Someone Edited All Of Marvel's Movies Together To Create A Loki Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with a bevy of brilliant characters, from the amazing Iron Man through to the mighty Thor, but there’s one character that isn’t getting his own movie who truly should: Thor’s brother, Loki. He took a starring role in The Avengers as the villain leading the attack on Earth, and paid the price in Thor: The Dark World, but some hardcore Loki fans wanted more. Enter Loki: Brother Of Thor, a fan cut of Loki’s journey through the Cinematic Universe so far.

How Captain America: The Winter Soldier Should Have Ended

What has been the worst Marvel superhero movie so far? Iron Man always has some plot holes, but they’re refreshing. Both Thors were OK. The Avengers was a roller coaster and Guardians of the Galaxy was such a fun time. What if it’s actually Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Review: Shut Up And Go See It

Let’s not mince words here. Guardians of the Galaxy is awesome, hilarious, super fun, and you should go see it.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Australian Review

If anyone needs me, I’ll be camping outside my local cinema waiting until I can go and see Guardians Of The Galaxy again. Here’s why.

You Can Access 15,000 Marvel Comics Right Now For A Buck

As we all prepare our brains and Twitter feeds for the unstoppable flood of comics and entertainment news that will pour out of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced some news in the quiet before the storm. Now, for 99 cents, readers can gain access to Marvel Unlimited, the publisher’s treasure trove of 15,000 issues from current series (well, at least six months old) and classic golden-age and silver-age titles.

Meet The Guardians Of The Galaxy In This Five-Minute Teaser

Guardians Of The Galaxy is Marvel’s tentpole movie for this year, and it looks like the the comics giant is finally taking a more lighthearted approach to its beloved characters. A five-minute long teaser, sharing a bit of background on the film’s titular ragtag bunch, has appeared on the ‘net a week before the movie’s Australian launch.

This Map Shows Where The Most Famous Marvel Characters Are From

Here’s a map of the world plotting out Marvel characters and there’s no surprise which state is best at pumping them out.

'Creative Differences' See Ant-Man Director Edgar Wright Off The Film

Marvel’s had a good run with its string of in-universe movies; Captain America: The Winter Solider has done well commercially and critically and Guardians of the Galaxy is almost on our doorstep. Ant-Man might not be as well known as say, the “Cap”, but a film is already on the way, with comedian Paul Rudd cast in the title role and Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead fame directing. Well, Wright was directing, but not so much any more.

Here Are 7 Facts About The X-Men That You Might Not Know

Excited about X-Men: Days of Future Past? Yeah, we are too. Would you be as excited if the movie was called The Merry Mutants: Days of Future Past? Probably not as much! That was the name Stan Lee originally wanted to call the X-Men until Marvel put the kibosh on that. Yeah! Marvel’s great! But they totally ripped off the idea of the X-Men from DC’s The Doom Patrol. Oof. Well, at least Wolverine’s cool right? Absolutely.

Here Are 7 Facts About Superheroes You Probably Didn't Know

After enlightening us with obscure facts about The Simpsons , CineFix is revealing more information about something else everyone loves: superheroes. So here are 7 facts about your favourite superheroes — Spiderman, The Avengers, Superman, Wolverine, etc. — that you probably didn’t know.

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