Why Roller Coaster Loops Are Never Circular

Many extreme roller coaster these days have vertical loops. Have you noticed that these loops are never circular? Why is this?

11 Creative Interpretations Of The Golden Ratio's Perfect Proportions

Although the Golden Ratio was devised way, way back by ancient Greek mathematicians, you might remember it from such modern implementations as the Apple logo and an early incarnation of Twitter. But, honestly, it can be a total mind-fuck for non-designers to wrap their heads around.

Here's What A Mathematically Perfect Centred Pool Break Looks Like

If you’re curious about what would happen if a perfectly hit cue ball hit a perfectly aligned pool rack perfectly in the middle, well here’s what it will look like. It’s mathematically perfect. Not even the best pool players in the world, magnet breakers or robots can even get it to look like this.

Ugh, Who Invited Maths To The Rubik's Cube Party?

The simplicity of the Rubik’s Cube puzzle is what makes it so devilishly difficult to solve at times. It’s just a bunch of coloured squares, but getting them to group together can be a life’s pursuit for many people. So who in their right mind thought that taking the Rubik’s Cube formula and adding mathematical patterns of numbers into the mix was a good idea? Clearly someone with a deep love of mathematics, or a sincere hatred for humanity.

This Video Shows Just How Beautiful Mathematics Is

Betrand Russell once wrote that “[m]athematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music.” In this video, Yann Pineill and Nicolas Lefaucheux prove him right.

Mathematician Finds Formula For Perfectly Proportioned Pizza

Making pizza at home can be healthier and cheaper than getting it delivered, and you can customise it exactly how you prefer. But nailing down the size and amount of toppings for the perfect pie can be tricky, or at least it was until a mathematician from the University of Sheffield developed an actual formula that guarantees the ideally proportioned pizza.

Does Political Belief Make You Suck At Maths?

A recent study seemed to suggest that political ideology can have a profound effect on how good you are at maths. But how accurate is that finding?

Did Homer Simpson Defeat Fermat's Last Theorem?

In an episode of The Simpson’s called The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace, Homer appears to write a valid solution to defeat Fermat’s Last Theorem on a blackboard. But given that Fermat’s last theorem is proven, is it real?

Mathematician Designs Time Cloak That Uses Just Light And Mirrors

You know what the futurists are always saying: time cloaks are so cool, but they’re so complicated. And it’s true! What were you expecting from a device that literally hides moments in time? A mathematician has just shown, however, it doesn’t have to be quite so hard after all.

Teacher Confiscates Student's Phone, Sets Passcode As Answer To Maths Problem

This is what you want from a maths teacher. The word problem you see here is what happened after a Redditor’s “friend” was caught using his phone during maths class. The teacher confiscated the phone and set the passcode to a certain number, found by answering the problem.