Is Maths Art?

Sometimes, the results of maths are sure beautiful — pretty charts, say, or wonderful visualisations. But can maths itself, those long complex equations, be art too?

Optimising Australia's Future With Mathematics

AUSTRALIA 2025: How will science address the challenges of the future? In collaboration with Australia’s chief scientist Ian Chubb, we’re asking how each science discipline will contribute to Australia now and in the future. Written by luminaries and accompanied by two expert commentaries to ensure a broader perspective, these articles run fortnightly and focus on each of the major scientific areas. Today, we add mathematics to the mix.

Reckon You Can Solve This Million Dollar Maths Problem?

Of the seven Millenium Maths Problems, each of which is worth $US1 million to the person who can solve it, the Riemann hypothesis is perhaps the most difficult to crack. Reckon you have what it takes?

How To Predict The Odds Of Anything

Statistics are used by scientists, medics and corporate types every day to predict what the future holds — but that doesn’t always mean they do it right. In this video, Sci Show explains some of the quirks of statistics, and how you can use them to work out the odds of pretty much anything.

The Weird Maths That Can Make Wheels That Aren't Circular

If you need something to roll smoothly along the ground, you better strap some of those circular things called wheels to it, right? Well, not quite — because there are actually other shapes that roll smoothly too.

How A Maths Professor Predicted The US Government Shutdown

To many of us, the US government shutdown is inexplicable: a crazy situation, brought about a minority faction over a bill that’s already been passed into law. But for maths professor Peter Turchin, it was entirely predicable.

This Equation Can Tell You How Successful A Reddit Post Will Be

Scientists love developing equations that can accurately predict real-life events — so when researchers from Stanford looked at Reddit, they naturally wondered if they could predict how successful posts would be. This equation is the result of their work.

Could Mankind Really Invent A Planet-Destroying Death Star Laser?

I love smart people. Clever guys and girls who can crunch the numbers on the universe’s greatest puzzles. One of those puzzles surrounds a story set in a galaxy far, far away: could we invent the planet-destroying laser that was mounted to the Death Star in Star Wars?

Teacher Confiscates Student's Phone, Sets Passcode As Answer To Maths Problem

This is what you want from a maths teacher. The word problem you see here is what happened after a Redditor’s “friend” was caught using his phone during maths class. The teacher confiscated the phone and set the passcode to a certain number, found by answering the problem.

Four Infinity Puzzles To Melt Your Mind

It’s Tuesday morning and the work week ahead seems infinite. It’s not though, and you should be glad because infinity isn’t just long, it’s also confusing. Take for instance this quartet of infinite paradoxes that will blow your groggy mind.