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This 8-Bit Guess-the-Correlation Game Is Way More Fun Than It Should Be

Guess the Correlation is a very simple game indeed: Look at a scatter plot, guess the correlation coefficient, win or lose. Are you mathematically minded enough to take on the challenge?

How Pointy Brackets Became A Computing Icon

Video: The <pointy brackets> are an archetypal pair of characters in the world of computing. But if you’ve ever wondered how they became so pervasive, you’re in luck.

Fractal Analysis Proves People Hate The Suburbs 

A new fractal analysis of London’s dense network of streets and intersections reveals that a green belt meant to encourage migration to the suburbs had the opposite effect. The city has just became denser. People really seem to love urban living, especially in a thriving city like London. The work could shed light on how modern cities evolve, and help guide future urban growth policies.

Ponder The Physics Of Chocolate Fountains During Your New Year's Revels

We now know a little bit more about the dynamics of chocolate fountains, thanks to the efforts of Adam Townsend, a graduate student at University College London. He decided to figure out why that “curtain” of molten chocolate always falls inwards and the ensuing paper appeared last month in the European Journal of Physics.

These Amazing Immersive Models Help Scientists Understand The Structure Of Forests

Tropical forest are large, complex and easy to get lost in — which isn’t helpful if you’re trying to study them. Now, scientists are using these amazing immersive mathematical models to understand the intricacies of tree canopies around the world.

Sorry, The Riemann Hypothesis Has Almost Certainly Not Been Solved

Rumours are swirling that Opeyemi Enoch, a professor from the Federal University of Oye Ekiti in Nigeria, has solved the Riemann Hypothesis, a problem that has vexed mathematicians for over 150 years. Too bad it’s not true.

This Professor Can Teach Anyone Calculus Using These Simple And Beautiful Animations

Calculus: A word that triggers involuntary fear spams in the best of us. But the days of slogging through tedious textbook derivatives are over, if you want them to be. For the past few years, people across the world have studied calculus for free online, by exploring a set of gorgeous, dynamic animations.

Physicists Discover 'Hidden Chaos' Lurking Everywhere

It appears that the standard tools used to identify chaotic signatures might be missing lots of hidden chaos — especially in systems that seem like they’re not chaotic at all.

New Evidence That Sending People To Prison Makes Crime Worse

There’s a saying that there’s nothing like going to prison to turn you into a criminal. But now, a new study offers evidence that this homily is statistically sound. Every year a person is kept in prison increases their odds of committing another crime when they are released.

This Is What Happens When You Remix Calvin And Hobbes Using Maths

What happens when you take one of the world’s best cartoon strips and remix it with some random process maths? Wonderful gibberish is what.

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