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Five Reasons You Should Update To Windows 10 If You Haven't Already

Last call for free software. Microsoft is raising the price of Windows 10 upgrades from $0 to $179 starting tomorrow, July 30. If you’re one of the holdouts, it’s time you wise up and download the damn thing.

Microsoft To Lay Off 2850 People

In 2015, Microsoft laid off 7800 people. This May, Microsoft announced that it would lay off another 1850 employees, mostly people who worked for Nokia, which Microsoft acquired in 2013.

Microsoft Made The Easiest Photo App In The Universe

If you’re willing to sit around poking at your phone settings, there are a million photo apps that will help you get professional-looking results. For the rest of us who are far too lazy to do this, Microsoft just made a slick new photo app that does all of the tinkering for you.

Upgrade To Windows 10 Now Before You Have To Pay $179

For the past year, Microsoft has been annoyingly aggressive about getting people on board with Windows 10. If you’ve some how come this far without upgrading, the time has come to cast your die. The software is getting a big price hike starting July 30, from $0 to $179.

France Is Mad About Microsoft Collecting Windows 10 User Data Without Their Consent

France isn’t into Microsoft collecting user data without its consent. The CNIL, France’s National Commission on Informatics and Liberty, issued a formal notice telling the company it has three months to cut it out. If Microsoft fails to comply, the CNIL will issue a sanction against the company.

Xbox One S: Australian Price And Release Date

Are you one of the people that didn’t buy an Xbox One on launch, because something better was eventually coming around the corner? Well, here it is. The new, slimmer, more visually impressive version of the Xbox One will launch in Australia within a couple of weeks, and will be initially available only with a massive 2TB hard drive.

Netflix Is Better to Watch On Microsoft Edge Than Other Browsers?

Microsoft this week said that its own browser was better than the all the rest when it comes to streaming Netflix shows. As it would.

These Windows 10 Apps Are Actually Worth Installing

Microsoft’s concept of universal apps that run seamlessly across computers, tablets, and phones are a hallmark of the company’s newest operating system. The problem is most people don’t know which apps they should be using. With the Windows App Store growing all the time, there are plenty of ways to try out the new feature. Here are the best Windows 10 universal apps that are actually worth installing on your desktop.

Microsoft Wants 'Bae Interns' To Get 'Lit' At Its Beer Pong Party

Hello, young person! Do you want to get lit on a Monday night at the “exclusive after party” thrown by Microsoft? You’re in luck!

Are We Going To Get A New Microsoft Surface Soon?

According to a recent Twitter user’s visit to the Microsoft offices in Redmond, Washington, the company may be planning to release new devices in its Surface line.

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