Don't Ask Google Maps 'Are We There Yet?'

The Google Maps lady might sound all friendly and helpful, but like any mum, she gets real sassy if you keep asking her if you’re there yet.

Google Maps Timeline Lets You Stalk Yourself

Google has a serial-killer-grade stash of knowledge about its users. This is not news, but to really ram the point home, Google is releasing a tool that lets you go back through history, and retroactively follow your every move.

A Stunning Map Of AT&T's Phone Network From 1891

Today, AT&T is regularly listed as one of the most hated companies in the United States. But back in 1891, two years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, the company was just taking its first steps. This map of its network from that year is just beautiful. Think of it as AT&T’s baby picture.

Someone Put A Map Of Australia Through Google's Neural Network And It's Terrifying

Google’s Deep Dream robot can’t be stopped. Now the hyper-intelligent nightmare-bot terrorising the internet has taken on a map of Australia, and it’s just about the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

Google Is Reopening Map Maker And Wants You To Police It For Pranks

Google’s Map Maker feature is coming back after getting shut down for too many prank entries. But now, Google will no longer deal with joke edits to Maps — the company is washing its pee-stained hands of moderation, shifting most of that responsibility to the Map Maker community.

Explore Every Canyon And Volcano On Mars With NASA's New 3D Map

You’ve been able to explore interesting corners of Mars for years using Google Earth. However, NASA just one-upped the search giant with a data-rich interactive map that lets you peek into every nook and cranny, from the miles-high volcanoes to the sperm-shaped valleys. You can even reproduce them with a 3D printer!

The Incredible Housing Value Across The US, Mapped

The cost of housing in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area is cripplingly expensive. But what does housing value look like across the whole of the United States?

Here's A Real-Time Map Of All The Objects In Earth's Orbit

Fellow space nerds, I come bringing sweet internet relief for the Monday doldrums. It’s, a real-time, 3D-visualised map of all objects looping around Earth, from satellites to orbital trash.

The Map That Led Columbus To America Is Finally Being Deciphered

The primary way we share ideas today is the internet. In the 15th century, it was cartography. And now, researchers at Yale are giving us a glimpse of one of the most influential maps in history — which, up until now, had been too faded and aged to read.

Apple's Taking Cars To The Road To Add Street View-Like Features To Maps

With a subtle announcement on its website, Apple has confirmed that it’s sending cars out on to the streets of the US, UK and Ireland in order to acquire data — including images — that will be used to improve its Maps service.

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