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Lately, Science Has Been Having A Lot Of Fun With Hydrogels

Hydrogel-based materials are the basis of many experiments in the science community, having been utilised in new ways to cool down buildings, make better condoms and to generate soft tissues. They’re already used in contact lenses, and you can eat them with your jelly (or a version of them anyway).

How Much You Need To Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day

There’s been a lot of finger-wagging of late about the health risks associated with sitting at a desk all day, or binge-watching our favourite TV shows. Now couch potatoes can rejoice because a new study has found that just an hour of moderate activity a day wipes out all the negative impacts of sedentary behaviour — contrary to some prior studies claiming exercise didn’t help much at all.

Watching Pills Dissolve Through A Macro Lens Is Both Gross And Gorgeous

You pop some paracetamol or ibuprofen and don’t give much thought to the journey it’s about to take through your body. But what if you could capture part of that trip? You know, the pretty part when it’s dissolving in your fluids. Doesn’t sound like tempting viewing, but photographer Ben Ouaniche has delivered a fair approximation.

This High-Tech Breathalyser Will Make It Impossible For You To Cheat On Your Rehab

The Soberlink Breathalyzer has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for medical use. The webcam- and GPS-enabled device allows rehab centres to remotely measure alcohol in a client’s breath, ensuring compliance with treatment.

Medical Harpoon Reduces Need For Open-Heart Surgery

An experimental medical device called the Harpoon TSD-5 is proving its worth in clinical trials, repairing heart valves with perfect success — and without the need to perform open-heart surgery.

Krokodil: The Designer Drug That Will Eat Your Flesh

It sounds like a direct-to-Netflix horror movie plot — a cheap, addictive drug available in a foreign land, that turns the user’s skin a scaly green colour. Soon it rots the flesh, causing the user’s skin to emulate that of a crocodile, leaving bone and muscle tissue exposed to the world. But the Russian drug known as krokodil is real.

Warning: Disturbing images of the effects of Krokodil below. This article may be shocking or upsetting for some people. Proceed with caution.

These Microbots Steer Using Electricity And The Bacteria That Causes Urinary Tract Infections

Credit: Drexel University

Because the world keeps getting more bizarre, it turns out that the best way to get these microbots to navigate around obstacles is to smear them with the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections and send them through an electrical grid.

Marijuana Shown To Protect Brain Cells From Alzheimer's

A new study suggests that compounds found in marijuana can stave off the brain damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a promising discovery, but claims that pot can prevent this age-related brain disorder are premature.

Please, Don't Try Brain Stimulation At Home

In today’s edition of Things That Shouldn’t Need Explaining, scientists have issued a warning against self-administered brain stimulation by do-it-yourself users online.

What Causes The Weird Effects Of Kava?

Those who have an eye on the fast-paced world of recreational pharmacology will probably have heard of kava. Kava (or kava-kava) is a plant, long known in the South Pacific, that induces a sense of relaxation. It also induces euphoria. And helps you diet. And acts as an effective anesthetic. How does it manage all this? Find out!

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