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Bringing iPhone Safari Up To Speed

Safari is technically a platform on its own, separate from the iTunes App Store. Until the day that Gatekeeper comes to iOS, it will continue to be the most open way for users to access information on Apple’s mobile devices. But besides iCloud Tabs and Reading List, Mobile Safari has remained basically unchanged since its unveiling in 2007.

Nokia's Xpress Browser Decrypts Your HTTPS Data

It’s come to light that Nokia’s Xpress Browser — used on its Asha and Lumia handsets — routes your secure and encrypted HTTPS data through its servers and temporarily decrypts it.

Firefox For Android Gets A Speed Boost, But Still Needs Work

Firefox, the ubiquitous browser for desktops, has been on Android for a while. But, well, it was pretty slow. An update that just went live brings it some much needed speed, but there are still some nuts and bolts missing.

Onion Browser Brings Encrypted Web Browsing To The iPhone

Increasingly, as networks get faster and phones smarter, we’re using our mobile devices as we would our computers. Already we’ve seen a few options for secure mobile web browsing, but Onion Browser — a new app from the iPhone’s app store — is the first to encrypt all your data.

Chrome Browser For Android Hands-On: Faster, Smarter, Better

Google’s Chrome browser has been chewing up market share on desktops and laptops for a while now, and now it’s going mobile. If you’ve got an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) phone or tablet you can download it now. If you don’t — and that should be most of you — time to get jealous.

Browser Speed Test: Nokia Lumia 800 Vs iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S II

How much will the single-core processor of Nokia’s Lumia 800 affect real world speeds? Well judging from these browser speed tests that SlashGear ran against the top Android and iOS phones, it’s noticeably slower.

Opera With Turbo Will Be A Faster, Smarter Android Browser

Like Amazon, Opera wants to build a more efficient web browser for Android than what is offered by Google. According to CNET, they’re calling it Opera with Turbo. Inelegant as the name may sound, the idea behind it is anything but.

Dolphin Browser HD: The Best iPad Browser Not Named Safari

Even though Dolphin browser on the iPad is similar to what’s already been available on Android and the iPhone, it almost makes more sense on the bigger screen. Also, I think it’s my favourite iPad browser right now.

Firefox For Android Tablets Is Open For Testing

Mozilla has made the latest nightly builds for Firefox for Honeycomb ready for download. It’s already optimised for the tablet real estate and Android’s quirks, and will let you use Firefox Sync to share data with your desktop. [Mobiputing]

Dolphin Browser For iPhone: Gesture-Based Browsing And More

Safari on the iPhone is as good as it gets for mobile browsing. But it’s missing the deeper features, like true tabbed browsing, a full-screen mode and a slew of other settings. Dolphin Browser adds all that.

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