Floating Nuclear Reactors Might Make More Sense Than You'd Think

At a symposium held by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers this week, a team of MIT engineers will present an idea that seems to tempt fate: a floating nuclear reactor, anchored out at sea, that would be immune to tsunamis and earthquakes. Is it really that crazy of a plan?

Self-Stacking Building Blocks Are Nothing Short Of Magic

Deciding that the lowly building block was due for an upgrade, researchers at MIT have created something amazing. The simple-looking M-Blocks are made from an aluminium frame filled with electronics, an electric motor that can spin up to 20,000rpm, and a flywheel. And they can perform some amazing feats without any human intervention.

Anybody With A Printer Can Make These Origami-Inspired Robots

We were promised robots. The future, science fiction told us, would be a world swarming with automatons that did all the jobs we didn’t want. But you know what? Robots are really expensive and hard to build. Two MIT scientists want to change all that with inkjet printers and techniques borrowed from origami.

Watch An Incredible Interactive Table Morph To A Person's Movements

Just five months ago, MIT’s Tangible Media Group was showing off a physical interface that mimics you in real time. This week in Milan, the team unveiled the next iteration of the system that’s much larger and even more sophisticated. You’re going to want to click through for the videos.

New Awesome Videos Show How Mesmerising That Morphing Table Is

It still looks like magic. To be honest, I haven’t ruled out magic as a reasonable explanation for this yet yet. The MIT morphing table that lets you create a virtual version of you has some new tricks up its sleeves and they’re just as impressively mesmerising as the first time we saw it. Watch it control the red ball and inception a false reality on it.

A Self-Protection Device From The 1980s

1981: A small, battery-powered self-protection device developed by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is worn on the wrist and can be easily activated to drive off an attacker with an electric shock. [Getty Images]

Re-Inventing The Wheel: The Gadget That Will Save Casual Cyclists

Meet the Copenhagen Wheel. It doesn’t look like much, but inside that weird dome around your back wheel is technology originally used on F1 cars to make those long pedal journeys easier and faster.

Whoa, This Handheld Router Only Cuts Where Needed To Reveal 3D Models

Researchers at MIT have developed a handheld milling machine that turns anyone into a skilled sculptor. Like with a 3D printer, users start with a 3D model on a computer, but instead of a machine laying down layers of plastic, the handheld mill removes only what’s needed from a solid block of material to eventually reveal a fully formed 3D object. This could basically turn anyone into a Michelangelo when we’re all able to buy one.

inFORM Is A Display Concept That Will Change The World

Holy. Crap. We see a lot of cool stuff around the ‘net, but this is by far one of the coolest: MIT has invented a display-like gadget that sits on your desk and renders 3D content based on wireframe models beamed to it from Kinect. It lets you touch things without really being there, and it’s a must-see.

Monster Machines: MIT's 'Kinect Of The Future' Can Track You Through Walls

The ability to passively track people within a given space is every retailer’s dream (and every conspiracy theorist’s nightmare). Those dreams recently took a step closer to reality with the debut of a new people-tracking system from MIT.