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Phobos and Deimos, Mars' lumpy, runty moons, were once pegged as captured asteroids. But the truth is shaping up to be far more interesting. These ruddy satellites could be the lone survivors of a giant impact that eviscerated half of Mars' surface billions of years ago.


First Elon Musk wanted to nuke Mars, and now he thinks he knows how democracy there should work. Even though we're not really that close to colonising the Red Planet, the SpaceX founder has some rather utopian ideas for how a government should work on Mars.


Mars once featured a vast ocean that covered its northern hemisphere. New evidence suggests this Martian sea experienced at least two "mega-tsunamis" that were triggered by meteor impacts. Traces of these cataclysmic events can still be seen on the Martian surface, and they could still contain traces of ancient life.