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Asking Men When Their Voice Broke Helped Find Genes For Start Of Puberty  

Puberty has a clear physiological signpost in girls: sooner or later, they have their first period. That’s been a critical part of identifying genes that influence when puberty starts in girls, but it wasn’t clear whether those genes also affected boys the same way.

The Fascinating Differences Between Men And Women Astronauts In Space

NASA and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute have published a new research paper detailing how space flight affects “cardiovascular, immunological, sensorimotor, musculoskeletal, reproductive and behavioural implications” on men and women. Here are the highlights.

Sex Science Facts 101: Can Science Make The Male Appendage Bigger?

No, there are no scientifically proven methods to make your penis bigger. And while some of you may think this is common knowledge, rest assured that it is not. Men have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on penile enlargement products in the hope that they actually work. However, there are two scientifically tested, non-miracle methods that actually work.

Drinking, Drugs And Diet Don't Harm Your Sperm -- But Tight Pants Do

Most medical guidelines suggest that sperm count can be seriously set back by all manner of enjoyable activities: drinking, smoking, taking recreational drugs and even eating unhealthy food. A new study, however, suggests there’s only one thing you really need to avoid: tight pants.

Scientific Proof That Men Have The Dirtiest Desks

Sometimes its hard to keep your desk clean and tidy. It turns out men seem to find it a bigger problem, because a recent study suggests that men have far, far dirtier desks than women.

Men With Agressive Faces Are Secretly Selfless

Looks can be deceiving. If you want some proof, consider a new study that analyses the actions of aggressive-looking males. Turns out, men with angry, violent faces are actually far more likely to makes sacrifices for their close friends.

Why Women Date Weaklings

Common knowledge dictates that girls dig guys with muscles. However, new research suggests that women gave up on bulging biceps and strong jawlines a long time ago in favour of qualities like loyalty and generosity. In other words, the scrawny geek gets the gal.

Scientists Say Manly Men Eat Red Meat

We know eating red meat can kill us and make us feel happy but the real reason guys eat it? It makes them feel manly. According to scientists, red meat is synonymous with masculinity making it desirable for guys who view themselves as masculine.

Why Women Date Arseholes

It’s well known that women find sexy, rebellious rogues attractive. Duh. But until now it’s not really been clear why women choose to turn that attraction into long-term relationships when they know they stand a high chance of getting burnt. New research, however, reveals that the secret lies in the hormones.

Men Are Dumber When They Think Women Are Nearby

If you often find yourself stuck for words in the presence of women, don’t beat yourself up; we’ve all been there. But it turns out it’s not you, it’s science! Merely thinking about the presence of women makes men stupid.

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