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Adidas's New Smart Soccer Ball Tells You Everything About Your Kicks

Tech in sports typically revolves around maximizing performance in some nebulous and difficult-to-fact-check way. But Adidas has been doing some very cool stuff, like MiCoach biometric tracking, and now it’s got something new and actually kind of great in theory: a soccer ball that tells you what its doing.

Adidas' MiCoach Coming To Kinect And PS Move

Just in case you had any doubts over the fitness the Kinect and PS Move actually demand of you, THQ’s teamed up with Adidas to bring its MiCoach fitness tracker to your lounge room early next year.

MiCoach For Android Will Start Motivating You From April

The popular and really quite good Adidas MiCoach fitness system is about to launch on Android, with a compatible app set to arrive for free download on the Android Market in April.

Adidas Releases Free MiCoach App For GPS-Enabled Training Help

Knocking off some of that winter flab will be a little easier with Adidas’ MiCoach app, which helps you plan and track a cardio regimen. MiCoach uses your phone’s GPS to monitor your speed keep up with a targeted pace.

Adidas MiCoach Pacer Review: Like Nike+, Only Better

Adidas miCoach is a fitness activity tracking system similar to Nike+, except it gives you more data – including heart rate information – and has a sexy voice to guide you through workouts. Yes, it costs more, but it also does more.

The Adidas MiCoach Fitness Tracker Talks You Into Shape

The Adidas miCoach system is supposed to guide you through workouts by providing audio feedback as it keeps track of your vital stats. To me, it seems a bit like a Nike+ with more options and an angry coach’s shouting.

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