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Samurai Iron Man Is Ridiculously Cool

Remember those Samurai-style Star Wars toys? Well, Bandai has also kicked off a Marvel-themed version, and the results are just as awesome.

Agents Of SHIELD's Ghost Rider Effect Involves This Silly Head Piece

Video: In Marvel’s featurette on the visual effects that make Ghost Rider’s flaming skull, even Gabriel Luna seems aware of how hilarious this looks. On the other hand, it’s a practical effect that flickers just like real flames would, and reflects off the jacket properly. Being Ghost Rider isn’t all glamour, apparently.

Hugo Weaving Enjoyed Outrageousness of Playing Red Skull In Captain America

Hugo Weaving was a great Nazi in Captain America: The First Avenger, playing Cap’s nemesis, Red Skull. And given that it was a comic book movie, meaning time and space are fluid — and given that any non-Loki villain has failed to really capture people’s attention — it’s natural to want Weaving back. So he’s opened the door a crack to coming back to Marvel, a studio he didn’t love working with.

The Punisher Could Be Showing Up On Another Marvel TV Show

The Power Rangers movie casts a major supporting character. Pacific Rim 2 casts another young star. American Horror Story‘s current season has links back to Freak Show. Dwayne Johnson offers an update from the set of Jumanji, plus, what’s to come on Gotham, Arrow and Flash. To me, my spoilers!

One Major Star Wars Star Is Getting Their Role Expanded In Episode VIII

Bob Iger teases the future of Marvel’s movie-verse. There’s more casting for Alita: Battle Angel and Pacific Rim 2. Get a big new look at Supernatural‘s next season. Plus, a ton of new pictures from Luke Cage, and more footage of Thrawn in Star Wars: Rebels. Spoilers get!

Ghost Rider May Be Exactly What Agents Of SHIELD Needed

Agents of SHIELD has never been a show that’s hesitated to shake up its status quo, and Agent Coulson and his team had yet another when season four premiered last night — and it’s not for the better. But the real change comes from the addition of the first (reasonably) major Marvel superhero, Ghost Rider, to the series. He’s brought new life to the show — not bad for an undead spirit of vengeance.

Captain America: Civil War Broke The CG Superhero Suit Curse With Black Panther

Thanks to Green Lantern, we’re all conditioned to panic at the thought of a superhero character having an entire computer-generated outfit. After all, it was so infamously bad that they made a joke out of it in Deadpool. But technology has come a long way, and every single time we saw Black Panther on screen in Captain America: Civil War, the suit was animated.

China Would Like Superhero Films To Stop Pandering And Actually Give Chinese Actors Substantial Roles

The box office trends of the last few years have made abundantly clear that would-be winter blockbusters are reliant on China for their profits. And one way these movies try to get the upper hand in that market is by putting a famous Chinese face in the movie, usually or about two seconds. China has noticed.

Even Captain America And Iron Man Would Agree The Civil War Blu-Ray Is A Must-Own

Here’s the weird thing about an already great movie like Captain America: Civil War. It’s such a big hit that it doesn’t have to be a good Blu-ray. It could be the movie on a disc in a paper slipcover and it would sell like crazy. But thankfully, Marvel decided to pack the release with lots of solid, additional content.

Nerdy Porch Light Covers Let Everyone Know Your Home Is A Safe Place For Geeks

They’re supposed to be an alternative to pumpkins and skeletons for decorating your home come Halloween, but these porch light covers, featuring Iron Man, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper masks, can just be left up all year round as a way to let the neighbourhood know your house is a safe place for nerdy types.

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