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This Is How Much SpaceX Will Charge To Send Your Satellite To Orbit

SpaceX has released some new information on what it will cost you to send a satellite into orbit aboard their Falcon 9 or Falcon 9 Heavy rockets. The damage? Anywhere from $US62 million ($80.8 million) to $US90 million ($117.3 million).

We Just Solved One Of The Biggest Mysteries About How Water Flows On Mars

Researchers just uncovered an incredible fact about liquid water on Mars. It’s not just flowing; it’s also boiling. And that discovery also solves one of the major mysteries about the surface of the red planet.

SpaceX Is Sending A Red Dragon Spacecraft To Mars In 2018

SpaceX has been teasing potential Mars plans for a while now, but the company just announced a launch date — and it’s soon. They plan to launch to the surface of Mars in 2018.

New 'Image Enhance' Lets Satellites See 5 Centimetre Objects On Mars

Researchers have developed an image enhancement technique that allows them to boost the resolution of satellite images, revealing unprecedented levels of detail on Mars.

It Takes A Serious Structure To Test The World's Most Powerful Rocket

Before any of NASA’s rockets can fly up to space, there’s a lot of testing to be done. Marshall Space Flight Center’s Building 4619 houses the structural testing, but to accommodate NASA’s upcoming Space Launch System, it needed a few upgrades.

This Is The First Image From The ExoMars Mission

Last month, the European Space Agency and Roscosmos lofted their ExoMars mission into space. Now, it’s sent back the first image from its journey to the Red Planet.

The Opportunity Rover Spotted A Martian Dust Devil On Its Tail

Rovers on Mars have captured images of dust devils before, but this might be the best one we’ve ever seen.

We Finally Know What's Up With These Enormous Mounds On Mars 

For forty years, astronomers have puzzled over the kilometres-high mounds rising from of the centres of Martian craters. Scientists have finally pieced together an origin story for the weird geologic pimples — and it reveals a critical moment in the Red Planet’s history.

NASA's Opportunity Rover Got Stuck On A Hill On Mars

NASA’s Opportunity rover just attempted to take on the steepest hill a Martian rover has ever climbed — and promptly got stuck there. Oh dear.

NASA Is Setting A Gas-Sniffing Drone To Work On Earth

Whenever anyone questions NASA’s government funding, it’s customary to remind them of memory foam and ballpoint pen, all (somewhat) products of the space program. Now you can add another: a really tiny fart detector.

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