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This Tiny Patch Keeps Track Of Your Heart And Body Chemistry At Once

This little device could one day replace your heart rate monitor. The researchers behind it claim that it’s the first flexible wearable device able to measure both electrical heart signals and biochemical markers while you work out.

What Happens If You Swallow Your Mobile Phone? Nothing Good

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally swallow your mobile phone right when you need to make a call? Yeah, me too. That really happened to an unfortunate Irishman, according to a new report in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. And the challenges doctors faced removing the mobile device might be cause to rethink the conventional strategies for dealing with similar cases in the future.

Watch This Remotely-Operated Robot Thread A Needle

Replicating human movement is an engineering challenge, and robots are slowly getting better at delicate movement all the time. A research team funded by Disney has constructed a remotely operated robot sensitive enough to thread a needle and move an egg without breaking it.

Ontario Could Soon Require Anti-Vaxxer Parents To Attend A Science Class

In an effort to curb the dangerous trend of vaccine avoidance, the Liberal government in Ontario wants parents seeking vaccine exemptions for their kids to attend a mandatory education session. It’s a good idea, but getting anti-vaxxers to change their opinions will probably require more than that.

Scientists Want To Use Predators To Fight Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics far more quickly than humans are discovering new ones. That’s why a DARPA-funded research team is exploring a fascinating new way we might win the war against germs: not with drugs, but with predatory bacteria that sound like monsters from science fiction.

9 Bizarre Jobs That Will Redefine Our Lives In The 2050s

The fields of biotechnology and medicine are rapidly evolving, and with them their associated employment opportunities. Here are nine biomedical professions to look for in the coming decades.

Inside Afghanistan's Prosthetics Centre

Image Cache: Last week, bioengineering’s most advanced prosthetics were shown off at the world’s largest orthopaedics event in Germany. But in Afghanistan, things are a little different.

The Woman In This Famous Painting May Have Suffered From A Brain Disorder 

The American artist Andrew Wyeth found inspiration for his most famous painting in a neighbour woman who suffered from a crippling, mysterious disorder that baffled her physicians. Now a child neurologist at the Mayo Clinic thinks he’s found the correct diagnosis.

One Third Of All Antibiotics Prescribed To Americans Are Unnecessary

For the past several years, doctors have been sounding the alarm about the overuse of antibiotics. For all the concern, however, no one quite knew how much of the antibiotics prescribed in the United States were unnecessary — until now. And the problem goes even deeper than suspected.

Google Patents Electronic Device That Would Be Injected Onto Your Freaking Eyeball

Merging biology with electronics isn’t a question of if, but when. Some enterprising biohackers have even decided that the time is now. Google-parent Alphabet appears to be preparing for our cybernetic future with a new patent for electronics that can be injected onto your eye.

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