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Explore The Science Of The Avengers With This Sneak Peek Into A New Vegas Exhibit 

If you’re the kind of Marvel fan who loves to ponder the inner workings of the Iron Man suit, the physics of Captain America’s shield, or how Bruce Banner’s brain might change after Hulk-ing out, you’ll love the new interactive Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit. It just opened this week at the Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Marvel's Got An Asian Problem And It's Not Getting Any Better

One of the latest Marvel casting rumours making the rounds is that Michael Barbieri’s Spider-Man: Homecoming character is based on Ganke Lee, who, in the comics, is the best friend of Miles Morales. Not regular Spider-Man, better known as Peter Parker. In the comics, Ganke Lee is a pudgy Korean-American.

Marvel And Sony Have Realised That Sharing Is Caring, Especially Since They're Sharing Spider-Man 

Now that we actually live in a reality where Marvel’s Cinematic Universe can call itself home to the most iconic superhero in the world, it’s weird to look back at the time when Marvel and Sony’s relationship over Spider-Man was a bit frostier than it is now. Times have changed, though, and it seems like will be in this happier status quo for the long haul.

We Might Finally Know The Identity Of Mads Mikkelsen's Doctor Strange Villain

We’ve seen Mads Mikkelsen’s Doctor Strange villain in action already — both in the teaser trailer and through set pictures — but we still don’t know who he’s actually playing. Thanks to some new merchandise, however, we might have finally found out.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2's Merchandise Will Finally Give Gamora Her Due

The ongoing debate over a lack of movie merchandise depicting female characters — whether it’s Marvel, or Star Wars, or anything — seems like it’s finally having an effect. The Guardians of the Galaxy sequel wants to right the wrongs of its original toyline, and director James Gunn himself is leading the charge.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Has Cast A New Villain And A Silicon Valley Star

It’s a big day for Spider-Man: Homecoming, since reports have surfaced tying both Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) and Martin Starr (Silicon Valley) to the new Spider-Man film.

10 Annoying Problems With Big Blockbuster Movie Franchises

Video: Blockbuster movie franchises are totally fun! Watching famous actors save the world is always a great recipe for enjoyment. But then again, having too many famous actors dress up as so many different superheroes can get really tiring, really fast. How many times does Captain Iron What’s His Face Man have to rescue us, anyway?

This 'Secret' List Of Marvel's Phase 4 And 5 Movies Is Rubbish, But It's Fun

When it comes to Marvel Studios, the biggest question is always “What’s next?” Now that Phase 3 is underway, speculation has turned to after Avengers: Infinity War, but Marvel Studios has obviously kept an incredibly tight lid on any plans post 2019. Which is part of what makes this post so funny.

Finally, The 'Iron Man On A Couch' Action Figure We've Been Waiting For

Remember that bit in Iron Man 3 where Tony Stark relaxes in his Iron Man armour on his couch? Well, good news for fans who’ve been waiting to create that moment on your toy shelf for three years: you finally can. If you’re heading to San Diego Comic-Con with a fair chunk of change, that is.

This Is How Determined Ryan Reynolds Was To Get Bea Arthur In Deadpool

Deadpool’s love of Bea Arthur has been a long-running joke in the comics, and one that got the most subtle lip service in Merc with a Mouth’s hit movie thanks to the late Golden Girls actress appearing on one of Wade Wilson’s tank tops. And it took a concerted effort by Ryan Reynolds to do so… as well as a sizeable cheque.

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