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It used to be — back when the easiest superhero joke was to make fun of Adam West's Batman — that everyone fretted over making more realistic superheroes. OK, I say "used to", but we all know that the fear of making something campy has never, ever left most studios' psyches. FX's Legion, however, isn't interested in avoiding capes and camp. It's interested in avoiding violence as the only ending.


It has been a frankly amazing year for comics — filled with big events, controversial moments, and an incredible variety of comics, with diversity in genre, characters, and stories giving us shelf upon shelf of amazing books to dig into week after week. It was hard to narrow them down to 20, but without further ado, here are our absolute favourite comics from this year.


We all have a friend who collects vinyl. At first, you may have judged them for their perceived "hipster nonsense", but I'll bet you've come around. I see you spying on new record players, figuring out how to get started. And that artwork. It's stunning, and honestly a reason all on its own to invest in the hobby. You know this.

But what better way to avoid having to admit you've fallen head first into the retro trap than to gift those awesome looking (and sounding) albums you've found online to a loved one? If you need some inspiration, here's a list of our favourite six released in 2016.


Video: The first international trailer has arrived, and it's much better than the US one! There's a lot less high school and a lot more Spider-Man in there, plus more villains (including the Shocker), more action, better music — it actually has a lot of the same footage, but it's edited in such a way to make Homecoming look like a much more exciting movie. Look, watch them both, and you'll see what I mean.