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Watch Every Single Transformation In The Transformers Movies In This Awesome VFX Supercut

The Transformers movies of late are rubbish, but at least they look good. This 10-minute VFX supercut lets you watch every single robot transformation the trilogy has had to offer us so far. That Michael Bay sure does like explosions and transforming cars…

Michael Bay Explains Why He Stormed Off Stage At CES

Ask someone here in Vegas about what they’ve liked at CES this year and you’ll probably only hear two words: Michael Bay. He stormed off stage during a Samsung press conference, and now he’s briefly explained why.

Here Come The Autobots: First Look At The Vehicles Of Transformers 4

Transformers 4 is really happening, you guys. Director and explosion enthusiast Michael Bay has put the first images of the new-look Autobots up.

Here's Everything Wrong With Transformers

Oh God. Where to begin describing what’s wrong with Michael Bay’s Transformers? CinemaSins has quite a job to do with this one. Thankfully, they nail it as always. Get in here and start Bay-shaming with us.

The One Kickstarter I'd Support Is Michael Bay's Bad Boys III Pitch

Kickstarter is plagued by too many unfulfilled orders of too many far-fetched concepts. It’s the internet’s biggest and most expensive letdown — unless it’s being used to help Michael Bay bring the Bad Boys franchise back with aliens and explosions and oh gawd why can’t this just be real.

Need For Speed Movie Happening, Spielberg And Dreamworks Attached

Not content with keeping cheesy dialogue and two-dimensional characters relegated to minute-long cutscenes, Electronic Arts has signed with Dreamworks, Steven Spielberg and Act Of Valor writer/director Scott Waugh.

The World Isn't Ready For The Michael Bay Energy Drink

Can you imagine the devastation caused by a morning swig of the “Bay in a can” energy drink? Urban Outfitters would have to amp production of denim shorty-shorts to dangerous levels at the very least.

How Michael Bay Captures His Most Insane Chase Scenes

If you’ve seen a Jerry Bruckheimer or JJ Abrams film — like, ever — you’ve witnessed the handiwork of the Russian Arm. You can thank this robotic, gyroscopically stabilised camera crane for filming some of the most famous car chases in the last three decades.

Does Transformers 3 Re-Use Footage From The Island?

It’s hard being Michael Bay, what with all the money he needs to count and women he needs to objectify. Plus, one shitty, loud, oversaturated three-hour car commercial is as good as the next, so you can’t really blame the guy for re-using footage from one in another. He’s got robot testicles to design!

If Filming In 3D Is 'Tough As Hell', Michael Bay, Maybe You Should Give Up Now?

I mean, who’s really looking forward to Transformers 3? Really? Really?! Anyway, turns out James Cameron is to blame, with Bay saying “years ago, Jim Cameron called me and told me I needed to do 3D. I told him no!”