Microsoft Bought In Minecraft What It Could Never Make Itself

More than any other title in very recent history, Minecraft has permanently changed gaming. Motion control? 1080p at 60 frames per second? They have got nothing on an infinite world full of vaguely 8-bit-looking blocks. With its purchase of Minecraft and the studio behind it, Microsoft isn’t just buying a game; it’s buying the heart of a generation.

The Microsoft Deal Could Finally Put Minecraft On Oculus Rift

Microsoft’s $US2.5 billion deal to buy Mojang, the company that makes Minecraft, is still just a few minutes old. Lots of debris to sort through! But there’s one glimmer of hope for anxious Minecraft fans. The deal could finally pave the way to putting Minecraft where it truly belongs: On the Oculus Rift.

Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Show Hints Of Cortana On The Desktop

Cortana is coming to Windows 9, according to these screenshots coming to us by way of German blog WinFuture, which show her off in a very experimental form. Not much of a surprise, but they seem to confirm what we’re already expecting — that the digital assistant will find a home on the PC, too.

Microsoft Is Buying Minecraft For $US2.5 Billion

The rumours are true, Microsoft is snapping up the block-based blockbuster Minecraft and the studio behind it. But don’t freak out; Microsoft promises that Minecraft will continue to be available on all the platforms it’s already on, including PC, Android, iOS, and yes, Playstation.

Microsoft Is Working On Streaming Xbox Games To Your Browser: Report

Streaming games over the internet has yet to massively take off, especially here in Australia where such a service would unusable without local servers. If reports are to believed, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from plugging away at its own browser-based technology, which would allow users to play Xbox games on their PC (or other browser-equipped device). Say what?

Report: Microsoft Will Purchase The Makers Of Minecraft On Monday

This week we brought you the news that Microsoft is reportedly looking to purchase Mojang, the Swedish developer behind the wildly successful game Minecraft. Now, Reuters says Microsoft will announce the $US2.5 billion deal on Monday.

This Could Be Windows 9's New Virtual Desktops In Action

Earlier today we got a taste of what appears to be Windows 9′s new Start Menu in action. Now a leak by the German site (which has been leaking things left and right) shows rumoured Virtual Desktops doing their thing.

Video Shows How Windows 9 Start Menu Might Work

Yesterday, we saw the first leaked screenshots of what purports to be Windows 9, complete with Start menu. Now, there’s a video which shows how the returning feature might work in the next iteration of the OS.

This Could Be A First Glimpse Of Windows 9

We know that Windows 9 is on its way — Microsoft even accidentally teased it! — but now we might be, maybe, possibly be looking at what it could look like.

Nokia Lumia 730 And 830 Hands-On: Windows Phone On A Budget

The flagship Nokia 930, known as the Icon in the US, ticks off a lot of must-haves in a smartphone: great camera, great screen, great performance. But the $600 price might be somewhat atmospheric for some of us. That’s where the Lumia 830 comes in.

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