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How A Human Lung Is Kept Alive And Breathing For A Transplant

It’s a pumping lung in a box, basically. Al Jazeera America specifies that its more properly known as the Organ Care System (OCS), but it’s basically a human donor lung being kept alive and breathing out of the body inside a box. The OCS machine is used to keep the blood and oxygen flowing to the donor organ so that it can buy itself more time before the donor organ is given to the recipient.

A Man's Gut Brews Its Own Beer And Gets Him Drunk When He Eats Carbs

OK, this is the best beer belly any one of us could ever dream of having. A 61-year-old man found himself getting drunk without ever drinking alcohol because he had brewer’s yeast in his gut. Basically, whenever he ate any carbs, the man’s intestinal tract would start turning that into beer and make him drunk. He had a brewery in his belly.

Watch Men Cringe And Cry In Pain As They Go Through A Simulation Of Giving Birth

Women have the ultimate trump card when it comes to dealing with pain: they give birth. And since men have no idea what giving birth even feels like, we really don’t know how painful it really is. Maybe it’s all a big conspiracy (kidding!). Maybe it’s not that bad (of course it is!). Well, two men attached themselves to a machine that simulates labour pains and um, it ain’t pretty.

Watch Unborn Twins Kick Each Other Inside The Womb

Sharing a small space with another person in real life is already difficult, can you imagine sharing space inside a mother’s womb? Insane!

Man Who Underwent Most Extensive Face Transplant Ever Has An Amazing New Face

Do you remember Richard Lee Norris? He was the guy who suffered a horrific gun accident in 1997 that ripped off his nose, chin, lips and teeth and turned him into a recluse. This past year he went under the most extensive face transplant ever and now after much recovery, his face is brand new.

Sperm Captured In 3D For The First Time Reveals Corkscrew Swimming Patterns

Scientists, bless their brains, have finally tracked the paths of sperm in 3D. It’s the first time they’ve been successful in 3D-mapping the trajectory of sperm and it’s revealed a few things about those drippy critters: some sperm swim in corkscrew-like patterns and others are ‘hyperactive’ and hectic. Your sperm has strokes, dude.

These Glasses Will Make Your Veins Glow So Nurses Won't Have To Keep Stabbing You

If you’re looking for a pair of futuristic glasses that have realistic, earth-shifting implications, check out these frames by 2AI Labs being tested by doctors right now (hmm? not who you were thinking?). They can make your veins glow so nurses can easily spot them, show a change in hemoglobin colour to locate trauma and can be used to monitor how a patient is really feeling.

Most Extensive Face Transplant Ever Gives A Man New Jaw, Teeth, Muscle, Bone And Skin

In 1997, Richard Lee Norris suffered a horrific gun accident that ripped off his nose, chin, lips and teeth and turned him into a recluse. 15 years later, doctors were able to perform the “most extensive face transplant ever” and give him a brand new face and new life.

Scientists Discover Potential Cure For Seizure Sufferers

Neurocysticercosis is an infection that happens when you have the misfortune of eating bad pork. It causes severe seizures. Researchers say they’ve finally discovered how it tweaks the brain, and they might already have a drug to fix it.

Scientists Transform Deadly Plant Into Cancer-Killing Smart Bomb

The ancient Greeks called the thapsia garganica plant “deadly carrot”, because their camels would eat it and quickly die. The Roman emperor Nero mixed it with frankincense to treat bruises. Until the early 20th century, it was used in a plaster to treat rheumatism — the side effects, however, were barely worth the cure.