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This Transformers Fan Film Is Better Than All Of Michael Bay's Attempts

Video: Using a mix of computer graphics, remote control miniature models, and some truly impressive costumes, Lior Mocho and the crew at Chisel Pixel have created the live-action Transformers fan film we all hoped Michael Bay’s first effort would have been.

In Defence Of Squeeks, Michael Bay's Goofy-Arse New Transformer

This past Thursday, director Michael Bay introduced a new robot that will be joining his upcoming Transformers movie, The Last Knight. Some fans were quite upset at the addition of this tiny, goofy-looking Autobot to the Transformer movie pantheon, and I have a question for those fans: Really? (I also have a follow-up question: Really?!)

Michael Bay Will Unleash His Bayhem Upon VR

Transformers director Michael Bay has partnered with production studio the Rogue Initiative for his first foray into the growing field of VR content. His billing as a “strategic advisor” may or may not be Hollywood code for “make sure the explosions are ludicrously huge”.

The New Transformers Movie May Somehow Be Tied To Arthurian Mythology

We know the fifth Transformers movie is called Transformers: The Last Knight. What we don’t know is what the hell that means. Well, a new report claims the title refers to some of the most famous knights in history, specifically those related to the story of King Arthur.

Michael Bay's Terrible Filmmaking Style Used For Good Cause

Michael Bay has a bad habit of seeing something — in a newspaper, on TV, whatever — and suddenly deciding that something needs to go in his next movie, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. For instance, after watching a 60 Minutes segment on wingsuits, Bay forced a lengthy scene featuring them in Transformers 3. Now he’s done it again, but with a much happier result.

Michael Bay Shows Off Bumblebee's Latest Wheels

Transformers: The Last Knight just kicked off production, and the social media promotion has already been in full swing. Michael Bay just took to Twitter to show off the latest incarnation of Bumblebee.

Michael Bay's Transformers 5 Teased With New, Indiscernible Hunk Of Metal

In a teaser for production on Transformers: The Last Knight starting this month — yes, that does appear to be a thing that happens now — this was revealed with a robot face and a rumbling sort of growl sound. We had no idea what it meant.

Here's Every Transformers Robot Fight Scene In One Video

Video: Instead of making the Marky Mark Transformers sequel, Michael Bay should have just sent in this sick, non-stop supercut of every single robot fight scene from the Transformers trilogy to theatres. Yep. This video is an orgy of explosive metal on metal battle scenes without any of the pesky humans screwing it up. I would love to see this IMAX.

Leave Michael Bay Alone, Transformers Is Awesome

I love Transformers. I don’t mean the toys, the cartoons, the comics, any of that stuff. I mean the new Transformers, the Michael Bay Transformers. I know this is an unpopular opinion. But as far as I’m concerned, Transformers first came to life in Michael Bay’s series. And it is therefore the best Transformers until something better comes along to replace it.

Autocue Fails Are Hard, You Guys

Video: Whoops. Looks like Michael Bay isn’t the only one who is allergic to a dodgy autocue. Apparent celebrity Kendall Jenner just borked her lines at the Billboard Music awards, blaming the autocue and the fact that she’s “bad at reading”. Hoo boy.

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