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MIT Wants You To Swallow This Origami Robot Pill To Retrieve Other Crap You've Swallowed

According to MIT, Americans swallow over 3500 button-sized batteries every year. Say what? But instead of educating the public about not swallowing random crap, researchers at the school want people to swallow a new folding origami robot they have developed that’s designed to retrieve foreign objects, among other tasks.

MIT's AI Can Predict 85 Per Cent Of Cyberattacks

Knowing a cyberattack’s going to occur before it actually happens is very useful — but it’s tricky to achieve in practice. Now MIT has built an artificial intelligence system that can predict attacks 85 per cent of the time.

There's A Portable Drug Factory Inside This Fridge-Sized Box

Producing drugs is usually a time-consuming process that requires several large factories, each handling a different step in the process. But for smaller on-demand batches, MIT has developed a portable pharmacy that’s only about the size of a commercial-grade fridge and promises much faster turnarounds.

This 3D Printer Makes Robots That Can Walk Away As Soon As They're Done

Bringing the world one step closer to having real-life replicators like Star Trek promised, researchers at MIT’s CSAIL lab have developed a new 3D printing technique that allows fully-functional robots to be created in a single print run. Add a motor and battery, and they’re able to walk right out of the 3D printer.

What Science Is Learning From Chocolate Coated Lollies

With research that will make you wish you had studied a little harder in high school science class, engineers at MIT have revealed some delicious-looking experiments.

There's Finally A Good Way To Kill Wi-Fi Passwords

Your wireless network could know exactly where you are. Engineers at MIT have developed a new tool that uses wireless signals to let them calculate your location to within a few centimetres — and it’s so accurate it could help them eradicate Wi-Fi passwords.

The Secret To Stopping Foodborne Illness Might Be Lasers

Researchers have developed a laser that spots illness-inducing bacteria before it makes you sick.

New Camera Tech Snaps Reflection-Free Photos Through Windows

Taking photos through windows is annoying because light bounces off it and ruins the picture. But scientists at MIT just developed new technology that could fix the pesky reflections.

When Autonomous Vehicles Roam The Roads, We Won't Need Stop Lights

Autonomous vehicles are going to radically change how we get around, and as they become commonplace in our streets, we’ll need to rethink how we design our roadways.

New MIT Code Makes Web Pages Load 34 Per Cent Faster In Any Browser

Internet connections get faster but websites get more complex — and that means we often still have to wait an age for pages to load. Now, a new technique from MIT that helps browsers gather files more efficiently could change that.

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