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Here's The List Of 4600 Names Submitted For The B-21, Including '9/11 Cover-up' And 'Lowest Bidder'

The Air Force’s latest high-tech bomber is officially called the B-21 Raider, but there were lots of options. The name was chosen from over 4600 names submitted to the US Air Force earlier this year, and we now have the complete list of entries, including everything from “Americas Revenge” to the “Wobbly Goblin”. Oh, as well as “9/11 Cover-up” and “ISIS”.

Rare Photos From Inside NORAD Will Give You Retro-Armageddon Nostalgia

Ever since NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain underground facility became fully operational in 1966, it’s been America’s command and control centre for the nuclear apocalypse. But photos from inside the top secret bunker, even historical ones, are incredibly rare. Yesterday the folks over at Memory Hole 2 helped make them a bit less rare by uploading some hard-to-find NORAD photos published in 1970.

Iraq Wants To Hunt Down ISIS With This Killer Robot

Military robots are nothing new — whether in reality or pop culture nightmare scenarios. But the Bagdhad Post reports that a new bot could be the first to fire its weapon on Iraqi soil. It’s called alrobot — Arabic for “robot” — and it’s a deadly machine.

F-22 Raptor Gets Owned By A Bunch Of Honey Bees

The F-22 Raptor is one of the US military’s most powerful weapons, but everything — man, woman, sentient rotted orange — has a weakness. For the fighter jet, that weakness is BEEEEEEEEEES!

A Solar Flare Almost Caused Nuclear War In 1967

On 23 May 1967, the United States Air Force scrambled to ready nuclear missile-laden aircraft for deployment. Radar systems designed to detect incoming Soviet missiles had just been disrupted, in what the military perceived to be an act of war. But before any nukes were launched in retaliation, it seems Air Force command was told to stand down.

DARPA's New Robot Is Ready To Go Submarine Hunting

DARPA’s newest Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) can travel on the high seas at speeds up to 27 knots for months on end without a single crew member.

Watch A Plane Almost Fall Off An Aircraft Carrier After A Cable Suddenly Snaps

Here’s an E-2C Hawkeye trying to land on the USS Eisenhower. Everything seems normal until the arresting cable on the carrier — which is supposed to snare an aircraft as it lands — suddenly snaps. The aeroplane almost looks like a runaway car until it drops and disappears out of view, off the carrier. Luckily, the aircraft managed to fly back up in time to avoid diving into the ocean.

How Historically Accurate Is Saving Private Ryan?

Video: Few movie scenes capture the horror of war like Saving Private Ryan. Seeing the storming of the beach in all its ugliness — the fear, the seasickness, the bullets, the desperation, the death — gives us a cold look at the reality of D-Day and how terrifying it must have been. But just how historically accurate is that scene? History Buffs analyses scenes from Saving Private Ryan to point out what actually happened versus what is Hollywood fiction.

A Pinch Of Nuclear Forensics Can Change The Way We View Past Blasts

A new test developed by scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico can potentially alter what we know about the nuclear tests done as a part of the Manhattan Project.

AI Beats Air Force Colonel In Air Combat Simulation

First, computers beat humans in the game of Go. Now computers are beating humans at something that might be a tad more practical: Flight combat.

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