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You Can Now Customise The Performance Of Milwaukee Power Tools Through An App

Milwaukee isn’t the first power tool maker to connect its hardware to a smartphone app for automatic inventory tracking. But the company’s One-Key app now goes a step further allowing users to precisely tweak the torque and speed settings of their power tools for the specific task at hand.

One City Wants To Turn Foreclosed Homes Into Part Of Its Sewer System

When it rains, it pours. It pours down streets, into sewers, and often right into people’s basements. What if we could flood the abandoned basements and spare the occupied ones? Milwaukee has a novel sewer solution that just might be a silver lining in the foreclosure crisis.

A Giant Toolbox That Doubles As A Portable Workbench

What good is having the right tools for the job if you have nowhere to do the work? Milwaukee has realised that having a handy place to use your tools is just as important as an easy way to transport them, so the company has added a compact workbench to the lid of its capacious 26-inch Work Box.

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