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NASA Says There's Strong Evidence Of Liquid Water On Mars

NASA has confirmed our suspicions: There’s probably liquid water on Mars today. The landmark finding makes the notion of life on the Red Planet all the more plausible.

Watch NASA Announce The Answer To One Of Mars' Greatest Mysteries

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, NASA says it will broadcast a special live event to answer to a major Mars mystery. Just what this mystery is, however, is all a part of the mystery, as NASA is not yet breathing a word of what this discovery may be about.

NASA Is Sending Bacteria To The Edge Of Space To See If They Can Hitchhike To Mars

Discovering life on another planet, only to contaminate that world with our own pesky microbes, is one of NASA’s nightmare scenarios. To find out whether single-celled Earthlings can hitchhike to Mars and survive on the Red Planet’s surface, NASA is going to see how they like it 36.57km up.

The Key To Colonizing Mars Could Be These Tiny Green Microbes

Long ago, a clan of hardy microbes called cyanobacteria helped terraform the lifeless Earth into a vibrant biosphere. Today, the very same critters could be the key to colonizing Mars.

Over 200 New 'Moonquakes' Discovered In Apollo 16 Data

The Apollo moon missions ended over 40 years ago, but incredibly, scientists are still learning from them. Case in point: A team of researchers has unearthed 210 previously unknown “moonquakes” in a slew of seismic data collected by Apollo 16.

Here Is A Rare View Of Mars' Icy Backside

This is one of the most fascinating images of Mars I’ve ever seen. The perspective — captured by Mars Express — makes it feel like I’m standing under our closest planetary neighbour, looking up at its south polar ice cap and its billion-year-old cratered highlands. In other words, this is Mars’ nether regions.

Why We Can't Stop Seeing Aliens On Mars

A crab! A spoon! A crashed UFO! Clearly, the Curiosity Rover is busy excavating the remains of an alien party and NASA totally didn’t tell us. The proof is right there!

NASA Just Sealed Six People In A Dome For A Year To Practice Mars

Life on Mars may sound glamorous, but in reality it’s going to mean a lot of time crammed in a small bubble with a few other humans. This could end very badly. So to practice, NASA has taken to sticking people in domes and keeping them isolated for months on end.

Buzz Aldrin Has A Plan To Get Humans To Mars

Everybody’s talking about heading to Mars these days. But Buzz Aldrin, legendary figure from a space long past, might actually get to the job done.

Talking To Mars: New Antenna Design Could Aid Interplanetary Communication

When people think about antennas, they often picture old television sets with “rabbit ears” – two metal rods poking above the screen. Essentially, antennas are devices that allow the wireless transfer or reception of radio signals. They come in various sizes and shapes. For instance, it’s your phone’s antenna that allows you to stream videos, post a social media status, use GPS to find a restaurant and call a friend.

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