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Maybe We Don't Have To Nuke Mars (So Much) After All

Terraforming Mars could be our only option once we screw this planet up beyond repair, but how exactly are we going to do it? One popular scheme involves releasing truckloads of nuclear warheads over the poles, unlocking billions of tonnes of frozen carbon dioxide and triggering a runaway greenhouse.

Watch NASA Build A 40 Metre Rocket Tank In 60 Seconds

Video: NASA’s Space Launch System rocket will be the most powerful booster humans have ever created. And to power that rocket, you need a big-arse tank of liquid hydrogen built with the largest welding machine ever made.

Maybe It's Time To Actually Digitize That NASA Viking Data

We can’t believe it’s been 40 years since NASA’s Viking mission became the first to successfully land a spacecraft on Mars. It took us only slightly less time to get the Curiosity Rover up there so we could get a closer look at our planet.

NASA's Curiosity Rover Just Took A Step Towards Autonomy 

NASA just announced that it’s given the Curiosity rover the power to fire its laser at targets of its choice. You fools, you’ve killed us all.

How Will SpaceX Actually Get Us To Mars?

Video: A new video from Real Engineering explains the nuts and bolts of how SpaceX is planning to bring people to Mars, and details the advantages that SpaceX has in making that actually happen. It’s both fun and enlightening!

This Is NASA's New Mars Rover

NASA is racing to finish a new Mars rover, and the mission just got a launch and land date. The new rover will leave Earth by August 2020, and in February of 2021, it will hit the surface of the Red Planet to search for signs of life.

There's A Secret Message Written Into The Sands Of Mars

NASA has spotted something strange and beautiful in the sands of Mars — a remarkable dune field that looks eerily similar to Morse code. And it has a message for us.

Curiosity Just Put Itself Into A Precautionary Safe Mode

Mission controllers at NASA are currently working to return the Curiosity Mars rover to full activity after a computer glitch that caused the rover to enter into a precautionary stand-down over the weekend.

A Badarse New Theory On The Origin Of Mars' Moons 

Phobos and Deimos, Mars’ lumpy, runty moons, were once pegged as captured asteroids. But the truth is shaping up to be far more interesting. These ruddy satellites could be the lone survivors of a giant impact that eviscerated half of Mars’ surface billions of years ago.

Researchers Spotted Something Very Strange In The Sands Of Mars

No, it’s not aliens writing messages in the sand. But there is something weird happening on Mars’ surface — and it’s something that hasn’t been seen anywhere else in the universe.

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