Honest Trailer Shows Just How Fun Guardians Of The Galaxy was

Video: Sure, it’s basically The Avengers re-casted with characters that we never knew existed fighting bad guys in space and yeah, it’s totally Marvel flexing their movie muscles and exploiting us sheep but man, Guardians of the Galaxy was fun. Even Honest Trailers admits how hard it is to make fun of this movie.

Official: Benedict Cumberbatch Will Play Doctor Strange

It’s official! After much speculation, it has been confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Dr Stephen Strange in the 2016 Doctor Strange movie from Marvel Studios.

A Spider-Man Figure That Actually Shoots Webs -- From His Chest?

Back in 1972 the inventors of Silly String had no idea their creation would one day be the closest thing man could get to having Spider-Man’s web-shooting abilities. It’s also the secret behind Hasbro’s web-slinging spider man figure — although kids will need a heaping helping of imagination to ignore that giant can sticking out of Peter Parker’s chest.

It's Too Bad This Stunning Iron Man Mark II Statue Doesn't Move

What Sideshow Collectible’s new Iron Man Mark II quarter-scale statue (based on the second suit Stark built in the 2008 film) lacks in articulation, it makes up for in size and detail. It’s just over 60cm tall, and features a perfect gloss metallic paint job, and light-up features in the helmet, chest and palms.

This VHS Captain America Trailer Is The Perfect '80s Throwback

Video: Occasionally, fan-made trailer mashups will come along that make you want to watch the full (but sadly non-existent) movie. This flawless VHS trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier captures everything you might dimly remember an ’80s trailer to be, and will also make you realise that maybe full HD isn’t everything.

Court Forces Google To Help Marvel Find Avengers Trailer Leaker

It’s perhaps no surprise that Marvel wants the head of whoever leaked the trailer for the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Perhaps more shocking, though, is that Google is being forced to roll over and help it do so.

8 Real Robots That Inspired Big Hero 6

The star of the new Disney-Marvel movie Big Hero 6 is a poofy robot named Baymax who can assess your health with a laser-enabled two-second full-body scan. He also might soon be a reality. Baymax and other robots in the film were inspired by eight actual robots, some of which were designed and built in labs at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and DARPA.

Battle Crowds With A Perfect Replica Of Captain America's Shield

When you’re late for work and the train platform is packed full of meandering commuters, you don’t have time to politely push your way through the crowds. You need to use the snowplow approach to get everyone out of your way, and this Captain America shield prop replica is obviously the perfect tool for the job.

The Avengers 3: Infinity War Already Has Its Own Trailer

Those Marvel people work fast. The Avengers: Infinity War was only announced yesterday, and already there’s a little trailer for it that Marvel has thrown together for the fans. Thankfully, someone bootlegged it so you can watch it here.

Marvel Phase Three: Get Ready For The Most Ambitious Superhero Movies Yet

When Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was announced, I had to say I was a little bewildered. Why would Marvel take a property few people read and turn it into a blockbuster tentpole film? Of course, all fears were immediately dispelled when we saw the damn thing, mostly because it’s amazing. Now the comic book giant is taking a gamble on six new movies in what it’s calling Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they’re some of the most ambitious projects yet.