Super Mario Bros Edited Into Real Life To Ruin People's Lives

Video: I’m a horrible person who always laughs when people fail in YouTube videos. This collection of fails made me laugh even harder because it’s been perfectly edited to splice in Mario and Luigi from Nintendo as the evil invisible force who cause all these screw ups in real life.

I Don't Think Mario Could Survive This Real-Life Arcade Run

Video: Jason Paul and his team show their parkour skills in this cool set up that looks like a real-life 8-bit video game. Watching this I started thinking on Mario. He is not an overweight plumber would have enough stamina to survive a run in this scenery — not even with the help of magic mushrooms.

Super Mario Song Played On Wine Glasses Sounds Just Like The Real Deal

If you listened with your eyes closed, you’d think this was just a video of someone playing Super Mario Bros on a vintage Nintendo. But there’s not a controller in sight. Just 48 wine glasses and a frying pan. Dan Newbie of YouTube, you’re a maestro of the kitchen.

Do Not Let Super Mario Out Of Your Sight, He'll Destroy Your House

Ever wonder what Super Mario does when he’s not running across your screen kicking Koopa Troopas? Filmmaker John Huffnagle shows us what everyone’s favourite plumber might do if left alone in your house. Long story short: Don’t let Mario out of your sight.

Is Microsoft Approving Mario Rip-Offs For Windows Phone?

In recent months, there has been mounting speculation that Nintendo could eventually bring Mario to mobile phones in a bid to inject some much-needed cash into the company. A Windows Phone developer has decided to get the ball rolling himself using ripped-off Nintendo art — and it appears Microsoft hasn’t bothered to stop him.

I Really Hope Flappy Bird II Includes Mario As A New Surprise Enemy

I makes sense. After all, the pipes are all there, right? Can you imagine if this happened at random in that already infernal game? People would probably smash their phones against the wall.

A Mario Coin Doorbell Grants Infinite Annoyance

How do you spice up your apartment’s doorbell without resorting to some over-obnoxious chime? If you happen to be programmer and Super Mario fan Joseph Thai, you hack the button outside your door to let visitors collect coins every time they push the button, triggering authentic sound effects from the game.

The Anatomy Of Toys And Characters Will Ruin Your Memories Forever

I love the work artist/designer/mad doctor Jason Freeny. His Moist Productions shop has been showing us the fascinating humanoid anatomy of toys, animated characters and other objects for years. His new creations have reached new awesomely gross heights.

Super Mario Lamp Finally Makes The PaIn In My Life Worth It

There is no way my parents could have known what a world of pain they were dropping me in by simply giving me the name Mario. It was 1984, and Mario was my dad’s name. THEY COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. But now all the Super Mario/Where’s Luigi/ItsAMe/Wario jokes I’ve ever been the butt of are worth it because this lamp is so damn cool. That’s right people. With the pull of a lamp chain, I am free.

This Guy Made A Super Mario World Level To Propose To His Girlfriend

If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, you kinda want the way you ask them to be memorable. Something that centres around what the two of you share and love. For this couple, it was Super Mario World, so naturally, this guy created a custom level to propose to his lady-love.

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