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Australian Scientists Found A Way To Control Machines With Your Mind, No Brain Surgery Required

The US military is looking for ways to insert microscopic devices into human brains to help folks communicate with machines, like prosthetic limbs, with their minds. And now, Australian scientists are saying they have found a way to do just that — without ripping open patients’ skulls.

How Lasers Will Change The Way We Fight Wars

When war changes, it usually changes slowly. We’re used to military technology advancing in predictable, plodding steps – incremental advances on what went before, with one side spending years developing its new plane, or tank, or missile, the other side simultaneously developing ways to undermine it. The first nation builds a thing, the second builds a thing to make it irrelevant, and so the gears of the military-industrial complex keep on a-grinding.

The Pentagon's New List Of F-35 Bugs Is Predictably Awful

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is the most expensive military program in the world, so it should be no surprise that the F-35 aircrafts are loaded with powerful weapons controlled by powerful computers. Unfortunately, the guns don’t fire yet, and the computers still don’t work right.

A Mysterious Sonic Boom Caused Tremors In New Jersey

Tremors felt by residents of New Jersey Shore and Long Island today prompted speculation that an earthquake had occurred — but the US Geological Survey confirmed that the rumbling sensations were caused by a sonic boom.

Awesome Photo Of US Air Force Airmen Jumping Off A C-130 Hercules Aircraft

Image Cache: Here’s a fantastic shot of US Airforce Airmen flying off the back of a C-130J Hercules. The angle is pretty damn perfect as the airman with the camera captures the fearlessness of the parachute jumpers and gets the entire giant transport aircraft in the background.

The US Navy Will Power An Entire Fleet With Biofuel Made From Beef Fat

The potential sources for green biofuels never cease to amaze. Now the US Navy is fuelling one fleet with a bizarre cocktail of petroleum and cow fat.

The US Air Force Can't Figure Out How To Stop Its Drones From Falling Out Of The Sky 

The US Air Force already has a drone-pilot shortage, but that’s not the only problem with its fleet of unmanned aircraft: Its drones keep falling out of the sky.

How The Russian Navy Would Invade A Beach Today

Video: It’s not quite the Evil Empire but seeing the Russian Navy storm a beach doesn’t exactly elicit warm and fuzzy feelings now, does it? This training exercise of the Navy was held at the Barents Sea by the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet and shows soldiers being deployed from helicopters, armoured vehicles being released from landing ships, Destroyers testing out their weapons, and so forth.

This A-10 Thunderbolt II Being Aerial Refueled Looks Like A Bad Arse Flying Shark Machine

Image Cache: Here’s a photo of a US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling an A-10 Thunderbolt II over the clouds. The perfect angle of the picture and the lovely nose art of the aircraft makes the fighter jet look like a flying shark machine that has a machine gun as its mouth and scars on its battered nose. It’s such a cool angle of this apex predator of the sky.

US DARPA's New Chip Will Create Unjammable Communication Devices

Jamming communications isn’t a new idea, but with battlefields becoming increasingly digital, it’s an evermore concerning threat. Now the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has built a super-fast chip that will help create devices able to shrug off radio-frequency attacks.

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