something Time Capsule-y. But not the whole picture. The typically accurate John Gruber suggests a handy way to conceptualise iCloud:

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