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Say Goodbye To Qualcomm's Magic Mirasol Displays

Qualcomm announced that it’s shutting things down in the Mirasol screen department. The e-reader displays, which can show colour and can be read in direct sunlight, were apparently too difficult to manufacture and install in tablets.

Eyes On The Kyobo Ebook Reader And Its Mirasol Display

Originally shown at CES a couple of years ago, Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology promised to bridge the gap between LCD and e-ink display technology. And even though Qualcomm dumped a lot of money into building the infrastructure to put the displays into production, their arrival has been very, very slow.

Qualcomm's Mirasol E-Ink Displays Nearly Ready

Qualcomm’s Mirasol screen technology, which promises full colour, low-power, e-ink displays that’ll bring Sunday supplements to life like never before, are about to launch. Ereader specialist Kyobo has shown off the first finished product.

Qualcomm Mirasol Colour eReader Displays Delayed

For all their critical acclaim, current tablets stink in direct sunlight. That’s why Pixel Qi’s “transflective” display and similar screens are so promising. Unfortunately, the other serious contender in this field, Qualcomm’s Mirasol, just delayed their screen to next year.

Will Ereaders Really Become Gaming Devices?

Ereaders are getting powerful enough to become fully-fledged Internet tablets, but gaming devices? That’s a new spin. Turns out Qualcomm is investigating the idea for that Snapdragon-powered ereader prototype we first showed you on Wednesday.

Qualcomm Ebook Display Ups The Ante With Full Colour And Video

Qualcomm has developed a 5.7-inch display for ebook readers that not only renders colour and video; it does so with enough power efficiency to challenge a black and white, still Kindle.

Qualcomm's Mirasol Ultra Low Power Display Is Almost Magic

eBook readers suffer because they use E-Ink, which isn’t in colour and doesn’t refresh fast enough to do video. Qualcomm is quietly showing off its Mirasol display, now in full colour with 30fps video. See for yourself.

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