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This Jet Display Is Like Watching A Reflection In A Lake

No matter how many times you see fighter jets get too close to things, it’s still terrifying to witness.

Watch A New AHS Krab Howitzer Fire Its Powerful Cannon

Here’s a short clip of the latest Polish howitzer design, the AHS Krab, firing its 155mm calibre cannon. The smoke shroud that’s created after the shot is impressive but I love seeing how the cannon retracts the kickback from firing its gun into its own arm.

How Virtual Reality Declared War On PTSD

Virtual reality has experienced a major renaissance in the last few years, thanks in large part to Oculus’s hugely successful Kickstarter back in 2012. Despite the fact that the long-awaited consumer model of the Oculus Rift still has yet to be released, a huge number of games are already compatible with the ground-breaking VR headset. Lesser known, however, are the amazing people who are developing virtual reality programs to treat a myriad of difficult psychological conditions.

US Marines Are Sending This Robotic Dog Into Simulated Combat

The battlefield can be one of the most useful places for robots. And now, the US Marines are testing out Spot, a robo dog built by Boston Dynamics to see how helpful the ‘bot could be in combat.

The Golden Glittery Fireworks Of A Grenade Launcher Captured In A Photo

Image Cache: It looks more like a flamethrower or a firework shooter or a glitter dust bomb gun but it’s actually a firing M32 grenade launcher. It’s a picture of Marines training Malaysian Armed Forces during a non-lethal weapons seminar. What perfect timing it must’ve been to capture this shot.

Watch A Bunch Of Sailors Smash Their Smartphones As Punishment

Navy cadets aren’t supposed to take their phones to training in Thailand. If they do, their superiors give them blocks of concrete and a tough order: SMASH IT!

This Warship Looks Like A Scene From Tron

Image Cache: You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a scene from a Hollywood movie, but in fact it’s the the guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely as it sails through the Atlantic Ocean on training operations.

Cool Video Shows A Spectacular B-52 Bombing Run From Inside The Weapons Bay

Here’s really awesome footage that shows a B-52 bombing run on an island from inside the weapons bay. You can see the open doors of the plane peering down towards the ocean and then see the bombs drop away and strike the target and pepper the ground with explosions. Such a cool perspective.

The Air Force Is Trying To Fix Drone Pilot Burnout With Dank Memes 

Air Force drone pilots are stressed out, burnt out, overworked and undertrained. But ain’t they got memes!

How Australian Defence Scientists Are Building The Future Of Warfare

If there’s a single constant to be found across thousands of years of human history, it’s that we really, really like fighting each other. The only thing that’s changed as we evolved into higher beings is that we’ve come up with better and better ways of fighting each other.

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