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Simulation Of A Leg Gushing Blood Is As Gross As You'd Expect

If you’ve watched any modern action movies, you’ve probably got a pretty good mental picture of what happens when a person haemorrhages blood. But this, my friends, is the first scientific visualisation of the splatterfest. Squeamish viewers, look away.

Tiny Bubbles Can Help Ultrasound See Blood Vessels In Amazing Detail

A new ultrasound technique that uses tiny micro-bubbles to help improve the contrast of its images is capable of producing highly detailed pictures of blood vessels inside living animals.

Is Double-Dipping Actually A Health Risk?

What do you do when you are left with half a chip in your hand after dipping? Admit it, you’ve wondered whether it’s OK to double dip the chip.

Independent Health Review: Ebola Response For West Africa Was 'Too Slow'

A panel of independent health experts has published a report that explains how a slow international response and a lack of appropriate leadership in tacking the Ebola epidemic caused “needless suffering and death” across West Africa.

You Shouldn't Freak Out About The Antibiotic Apocalypse

A team of scientists has discovered a gene that renders bacteria resistant to colistin, a so-called last-resort antibiotic doctors use when other drugs have failed. This is very bad news, and yes, it could usher in a post-antibiotic era — if we let it. But here’s why you shouldn’t panic just yet, and what you can do that would be far more productive.

New Case Of Ebola Identified In Liberia

Reports from health authorities in Liberia have confirmed that a new case of Ebola has been identified in the country, which had previously been declared Ebola-free.

This Ingestible Health Sensor Could Help Cut Down On Doctor Visits

From drug-delivering microbots to cancer-fighting nano-swarms, the age of ingestible, autonomous health devices is upon us. So it was only a matter of time before somebody built a miniature stethoscope that sits in your GI tract monitoring your vital signs.

These Budding Pigeon Pathologists Can Read Your Next Mammogram

There’s a long, colourful history of using pigeons in research, particularly in the behavioural and psychological sciences. Now scientists have trained a flock of pigeons to be feathered pathologists, able to spot telltale signs of breast cancer in medical images nearly as well as their human counterparts.

Bacteria Resistant To 'Last Resort' Antibiotics Discovered

Don’t panic (you should probably panic), but a team of researchers has discovered the first known example of a resistance gene, present in animals and some human infections, for a type of antibiotic known as colistin — the so-called ‘last resort’ antibiotic.

Princesses, Slaves, And Explosives: The Scandalous Origins Of Inoculation

The history of inoculation may sound a little dry, but it’s really an epic tale of human trafficking, semi-illicit experimentation, and high explosives. It’s a globe-hopping story that stars harem girls, noblewomen, prisoners, princesses, slaves, and even a witch hunter.

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