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The HTC One Finally Gets Its Android 4.2.2 Upgrade

After promising for ages, then delaying it and killing it off on other phones like the One S, HTC’s finally come through with an Android 4.2.2 update for the much-loved HTC One. What a cracking point update it is too, because HTC’s finally fixed one of the One’s biggest gripes.

T-Mobile Thinks It Can Push 3G Mobile Broadband Speeds Into 4G Territory

T-Mobile’s not quite ready to put it’s full support behind the 4G mobile broadband infrastructure. Instead, they want to take the current 3G HSPA standard they’re using, and make it as fast as 4G, reaching speeds of 650Mbps.

iiNet Jumps Onto Optus To Offer Contract Free Mobile Plans

If you’re looking for a cheap SIM-only plan without a contract, iiNet has just launched themselves as a MVNO. With plans starting from $10 a month for $150 worth of calls and 200MB of data, the plans sound pretty good… although you do need to be an iiNet customer to jump on board.

What Do You Think Should Happen When Your Mobile Networks Breaks?

Over the weekend, West Australian Vodafone customers were left stranded without mobile coverage for 11 hours thanks to a network outage. Vodafone updated their website to inform customers of the issue – well those who had internet access anyway – but it raises the question: What should happen when a telco doesn’t deliver their service sufficiently?

Android 3.0 'Honeycomb' Makes A Cameo Appearance On Prototype Motorola Tablet

Google is showing off an early build of their Android 3.0 software, which appears to be heavily optimised for tablets (including the Motorola prototype it’s running on) and has been given a cloudy release window of “next year.”

Angry Birds Christmas Edition Is Free Upgrade For Halloween Edition

Love Angry Birds, like we do? Have you downloaded the $1.19 Halloween version of said mobile game? If yes, the “Christmas” themed version of the game will become available to you, for free, as an update in the near future.

Amaysim Phone Network Promises Amazing Prices (Using Optus' Network)

Mobile Virtual Network Operators are nothing new in Australia, but the newest one certainly seems to be offering a good deal. Amaysim (it’s supposed to be pronounced like “amazing”, apparently) has just launched in Australia, and promises contract-free connectivity with all national calls costing 15 cents per minute with no flagfall and SMS messages costing just 12 cents.

The Evolution Of An Android's Eating Habits

newVideoPlayer( {"type":"video","player":"","customParams":[] ,"width":500,"height":332.5,"ratio":0.615,"flashData":"","embedName":null,"objectId":null,"noEmbed":false,"source":"youtube","wrap":true,"agegate":false} ); When little green Android robots are young, they love to nibble on cupcakes. As they grow older though, their tastes change. They begin to explore donuts, eclairs, frozen yogurt and—-HEY! Somebody get that robot away from that apple!

How To Google-ify Your iPhone

Got Android envy? Just wish Apple handled sync, the web and openness a bit better? Well, you can’t have it all but if you want to bring more Google paradigms to your iPhone here’s how to do it.

Google Instant Search Is Now Available On Your iPhone And Android Devices

newVideoPlayer( {"type":"video","player":"","customParams":[] ,"width":500,"height":332.5,"ratio":0.615,"flashData":"","embedName":null,"objectId":null,"noEmbed":false,"source":"youtube","wrap":true,"agegate":false} ); If you’re a fan of Google’s sometimes awkward Instant Search feature then I’ve got some great news for you: It’s now available on your iPhone or Android devices—as long as you’re running Froyo or iOS 4. [Google Blog]

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