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See Black Panther In Action In This Glorious New Civil War Clip

Video: Even with Civil War‘s marketing bombardment, we’ve not really seen all that much of T’Challa in action — a kick here, a scratch of the ol’ vibranium shield there. But this new clip gives us a short, but oh so sweet scene of the Black Panther kicking arse that’s too good not to see.

A Guide To Marvel's Original Civil War Saga, Which Was Not Good

We couldn’t be more excited about Captain America: Civil War, but we also couldn’t be less enthused with its source material. The comic event was epic, but it was also a mess, where Iron Man inexplicably became a supervillianous arsehole. Here’s a guide to Marvel’s original Civil War that shows why we’re glad to see the movie seems to only be taking its name, and little else.

Yep, Marvel And Netflix Are Making A Punisher Series 

Not a total surprise after the love the character got in Daredevil, but now it’s official: there will be a Punisher TV show on Netflix.

Is Captain America's Shield Really Bulletproof?

Video: Cap’s shield has deflected all kinds of shit over the last few years, but outside the Marvel universe, vibranium is in short supply. So what can Captain America’s shield do when it’s made of titanium?

Check Out X-Men Apocalypse's Comic-Inspired Uniforms In All Their Goofy Glory

We got a glimpse of the new generation of X-Men’s comic-inspired costumes thanks to Empire Magazine recently, but a new image of the mutant team reveals their uniforms from top to bottom, and they look wonderfully colourful and silly in just the right way.

Every Member Of The Avengers, Ranked

They’re called Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but some of the are mightier than others. We’ve broken down all of the official Avengers — minus a few too recent to judge — to determine who should be assembled first when evil strikes.

Preeminent Villain Actor Richard E. Grant Joins Wolverine 3 As Mad Scientist

Richard E. Grant (Jekyll & Hyde) has finally gotten the role he was born to play: a comic book mad scientist. But despite the fact he’s been perfectly cast, we’re actually kind of confused about what exactly he’ll be doing in Wolverine 3.

Robert Downey Jr. Is Teasing A Fourth Iron Man Movie Again

Whether or not there’ll be another standalone Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. has been the subject of a constant back-and-forth debate for a while now. But Downey Jr. isn’t quite done stoking the fires just yet. He just announced he has at least one more solo Iron Man movie left in him.

Marvel's Attempts To Justify Dr Strange's Whitewashing Are Getting Insulting

Since Marvel announced that Tilda Swinton would play the role of Dr Strange’s spiritual master the Ancient One, there’s been a loud outcry about yet another instance of casting a white actress as an Asian character. Marvel has been trying to diffuse the controversy through various means, including today’s announcement that suddenly, uh, the Ancient One is, uh… Celtic.

How Many People Has Captain America Killed In The Marvel Movies?

Video: Even the nicest, most decent superheroes are cold blooded murderers. The nice ones just do it less than the psychopaths and make their kills with a much more cheery soundtrack. Take Captain America. Dude is all-American good guy as it gets and he’s racked up quite a kill count in his Marvel movies. How many? 14,089! Not so good anymore, right?

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