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See Curiosity Cruise Around Gigantic Martian Dunes In These Stunning New Panoramas

NASA’s Curiosity rover is currently investigating a chain of Martian sand dunes, offering an unprecedented glimpse of these dynamic — but strangely familiar — features.

One Of Mars' Moons Is Literally Pulling Itself To Pieces

Mars’ moon Phobos is a strange, cratered, misshaped moon — and it’s pulling itself to pieces from the inside out.

The Mars Curiosity Rover Learned A New Camera Trick

Now this is an unusual view of the Curiosity rover on Mars! The rover is experimenting with using a different camera for self-portraits as part of its investigations at Namib dune.

NASA Has Called Off The Launch For Its Brand New Mars Lander

Mars InSight lander was set to blast its way towards the red planet just three short months from now. Today, NASA announced that leaks that had sprung up in the lander wouldn’t be fixed in time. The next window to send it back won’t be for two years — and whether it will make it even then isn’t certain.

There's A Mystery Lurking In Curiosity's Latest Drillholes

In its slow ascent up Mount Sharp, NASA’s Curiosity Rover has stumbled upon a mystery fit for the robot’s name: silica. Lots and lots of silica. And the discovery may shape our understanding of the Red Planet’s geologic past, including whether life could have lived there.

My Application To Become An Astronaut On NASA's First Mission To Mars

NASA started accepting applications for future explorers today. The salary range is $US66,026.00 to $US144,566.00. The benefits are great. “Frequent travel may be required.” You might even get to go to Mars! Sounds like a dream job to me.

Elon Musk Is Worried That World War 3 Will Stop Him Getting To Mars

Elon Musk, a billionaire Bond villain who wants to nuke Mars, revealed in a recent interview that he’s worried a third World War might mess up his plans to colonize Mars.

This Beach Could (Almost) Be On Mars

These are the vast plains of Katwijk. That’s not the name of a new Martian valley or a hidden lunar crater, though but… a beach, right here on Earth in the Netherlands. In fact, it’s where the European Space Agency is putting a new breed of robotic rovers through their paces.

What Colour Is Mars?

Human wetware is astonishingly good at pattern recognition and interpreting complex, noisy data, but it’s also painfully buggy. Mars is the red planet, except it really isn’t.

Got A Kid Who's Ready To Colonise To Mars?

Briefly: Got a kid who’s ready to colonise to Mars? NASA has recently released a set of Martian survival activities, suitable for kindergarten, through to year 12. From touring the Red Planet’s topography to building rovers and engineering artificial environments, it’s everything a future Martian explorer needs to get a head start.

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