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The Amazingly Creepy Way Mars Will Kill Its Moon

It was a rough month for Phobos, as astronomers decreed — yet again — that Mars is ripping its lumpy moon apart. But apparently, Phobos’ loss is the Red Planet’s gain. After the satellite is torn to pieces, its fragments will fan out into a disk and 20 million years from now, Mars will become a ringed planet.

These Mineral Veins Trace The Flow Of Water On Ancient Mars

The mineral veins that crisscross through the rock around this ridge tell an important story about Mars’ ancient past. So of course the Curiosity rover shot them with a laser.

This Is What The European Space Agency's ExoMars 2018 Test Rover Looks Like

This is the European Space Agency’s ExoMars 2018 rover — kinda. In fact, its a half-scale model that’s been tested over the past few weeks in the ESA’s Mars Yard, but it does show what the vehicle will look like.

We Finally Know What Happened To Water On Mars

Mars today is a dry, frozen place. But this was not always the case. Ancient Mars was likely warm and wet, much like Earth. So what happened to change it? Thanks to brand new results from NASA’s MAVEN mission, announced today, we may finally know. Blame the Solar winds.

This Rover Isn't On Mars

Image Cache: This looks like it could the latest rover to land on the surface of Mars. But in fact it’s a test of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission happening right here on Earth.

The Surprising Effect That Space Radiation Had On Mouse Brains

It’s one thing to send a rover to Mars. It’s another to send a biologically fragile human body. We don’t know much about how space will affect us — and recent findings involving mice suggest it could change our brains in unexpected ways.

A Region On Mars Called Silica Valley Could Help Us Build Fibreglass Space Habitats

NASA has spent the past few years asking architects, engineers, and designers outside of the space industry to think about habitat-building on the Red Planet — in part through competitions like the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge.

The Best Way To Make It To Mars? Go Back To The Moon.

Getting to the Moon was one of the greatest accomplishments in human history. But now, the Moon may be reduced to a mere pit stop for space travellers headed elsewhere. A Mars mission might be much easier, say researchers at MIT, if we use the Moon as a refuelling station.

There's Something Odd In The Shadows Of The Curiosity Rover's Selfie

Look at Curiosity. Now, look at Curiosity’s shadow. Notice anything?

NASA's Journey To Mars Gets A Leg-Up From The Martian

With NASA’s big water-on-Mars announcement coming the day before the release of Ridley Scott’s The Martian, there has been plenty of commentary on what astoundingly good timing that was for 20th Century Fox. It’s not every day you find water on Mars, after all. Hollywood is not the only one benefiting from this happy coincidence, however, as the Matt Damon-fuelled Mars mania coincides with NASA kicking their Journey to Mars to the next level.

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