Explore The Lumpy, Bumpy Martian North Pole In This 3D Video

You’ve probably never lent Mars’s northern pole a great deal of thought, but you can explore it in wonderful 3D glory in this ESA video.

Curiosity Discovers A Giant Lake Once Suitable For Life On Mars

The possibility that Mars was once home to all kinds of life is looking better and better with each new Curiosity discovery. According to newly published research, the rover has stumbled across a site in the Gale Crater that scientists believe might have once been a lake full of life.

The Red Planet's Deep Valleys In Kaleidoscopic Colour

Do not adjust your monitor: Mars hasn’t really been given a rainbow paint job. In fact, this image is a colour-coded topography showing the heights and depths of the planet’s Ismeniae Fossae region.

Watch NASA's Next Mission To Mars Blast Off Right Here, Right Now

NASA’s new robotic explorer, MAVEN, will be blasting off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in just a few minutes. And you can watch the whole thing live right here.

This Metallic Sphere Will Some Day Carry Martian Samples Back To Earth

This little spherical container may look more like a rejected R2-D2 prototype than a piece of cutting-edge technology, but is in fact the vessel in which the European Space Agency hopes to ship Martian samples back to Earth in.

The Pilgrim Report: Watch This Awesome Aussie Short Film Shot In Just One Week

Samsung and NIDA recently invited 10 talented filmmakers, actors, designers and cinematographers from all over the nation to come together and make a short film. In six days, they managed to come up with a short film about an expedition to Mars with VFX that will blow you away. This is The Pilgrim Report.

Ooh, Heaven Is A Place On Earth

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the extreme environments used as offworld training landscapes for future astronauts — where bleak, windswept and often highly remote locations act as surrogates for the surfaces of other planets — a new guidebook will help you find them. Assembled for the European Space Agency by scientists at the Open University, The Catalogue of Planetary Analogues is now available for download.

These Images Show The Brutal Scars On Mars's Surface

These images show the incredibly striking, scarred surface of Mars. Formed by huge tectonic forces, its canyons are an enduring reminder of stress and strain the red planet has undergone.

8 Incredible Images That Make Mars Look Like A Petri Dish

Though NASA sadly spent its recent 55th birthday furloughing employees thanks to the US government shutdown, the discovery of water in Martian soil just a week earlier made for a pretty thrilling development at the agency.

NASA's MAVEN Mission Spared Cancellation Despite Government Shutdown

This is a rare moment of sanity and clarity from the powers-that-be. Despite the current government shutdown, NASA’s MAVEN mission — slated for a November launch — has been allowed to go ahead.