A Mercedes-Benz You Can Ride Into The Ocean

Most Mercedes-Benz owners wouldn’t dream of driving their vehicles into the sea, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little luxury while you’re tackling a big wave. And since the carmaker is a sponsor of surfer Garrett McNamara, it teamed up with ad agency BBDO Portugal to design a one-of-a-kind surfboard for him.

How Mercedes Benz Uses Cameras To Stabilise The Road While You Drive

The newest Mercedes Benz S-Class has a new Magic Body Control feature that basically stabilizes the road you drive on. Mercedes is cleverly using a chicken’s self-stabilizing head to popularise the feature but explains how it works in more detail in the video above.

Mercedes-Benz Is Integrating Google Glass Against Your Better Judgment

People have said that Google Glass would be distracting since day one, not just for people looking at the Glassholes but also for the Glassholes themselves who have that tiny screen always blinking in front of their faces. We certainly don’t want to put them behind the wheel. Right?! Mercedes-Benz begs to differ.

Monster Machines: The World's Fastest Electric Boat

What happens when you transfuse the 2200HP electric drive train from the world’s fastest and most powerful production electric car, the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive, into a 12m racing hull? You get the world’s fastest and most powerful production electric speed boat. Duh.

Mercedes-Benz's New Cars Will Recognise Street Signs You Miss

If the screams from pedestrians and the angry looks from oncoming drivers don’t provide enough clues that you’ve accidentally turned onto a one-way street, maybe it’s time you bought a Mercedes-Benz. Wait, what? The company’s upcoming vehicles will include an updated safety system that’s able to autonomously recognise no-entry signs and warn the driver of a wrong turn.

The Mechanical Turn Signals On This Concept Car Look Like Fluttering Eyelashes

Until Pixar came along and ruined things, headlights were often seen as a vehicle’s eyes. But Mercedes-Benz refuses to give up on that anthropomorphic fantasy. Even to the point of designing a mechanical turn signal system in its new Concept Style Coupe that looks like fluttering, flirting eyelashes.

Siri Will Command The New Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes-Benz has announced its plans to fully integrate the the driver’s iPhone as well as Siri assistant into future A-Class models. It’ll be like having your own personal, mildly incompetent HAL.

Glowing Extending Buckles Eliminate Seat Belt Hide-And-Seek

It’s certainly a safety improvement, but Mercedes’ new active seat belt buckle should also eliminate the utterly annoying game of trying to find the connectors that have inevitably gotten stuck in-between the back seat cushions of a car.

Mercedes Gesture Control Is No Fluffy DICE

Cars still have a long way to go before they reach the lofty heights set by science fiction films in the ’80s, but it’s good to know that Mercedes Benz is on the case. At CES last week the German auto company showed off its Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) control system, which could change the way we drive forever.

France Sold Gaddafi An Electronics-Blasting Stealth Mercedes SUV

What do you buy when you’re an incredible rich, incredible paranoid, oppressive dictator? No, not Scud missiles — you already have those! How about a luxury truck that can’t be tracked and scrambles everything around it? Bien sur!

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