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New Balloon-Like Material Could Make Smart Windows Affordable

The good minds at MIT have used a rubber-like polymer to predict how much light gets transmitted through a material, depending on its thinness and stretchiness. The material could lead to windows that automatically adjust the amount of light that’s let in.

New Software Could Keep Your Drone From Ever Crashing Into A Tree Again

Drones are cool, until they go and crash. But new tech from MIT might turn your drone into an obstacle-avoiding craft with creature-like reflexes, dodging and making loops around trees or buildings like a nimble hummingbird.

This Drone Catches Another By Firing A Net Right At It

Engineering researchers from the Human-Interactive Robotics Lab (HIRoLab) at Michigan Technological University have just filed a patent for a prototype drone-catching system that fires a net to take unwanted aircraft down.

The 10 Best Time Capsules Opened In 2015

Time capsules can be pretty boring. But time capsule nerds like me live for those rare capsules with something really cool inside. This year we saw time capsules filled with the weird, the rare, and the surprising. One thing that so many of 2015’s time capsules had in common: Lots of booze.

This New Deep Learning Tool Shows You The Most Memorable Parts Of Your Photos

Bummed that your latest cat pic didn’t get more traction on Instagram? Wondering how to make people to remember your company’s logo first and foremost? A clever algorithm developed by MIT computer scientists may be able to help with a new online tool.

MRI Of Mother And Child Shows Love Through The Eyes Of Science

MIT neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe captured this stunning MRI image of herself and her child inside a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanner, creating an emotionally striking yet abstract work of art.

MIT Might Re-Bury That Time Capsule For 2957

When construction crews began digging to construct a new building at MIT they had no idea they’d find a time capsule. Which is why they inadvertently cracked the large glass capsule when it was first uncovered. But now the folks at MIT plan to restore the 1957 time-travelling tube, and since the directions clearly state that it shouldn’t be opened until 2957, MIT might even re-bury it soon.

Time Capsule For The Year 2957 Discovered At MIT

As we’ve seen time and again, most time capsules are incredibly boring. But MIT recently discovered a time capsule filled with some amazing materials from 1957 inside. It’s not supposed to be opened until the year 2957, and thankfully MIT is honouring that wish.

This Dramatic High-Speed Drone Chase Is Actually A Demo Of MIT's Self-Flying UAV

UAVs are great, but most of them are also dumb as a sack of batteries and plastic. So dumb, in fact, that they have a whole chapter of YouTube devoted to their crashes. But a PhD student at MIT thinks he’s figured out a way to give them brains — or the next best thing.

You Need Geniuses At MIT, Harvard, And Columbia To Make An Animal-Shaped Xylophone

The same research and technological innovations that a team from MIT, Harvard, and Columbia University used to create a pitch-perfect xylophone with bars shaped like animals could one day help make your electronics quieter.

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