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Now You Can Narrate Your Crazy GoPro Stunts Using A Bluetooth Mic

Most GoPro videos of extreme stunts are accompanied by the sound of rushing wind, the roar of an engine, or just straight-up screaming. But with Sena’s new Bluetooth Audio Pack for the GoPro Hero 3, you can use a wireless mic to provide narration alongside whatever stunt you’re attempting.

Pop-Up Stereo Mics On Zoom's Q4 Help Ensure Your Videos Sound Good Too

If there’s one telltale sign that a video wasn’t produced by a professional, it’s usually the crappy sound accompanying the footage. The microphones on a smartphone or a cheap camcorder are awful at best, which is why companies like Sony and Zoom are finally releasing models with stereo mics that will help your amateur productions sound a lot less amateur.

This No-Hassle Shotgun Mic Is Great For Video Cameras With Crap Sound

You can capture amazing video with all kinds of cameras these days, but almost all of them have really bad on-board microphones. Rode’s new simple-as-pie shotgun mic looks like an easy and cheap way to give your videos the clear sound they deserve.

Incredible Disney Microphone Transmits Sounds Through Your Fingertips

When it comes to secrets, whispering just got outdated. Disney Research has come up with a microphone, straight out of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, that doesn’t actually amplify your ramblings, but instead turns them into a secret signal you can transmit by touch.

This Portable Sound Camera Shows You Where It's Loud

Trying to pinpoint what exactly in your car is making that weird ticking noise can drive anyone to madness. As sensitive as our ears are, they’re not always as great at precisely locating where a sound is coming from. Thankfully you have four other senses to help, particularly your sight, which this unique SeeSV-S205 acoustic imager lets you use to actually see sound.

RC Mic Tanks Rearrange Studio Setups With Tactical Precision

To better their ability to perfect a mix, sound engineers sit at a giant board outside of a recording studio where it’s whisper quiet. And to avoid having to keep running in and out of a studio to perfect their mic placement, someone’s slapped a microphone on a remote controlled RC toy tank that promises to make a sound engineer’s job a heck of a lot easier.

Give Your iPhone 5 A Pro-Quality Mic With The Zoom iQ5

The iPhone 5’s capable of capturing really impressive video with its 8MP camera but the accompanying sound quality isn’t all that great. But with this new add-on mic from Zoom, your iPhone 5 videos will finally have the audio they deserve.

Unlike Its Namesake Blue's Nessie Microphone Is Real

You know how you can set a point-and-shoot camera to Auto Mode and it’ll do a lot of the tweaking for you to get the best shot possible? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that for audio? Well, the new Nessie is Blue’s first shot at a mic with Auto Mode.

Tascam's New Mics Remind Us To Hold Off On Buying iPhone Accessories

With Apple expected to reveal the next generation iPhone at next week’s event, now is not a good time for manufacturers to announce accessories that could be obsolete in a matter of days. But Tascam didn’t get that memo and so has graced us with a couple of new iPhone mics that you probably shouldn’t buy.

Blue Microphones Tiki Review: The Perfect Little USB Microphone For Video Chat

No matter the computer, its built-in microphone is a piece of junk. But at just 65 grams, the Blue Microphone Tiki might be the first USB mic designed well enough to be used by anyone. Your mama just figured out how to use Skype — if you call her with this plugged in, will she actually be able to understand what you’re saying?

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