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From Today, iOS Health Apps Get Way Better

Last month Apple announced its new CareKit platform to help developers build more useful health apps. Now it’s finally launched the software for developers to use — along with rolling out the first apps to make use of it.

Scientists Have Been Using A Flawed Method To Diagnose Pain 

For many years, neuroscientists believed they had identified a specific pattern of brain activity acting as a kind of “signature” for pain in the brain. Recently this so-called “pain matrix” has been called into question, and a new study by British researchers may have shattered the myth once and for all.

Known Quack Forced To Refund Customers For Lying About Tanning Beds

Here’s the thing about tanning beds: just like the sunlight they imitate, they can increase the risk of skin cancer. Which is why anyone who bought one from Mercola is going to be getting a refund.

Ultrasound Beams Wireless Data Through Flesh At 30Mbps

Wi-fi is great, but it doesn’t pass through the human body very well. Now a team of researchers has shown that it can use ultrasound to send data through chunks of flesh at up to 30 megabits per second.

These Virus Trading Cards Should Be A Real Game

The best games are the geekiest games — which is why I desperately want these virus trading cards to become a real thing.

Baboon Survives Nearly Three Years With A Pig's Heart And Humans Might Be Next

Using genetic techniques and a chemical cocktail, scientists managed to sustain a pig’s heart inside a baboon for 945 days, establishing a new benchmark for cross-species transplantation. If extended to humans, the technique could be used to ease the ongoing organ shortage.

More People Are Obese Than Underweight

The world is getting fatter. But now a study by researchers from Imperial College London suggests we’ve reached a new milestone, with more people in the world being classified as obese than underweight for the first time.

How Medical Nanotech Will Change Humanity Forever

Futurists have long speculated that nanotechnology — the engineering of materials and devices at the molecular scale — will revolutionise virtually every field it touches, medicine being no exception. Here’s what to expect when you have fleets of molecule-sized robots coursing through your veins.

Boogers: Myths And Facts

There is no scientific term for boogers, even though these crusty bits of dried mucus are part of one of the body’s most efficient cleansing systems. And, despite the fact that many people are compulsive nose-pickers, we don’t really know why. Still, there are a lot of booger facts we do know — and here they are.

This Beautiful Mess Is What Happens When Sound Hits A Bubble

Bubbles are delicate little things, which are incredibly sensitive to what goes on around them. And when you hit one with a sound wave, it expands and contacts, creating beautiful patterns in the fluid that surrounds it.

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