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The ExoMars Launch Was A Resounding Success

After more than twelve hours of nail-biting anticipation, the European Space Agency’s ExoMars probe has finally phoned home, confirming that yesterday’s launch was a complete success. The mission is now safely on its way to Mars.

Keep Track Of Every Mission Throughout The Solar System With This Handy Map

There have been dozens of probes that have gone out exploring the solar system since 1959’s Luna 2 probe. PopChartLab has gone and noted down each one since in this beautiful poster of the Solar System.

Why Europe's New Mission To Mars Is Such A Big Deal

NASA gets all the glory when it comes to Martian exploration, but two other space agencies are now hoping to change that. Early next week, the European Space Agency and Roscosmos are launching the first phase of their joint ExoMars mission, a major new scientific effort with an badarse goal: discovering signs of life on the Red Planet.

Botanists Just Answered One Of The Biggest Questions About Farming on Mars

Researchers have successfully grown a crop of tomatoes, peas and radishes harvested in Martian soil — and with those comes an answer to one of the big questions we have about how to farm in space.

What Mars Would Look Like Mapped By Medieval Cartographers

What can one expect to find out on the dusty plains of Mars? This new map shows you through the eyes of a medieval cartographer.

There's A Much Better Choice Than Potatoes For Our First Space Farm

The Martian made space potato farming look, if not quite delicious or easy, then certainly plausible. But if we’re really going to live out in space, potatoes should absolutely not be our first farming choice.

NASA's New Mission To Mars Will Include A Giant Laser 'Lunar Flashlight'

When NASA’s first mission to Mars kicks off in 2018, the goal is to make sure that their new rocket can make it out there, before they start sending people. So instead of a crew, this first mission will be filled with equipment for 13 science projects, including a gigantic laser flashlight that will orbit the Moon.

How We Could Build A City On Mars

If we want to someday live on Mars, spaceships won’t be enough. We would need a Martian city — and this is how we might build one.

These Are NASA's 'Spiders' On Mars

Image Cache: These geological features are what NASA refers to as spiders, and they can be found on the surface of Mars.

See Curiosity Cruise Around Gigantic Martian Dunes In These Stunning New Panoramas

NASA’s Curiosity rover is currently investigating a chain of Martian sand dunes, offering an unprecedented glimpse of these dynamic — but strangely familiar — features.

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