Monster Machines: This Special Ops Missile Prioritises Precision

Despite their generally overwhelming combat prowess, many large US naval vessels remain vulnerable to small, fast-moving speedboats. But with the latest iteration of Raytheon’s multi-role precision missile, that won’t be a problem for much longer.

Monster Machines: The Newest Tomahawk Is A Mighty Morphin' Cruise Missile

The Tomahawk is among the most widely used and effective conventional weapons in the US arsenal, especially since we began covertly launching them from the safety of submerged submarines during the Cold War. Recently, Raytheon debuted the latest upgrades to its newest generation of Tomahawks — cruise missiles smarter and more adaptable than ever before.

Awesome Video Selfie Of The F-16 Pilot Firing A Missile

That selfie of a Danish F-16 pilot firing a Sidewinder missile is actually a frame from a cool video. I’d rather have a perfect animated selfie in an infinite GIF loop though, so I made this one. Here’s another shot as seen from the side.

Someone Turned A Quadcopter Into A Flying Missile Launcher

Forget concerns over surveillance and privacy when it comes to quadcopters and drones filling the skies. A member of Flite Test — a site dedicated to custom flying creations — built a quadcopter with a built-in launch pad for firing model rockets while in flight.

Monster Machines: Israel Adds Lasers To Its Iron Dome Defences

When it comes to national air security, Israel doesn’t mess around; it has not one but four separate levels of “active defences” alone. With the introduction of the new Iron Beam system, Israel now has five different ways to shoot down incoming projectiles.

We Still Have Time To Destroy Ourselves Before The Future Comes

According to Carl Sagan, the only thing that can stop us from reaching the stars is a) a global extinction event or b) nuclear self-destruction. I thought B was out of the question already but, according to the Wall Street Journal, perhaps we aren’t there yet. The news is that Russia has deployed SS-26 Stone mobile nuclear missile platforms — pictured in the photo — extremely close to Europe, on the Baltic Sea, near Poland and Lithuania.

The Pigeon-Guided Missiles And Bat Bombs Of World War II

Today I found out about Project Pigeon andProject X-Ray, WWII plans to use pigeons to guide missiles and (literal) bat bombers. The man behind Project Pigeon was famed American behaviorist and Harvard professor B.F. Skinner, who teamed with the US Army to develop such a system.

Australia May Work On Missile Defence System With United States

Australia is about to get its hands dirty with the US, agreeing to work more closely to develop technology for a missile defence shield in the Asia-Pacific.

Is This Mysterious Space-Splosion Creating Gravity In Real Life?

OK, by this point, we all know Gravity was beautiful and terrifying and, mercifully, complete fiction. But scary clouds of space debris are real. There’s one floating up there right now — a possible missile explosion — and it’s a debris cloud of mystery.

Monster Machines: India's New Long-Range Missile Can Reach Beijing, Europe And Beyond

India and China are the epitome of frenemies. Their relationship isn’t outright antagonistic, as India’s is with neighbouring Pakistan, but has remained prickly since an ongoing border dispute over Tibet that began in the 1960s. Which is why it could be a bit disconcerting that India’s newest missile can reach Beijing — not to mention deep into Europe.