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The First App-Connected Sofa Can Transform Into Any Piece Of Furniture You Need

Sometimes you want to sit up. Sometimes you want to lie down. Sometimes you need a place to put your computer, or perhaps a drink. A single piece of furniture rarely fulfils all these desires. This shapeshifting sofa can reconfigure itself into a seat, a couch, a bed or even an end table, all with a few flicks of your iPad.

Milan Bans Cars To Combat Horrible Smog

Beijing and Delhi are both planning major initiatives to kick cars off their streets, at least part of the time. Now even cities that aren’t famous for their pollution are taking drastic measures to clean up their air. Today, Milan’s streets are filled with bikes and pedestrians as part of three-day car ban.

IKEA's Futuristic Concept Kitchen Is Designed For Drought And Scarcity 

More than any other room in your house, the kitchen has changed radically in the past 100 years. And according to IKEA, it’s going to change even more over the next decade.

Appliances Chiselled From Marble Are Surprisingly Elegant

Marble isn’t the first material you think of when it comes to home appliances. But the Milan-based design house Clique, which presented its collection at its hometown’s design week last month, has turned the staid material into something surprisingly pleasant. Take the Cimmy ultrasonic humidifier — it uses opposing marble hues to give its steam the aesthetic of clouds.

11 Of The Coolest Products From The Busiest Week In Design

Every April around this time, Milan welcomes creative types from all across the globe for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile — pretty much the wildest week in the design world. Although the past few years have seen efforts to curb the rampant bacchanal of new production for new production’s sake, there’s still a hell of a lot to take in.

The Table Of The Universe

Briefly: Tokujin Yoshioka‘s aptly named Agravic table sticks a marble slab between two perfectly placed prisms that balance the weight with crazy-precise accuracy. The Japanese designer calls it the “table of the universe” thanks to its apparent ability to eff around with gravity.

10 Inspiring Objects From Salone Del Mobile, The Centre Of The Design Universe

Salone del Mobile limped to a close last week, with lots of shade being thrown at exhibitors by big-name critics who say it’s “changed”. Yep, the glitziest, most-hyped design week of the year — informally nicknamed Salone del Marketing — has definitely changed. Chalk it up to the protracted recession most of Europe is slogging through: $160,000 tables just don’t interest people (even rich people!) like they used to.

Sometimes You Just Need To Flip Off The World By Building A Middle Finger Statue

Maurizio Cattelan’s latest art piece is a monument of a middle finger in front of the Italian Stock Exchange. The sculpture is about 13 feet tall, made from marble and probably the biggest eff you I can think of.

LED Flowers That Bloom In Darkness

Part dreamcatcher, part lamp, part nocturnal flower: that’s Morning Glory, a project by Wendy Legro recently showcased in Milan. During the day, it allows natural light to flood in. At dusk, it unfolds to brighten the night. It’s beautiful.

Yin Yang Bunk Beds

For every positive, there’s a negative. For every orange, there’s an apple. For every Starsky, a Hutch. That’s why someone made these ying and yang bunk beds. I like it. My back, however, won’t be too happy. [Born Rich]

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