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Report: Amazon Is Launching A Service To Help People Find Babysitters

Reuters reports that later this year Amazon will start testing a marketplace for services, where users can find and hire everything from babysitters to handymen. It will be testing the service in limited areas to gauge demand and figure out logistics before moving forward with a broader launch.

Australia Gets Updated Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone: The Windows Phone Marketplace is changing its name to the Windows Phone Store, mirroring the approach being taken with Windows 8. The alteration is being rolled out gradually, and unusually Australia is the first market to see the updated design.

Australians Can Stream TV Episodes, Seasons From Xbox 360 Now

If you’ve got an Xbox 360, you’ve never been short of a decent amount of TV content to stream to your console thanks to FOXTEL on Xbox. Now though, Microsoft is adding TV streaming and downloading to Australian consoles.

Why Did Amazon Make Its App Store Available For Aussies?

For a very brief period yesterday Aussies could access Amazon’s previously geoblocked App store. It’s now blocked again, but the same pattern appears to be happening worldwide. What’s Amazon up to?

Android Owners Don't Buy Apps Like iPhone Owners Do

According to a report from app watchers Distimo, Android developers are struggling to convert their apps into serious revenue raisers, compared to those creating software for iOS. With Android overtaking Apple in terms of handsets, you have to ask yourself, “why is that?”

The Government Will Classify Mobile Apps On A Complaint By Complaint Basis

There’s currently (at least one) pretty big flaw in the way classification works in Australia. Despite the fact that all video games are by law required to go through classification, the relatively recent explosion of mobile applications has meant that developers could release games to the public without classification through mobile app stores without needing to go through the classification board. But all that is officially about to change.

WP7 App Marketplace Now Has 5,000 Apps—Same As Palm

Windows Phone 7 now has just over 5,000 titles (5,149 to be exact) in their 2 month old marketplace. That’s the same number as Palm’s 1.5 year old webOS store.

Australian Android Developers, Go Make Some Money

The Android Marketplace has finally rolled out paid app privileges to more countries, and this time that means Australia as well. For local developers eager to embrace Android’s more open platform, but had to give their work away for free to do it, the 2-minute noodle days may be over. Now all you need is an app that’s good enough people will pay money for it…

Optus Android Users Can Now Access Paid Apps

It’s been a LONG time coming, but Optus has just announced via its Twitter feed that their Android customers can now access all the paid apps on the Android Marketplace.

Telstra's Android Apps Won't Be On The Marketplace Initially

One of the interesting things said at this morning’s HTC Desire event is the fact that the device will come pre-loaded with Telstra’s apps, like Foxtel and WhereIs, although you can delete them if you don’t want them. But if you own an Android phone like the HTC Hero or an imported Nexus One and actually want to use those apps, don’t go looking to the Marketplace. At least not yet.

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