Humans Will Land On Mars By 2026, Says SpaceX's Elon Musk

Elon Musk just said that his SpaceX spaceships will get humans to Mars by 2026, with or without NASA. It may seem cocky, but coming from a man who has built this entire company so he can die on Mars — and to “help ensure the survival of humanity” — those words are not to be taken lightly.

What Is This?

When I saw this image appearing in my RSS, I couldn’t tell what it was. It looked like a close-up of the skin of some animal. Perhaps a detail of a bird or a reptile, I thought. Maybe a colorized microscopic view into some human body part. The answer couldn’t possibly be more different than what I expected.

Report: NASA Can't Afford Manned Missions To Mars

A large-scale review of NASA’s human spaceflight program has revealed that it doesn’t have the budget to successfully undertake manned missions to Mars. The report — a 286-page monster by the National Research Council — took 18 months and, ironically, $US3.2 million to perform.

Curiosity Took Hundreds Of Microbes To Mars -- And Many May Still Be Alive

Despite the best efforts of NASA, it’s impossible to put craft into space that are entirely clean. Now, a study shows that Curiosity was sent up to Mars with 377 strains of microbes aboard — and up to 11 per cent may have made it to the surface of the red planet.

NASA Wants To Send These Flying Saucers To Mars

This is NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, “a rocket-powered, saucer-shaped test vehicle” designed to land huge payloads on Mars. So there — suck on that Martians, because after all these decades of sci-fi invasions, we are going to be the ones seizing your planet with our very own flying saucers.

NASA Wants To Send Plant Life To Mars In 2020

In less than a decade, there might be life on Mars. No not because the aliens have been hiding all this time, but because NASA might just put it there. The brightest minds at the Ames Research Center recently proposed sending plant life along with the next Mars rover. It’s actually a pretty good idea.

These Beautiful Martian Dunes Are Constantly Changing

The dunes of Mars are in a complete state of flux, and none more so that Nili Patera. The most active dune field on Mars is always changing — and so it’s constantly photographed by NASA’s High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment.

How NASA Built An Outdoor Wind Tunnel To Test New Mars Parachutes

When NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory sent the Curiosity Rover to Mars, it went through an exceptionally complex process to get the damn thing on the ground.

One of the things used to slow it down through the thin atmosphere was the largest supersonic parachute it had ever built. Now it’s building bigger ones to send people to the Red Planet, and that’s a problem: it doesn’t have a wind tunnel big enough to test it, so it build one with rocket sleds.

Weird, Bright Light Spotted On Mars

Do you see it? There’s a little beacon of light in the photograph of Mars above. It’s on the left side of the photo, and it’s pretty darn bright. What could it be? More importantly, what do we want it to be? A Martian signal keeping track of the Curiosity rover? An alien laser beam? A key to a secret portal in the universe? A superhero?

The Human Heart May Not Be Able To Handle The Trip To Mars

Anyone dreaming of casting off the shackles of Earth for the microgravity wasteland of Mars is in for some (more) bad news. In addition to a host of other problems, the necessary 18-month spaceflight would, apparently, lead to one very unhealthy (and spherical) astronaut heart.

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