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Watch A Hammer Blast Through A Mirror At 120,000 Frames-Per-Second

Video: This mirror being smashed into a million pieces by a hammer at a 120,000 frames-per-second is a true sight to see. The Slow Mo Guys are back at it, showing us some more insanely delayed close ups of shattered glass.

This Powerful, DIY Parabolic Mirror Can Burn Wood

Video: This parabolic mirror isn’t quite as strong as the enormous mirrors on the world’s largest telescope but it can still be used for heating, cooking and casually turning wood black and smokey.

How A Kaleidoscope Is Made

Video: A couple of mirrors, a cardboard tube and a bunch of random crap. That’s what’s behind the mind-twisting magic of a kaleidoscope. And when we say random crap, we literally mean that.

I Want This Google Now Mirror In My Bathroom Immediately

Smart mirrors still reside in the realm of tinkerers, only achievable for those who’ve mastered the art of DIY electronics. Which is too bad! Because Max Braun, a software engineer at Google, may have hacked together the first IoT device I actually want to buy.

Who Knew A Spinning Tower Of Mirrors Could Be So Mesmerising?

The definition of “art” might be incorporeal at best, but it’s easy enough to look at something and go “Yes, [object] is appealing to one/three/five of my sensory organs”. Firmly in this category is the “Babel Tower”, a spinning stack of mirrors created by artist Shirin Abedinirad.

A Mirror Made Of Fuzzy Pom-Poms Is A Creepy, Beautiful Thing

Daniel Rozin is obsessed with making mirrors, but instead of using glass or silver paint, he takes a more unorthodox approach to creating reflections. Using data from a Microsoft Kinect sensor Rozin manipulates everything from animated plush toy penguins, to his latest subject, a wall of fuzzy pom-poms.

This Mirrored Pavilion Is A Space For Mind-Bending Personal Reflection

This 2.4-metre cube, covered in five mirror-clad faces, was designed by Los Angeles based architect and designer Michael Jantzen as a personal retreat. Presumably it brings new meaning to the idea of personal reflection.

An Army Of Plush Penguins Move In Motion To Make A Mirror

You won’t be able to shave or pluck your eyebrows in front of it, but artist Daniel Rozin successfully turned a small army of 450 plush penguin toys into a fully functional mirror capable of forming a crude, low-resolution reflection of whoever’s standing nearby.

What Would Happen If You Put A Mirror In A Scanner?

Let’s find out, shall we? I took this fairly large round mirror and scanned it using my Canon flatbed. The result was… let’s say, not very mirror-like at all. In fact, the glass area was almost black.

This Mirror House Vanishes Into The Forest

Most of us are content getting back to nature with a good ol’ fashioned hiking or camping trip every now and again. But if you’re serious about making a life off the grid, and you don’t want your pesky habitation to obscure your view of the scenery, then this mirror house, designed by the Polish Architecture firm Reform, might be just the thing for you.

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