How Fat The World Is, Visualised

Obesity has hit Australia hard in recent years — but how do our waistlines compare to those around the world? This map, put together from recent obesity data obtained by the CIA, shows that Australia is not alone.

This Ingestible Microbot Is Powered By Stomach Acid 

There’s tiny revolution afoot in medicine, where micro-sized and nano-sized robots will someday cruise around inside our bodies, zeroing in on cancerous cells or repairing damaged but otherwise healthy ones. But before those ideas all become reality, those bots need a power source inside our bodies. That power source could be stomach acid.

Could We Halt The Ebola Epidemic This Year?

The Ebola epidemic continues to rage in west Africa, despite the fact that news coverage has all but dried up. Here, Beth Skwarecki speaks to researchers from the University of Georgia to find out if we could stop the epidemic within the year.

Monster Machines: GE's 'Point And Shoot' Microscope Snaps Spectacular Cellular Shots

The microscopic worlds contained within a droplet of water are just as fascinating — and just as inaccessible to humans — as the farthest reaches of space. But the universe of the very small is now a little closer thanks to a highly-automated, cell counting microscope-camera hybrid from GE.

Awesome GIFs Of Our Insides Made By GE's Superfast New CT Scanner 

In September, Florida’s West Kendall Baptist Hospital got a very cool (and very important) new tool: The very first “superfast” body scanner designed by scientists at GE. The team at West Kendall just wrapped up a study of the machine — and the images and GIFs that resulted are wild.

This Spinal Implant Is Letting Paralysed Rats Walk Again

The ability to internally bridge the gap between two ends of severed spinal cord — not just rely on the support of an external carapace like the Ekso-Suit — would be nothing short of revolutionary for the neurosurgical field. Oh wait, looks like a team from the EPFL has just invented a way to do just that — in mice.

The Best Vacuum Add-On Is The One That Saves You From Choking To Death

As news stories about elderly Japanese people choking on the sticky rice dish, mochi, have wormed their way into our post-New Year’s consciousness next to hangovers and Twilight Zone marathons, it was only a matter of time before our gadgets started catching up. Now, a simple vacuum attachment wants to get shoved down your throat, potentially saving you from an untimely and delicious end.

We Found A New Antibiotic, And A New Way To Find Antibiotics

Amidst the onslaught of bad news about antibiotic resistance, here’s something very good: Scientists have found a new class of antibiotics in soil bacteria, one whose mechanism could make it particularly resistant to resistance. More significant than this single new antibiotic, though, is how scientists found it.

Your Fat Is Fighting Off Infection

Fat isn’t all bad. In fact, maybe you should celebrate it just a little bit: new research suggests that it plays a vital role in fighting off infections.

What Did People Use To Mask Surgical Pain Before Modern Anaesthesia?

Other than ingesting alcohol and narcotics in sufficient doses to induce a state of analgesia, for most of its history, people in the West got through surgery with the aid of little more than forcible restraint and grit.