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We Finally Know What's Up With These Enormous Mounds On Mars 

For forty years, astronomers have puzzled over the kilometres-high mounds rising from of the centres of Martian craters. Scientists have finally pieced together an origin story for the weird geologic pimples — and it reveals a critical moment in the Red Planet’s history.

NASA's Opportunity Rover Got Stuck On A Hill On Mars

NASA’s Opportunity rover just attempted to take on the steepest hill a Martian rover has ever climbed — and promptly got stuck there. Oh dear.

NASA Is Setting A Gas-Sniffing Drone To Work On Earth

Whenever anyone questions NASA’s government funding, it’s customary to remind them of memory foam and ballpoint pen, all (somewhat) products of the space program. Now you can add another: a really tiny fart detector.

The Concept Art For Las Vegas' 'Mars World' Looks Nuts

It’s long been said that space tourism will be big business. Whole spaceports have sprung up (and basically died) in belief of that economic promise. The problem is that shooting people past our bubble of atmosphere, safely and reliably, is still tricky. Not to mention you need to be rich as hell to even consider it.

NASA Is Attaching An Expandable Space House To The ISS

The ISS has gotten quite a few improvements lately, but the latest addition is unusually impressive: a 3.66m long expandable room that astronauts will attach to the space station’s back and inflate to twice its original size.

These Martian Impact Craters Will Reveal How Water Shaped The Planet

In geological circles, a wedge of sediment left behind by flowing water is know as as an alluvial fan. This image, captured by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, reveals two large impact craters that will be used to age such features and reveal how water shaped the Red Planet.

The ExoMars Launch Was A Resounding Success

After more than twelve hours of nail-biting anticipation, the European Space Agency’s ExoMars probe has finally phoned home, confirming that yesterday’s launch was a complete success. The mission is now safely on its way to Mars.

Keep Track Of Every Mission Throughout The Solar System With This Handy Map

There have been dozens of probes that have gone out exploring the solar system since 1959’s Luna 2 probe. PopChartLab has gone and noted down each one since in this beautiful poster of the Solar System.

Why Europe's New Mission To Mars Is Such A Big Deal

NASA gets all the glory when it comes to Martian exploration, but two other space agencies are now hoping to change that. Early next week, the European Space Agency and Roscosmos are launching the first phase of their joint ExoMars mission, a major new scientific effort with an badarse goal: discovering signs of life on the Red Planet.

Botanists Just Answered One Of The Biggest Questions About Farming on Mars

Researchers have successfully grown a crop of tomatoes, peas and radishes harvested in Martian soil — and with those comes an answer to one of the big questions we have about how to farm in space.

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