The Marvel Vs. DC Debate Finally Ends With These Comic Book Chess Pieces

Everyone just assumed that the Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics debate would rage on forever — or at least until mankind became extinct. But Eaglemoss has finally come up with a way to figure out which company is better, Marvel or DC, with custom chess pieces featuring the most popular comic book characters from each side of the debate.

The Avengers Reimagined As Dark Fantasy Characters Is Scary Great

Artist Daniel Kamarudin made these excellent illustrations that reimagines The Avengers characters as you know it. He took what we saw in the Marvel movies and turned them darker and added more of a fantasy flair to them. His depictions are great, I wouldn’t mind reading a story illustrated in this way.

8-Bit Captain America: The Winter Soldier Is Almost As Fun As The Movie

Video: Captain America: The Winter Soldier smartly buoyed what could have been a pretty bland character with other fun ones which all added up to a really fun movie. One of Marvel’s best, probably. Here it is summed up in 8-bit video game style, which Captain America looks great in.

Hunt Hydra At Your High School With A Captain America Shield Backpack

Since both vibranium and adamantium only exist in the comic book world, ThinkGeek had to settle on lightweight plastic to make its new Captain America Shield backpack. So it won’t stop bullets or blows from mythical hammers, but it will be comfortable to carry when crammed full of textbooks and your laptop.

You Can Finally Pre-Order That Life-Size Hulkbuster Statue -- For $US18,000

Just a few months after it was announced, Entertainment Earth will officially let you pre-order Beast Kingdom Toys’ life-size Iron Man Hulkbuster statue. And while we first reported a price tag of $US21,500, it can actually be yours for a mere $US18,000 now, leaving you $US3500 to pay rent, buy food and other less fun purchases.

The Five Stages Everyone Goes Through When They Watch A Marvel Movie

Because days have passed, and like people breathed air another Marvel movie is releasing. This one is a big one — Avengers! — but let’s be honest, all Marvel movies are pretty much the same at this point. Good superheroes, weird bad guys, crazy action, a little light fun and an after credits scene. It’s the same formula over and over.

Avengers Age Of Ultron: Australian Review

This is it. No more origin stories. No more unlikely heroes come together at the last minute: it’s on. The Avengers are an established team, and they’re back to kick a whole planet’s worth of arse in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. In case you’re wondering, it’s practically perfect.

This Sixth-Scale Ultron Will Actually Make You Want A Busted-Up Figure

It’s a real testament to the talented sculptors and artists working at Hot Toys that a sixth-scale action figure that looks like it’s been a child’s only play toy for 10 years is one of their most desirable creations. But the company’s new Avengers: Age of Ultron Ultron Mark I is easily one of the most detailed figures the company has ever created.

Avengers Age Of Ultron: Australian Spoiler-Free Review

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of surprise and delight when you see something amazing in a movie. To keep that feeling alive for you, we’ve prepared a review of the new Avengers sequel that is deliciously spoiler-free.

Making A Real-Life Version Of Loki's Sceptre Weapon From The Avengers

Recreating the Chitauri Sceptre, also known as Loki’s badass, brain-controlling staff from The Avengers, in real life might be the most impressive build that Man At Arms has ever done. The detail is unbelievable: melting glass and glass casting to create the right infinity stone, perfectly cutting out the design of the sceptre and beautiful brass covers for the staff.

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