Mars One Is Broke, Disorganised And Sketchy As Hell

Remember Mars One? The mega-hyped, one way ticket to go start a colony on Mars assuming it could get a ship and funding and capable colonists and training facilities and the major technological advances necessary to make it all happen? Surprise! According to one finalist, the whole thing is pretty much a scam.

NASA Has Halted Curiosity's Work To Investigate A Short Circuit

NASA engineers are currently investigating a short circuit that has occurred aboard Curiosity. The Mars rover is not carrying out any further work until the fault is diagnosed.

The First People On Mars Could Have One Hell Of A Case Of Jet Lag

A day on Mars — or a “sol” — is 24 hours and 40 minutes long, close enough to Earth’s that for a long time NASA didn’t think much of it. But those 40 minutes a day add up, and sleep scientists now worry that our Earthly circadian rhythms could be one more major headache for the first humans on Mars.

Check Out The New (And Coolest) Mars Curiosity Panorama Selfie

Bravo NASA for capturing this new cool Mars Curiosity selfie on the surface of Mars at its new research site, the Mojave. NASA made this image by combining dozens of photos taken during January 2015. Here is the annotated version, so you can see the sites that the rover visited before reaching this point.

Curiosity's New Software Lets It Drill More Gently (And Do Less Damage)

Curiosity can be heavy handed. Its drill, used to investigate geological samples on Mars, has frequently broken the rocks that NASA scientists have wanted to peer inside. But a new software update means that now it can go more gently with with its drill.

How The Search For Life On Mars Could Be Dooming Itself By Accident

When Curiosity goes looking for organic molecules in Mars’s solid surface, it vapourises a rock sample and sniffs the gas that comes out. The plan could be going awry thanks to a pesky little mineral called jarosite.

Seven Aussie Finalists For A One-Way Trip To Mars

The final 100 candidates for a one-way trip to Mars through the Mars One project — a space mission funded by reality TV — have been chosen. Among those lucky (or unlucky, depending on your attitude) souls are seven Australians; three males and four females of varying ages, who are competing for a chance to live, and die, on the red planet.

'Mars One' Mini Documentary: Why You'd Want To Go On A One-Way Trip To Mars

Mars One is the program that’s planning on sending four humans on a one-way trip to Mars to establish a human colony. Applications are in, a shortlist has been made, and all that’s left to do is um fly to Mars, build a colony, and die a lonely death among the stars. The Guardian has asked a few of the colonist hopefuls why they want to go.

NASA's Curiosity Rover Looks Like A Tiny Rivet On Mars' Surface

Do you see it? That incredibly tiny dot in the center of that blue perimeter. That is NASA’s $US2.5 billion rover, steadily working away and analysing the Martian soil. This image was captured on Dec. 13, 2014 by the HiRISE camera housed inside NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

(Mock) Mars Mission Comes To (Mock) Tragic End Thanks To (Real) Fire

The brave men and women living in a (mock) Martian base (in Utah), have met a (mock) brutal and fiery end. After an (actual) greenhouse fire sent flames soaring up 3m into the air, our (mock) astronauts have been laid to rest (in their respective homes as they see fit). Goodbye and godspeed, you magnificent pioneers.

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