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Create A YouTube Playlist As A Modern-Day Mixtape

The art of mixtape making has sadly been lost in our transition to a digital era of on-demand music, but there are still places where you can practice this lost skill, and one of them is YouTube. Here are the steps to assemble your group of songs and share them with a special someone or the world at large.

Put Together A New Year Mixtape With Tape.ly

There’s something a little bit magical about putting together a mixtape, a carefully curated list of songs designed to impress your musical taste on others, to showcase some of the hidden gems you’ve uncovered, or perhaps just impress a girl you like. You don’t get the same kind of magic with a Spotify playlist, but you can find something of a compromise with Tape.ly.

What Blank Tapes Did You Use?

A decade ago, even after CD burners were ubiquitous, mixtapes were still the jam. It really mattered what kind of tapes you used. If you went cheap, it meant you didn’t care about what was recorded on them. Shame on you.

The Mixtape Will Live Forever Through This Retroriffic Coffee Table

Even though the cassette tape is long gone from music store shelves, there’s still enough nostalgia for the old medium that it may never die. From mixtape websites that let you share a handful of songs, to this utterly fantastic giant wooden cassette coffee table.

An Ultra-Tiny Synth Designed To Look Like Something Called A Mixtape

According to Wikipedia, at one time mankind used reels of thin flexible tape contained in plastic casings to store and share music. And that’s where the creators of the adorably tiny Mixtape Alpha 8-bit synth drew their design inspiration.

Marc Jacobs's USB Hub Has Love For Those Born In The '80s

For the more fashionable readers at Gizmodo (someone? Anyone? Bueller?) comes these Marc Jacobs USB hubs, disguised as ye olde mixtapes. MIXTAPES. You remember them, right?

Dear Mixtape And iPod: You Suck. Signed, Mix CD

Armed with stacks of blank CDs and the original outlaw Napster, I spent my college years giving and receiving mixes. As a member of the post-mixtape pre-playlist generation, I’d like to say a word in defence of the mix CD.

Gizmodo '79 Mixtape: What's On Yours?

I’m listening to “Boys Don’t Cry,” released by The Cure in June 1979. Next is “Comfortably Numb.” Before playlists, we hadmixtapes, thanks to the Walkman. What’s on your 1979 mixtape? Remember, you’ve got 45 minutes per side. [Giz ’79]

Handmade Playlist: The Greatest Mixtape I Ever Made

In 1994, I painstakingly crafted the greatest hip-hop mixtape cassette I would ever make, comprised solely of songs on the radio at the time. I was 8.

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