The Map That Led Columbus To America Is Finally Being Deciphered

The primary way we share ideas today is the internet. In the 15th century, it was cartography. And now, researchers at Yale are giving us a glimpse of one of the most influential maps in history — which, up until now, had been too faded and aged to read.

Apple's Taking Cars To The Road To Add Street View-Like Features To Maps

With a subtle announcement on its website, Apple has confirmed that it’s sending cars out on to the streets of the US, UK and Ireland in order to acquire data — including images — that will be used to improve its Maps service.

This Massive, Open-Source Map Makes The World More Wheelchair-Friendly

The world is tough place to navigate in a wheelchair. But finding ramps and lifts can be easier thanks to this handy map app that anyone can edit.

Watch How Los Angeles Boomed Over 125 Years With This Gorgeous Map

Contrary to what New Yorkers would like to tell you, Los Angeles is freaking old. Older than the United States of America, in fact. And it’s easy to see just how old the city is with built:LA, an interactive map that colour-codes the age of over three million LA buildings.

This Map Shows The Most Popular Unique Foods In Each US State

Foursquare tracked people’s tastes across America to come up with a very interesting way to determine the uniqueness of taste: they mined their user data to figure out which food or drink was disproportionately popular in each state. So this map doesn’t show what’s the most popular item in each state, but what item is most uniquely popular in each state (in relation to other places).

Watch The Entire History Of US County Boundaries Evolve In 30 Seconds

Video: US state and county boundaries have changed a lot since 1629. This wonderfully simple animation shows how they have been drawn and redrawn over almost 400 years.

13 Years Of Cloud-Watching Makes A Beautiful Visual Of The Earth

This beautiful map shows an average of all of the available cloud observations from the Aqua satellite. The shades of blue represent the cloudiness of our planet.

Audi, Mercedes Benz And BMW Want To Buy Nokia's HERE Maps

In-car services are the next big thing for auto-makers all around the world. With the rise of self-driving cars, so-called smarter cars and cars centred around smartphone platforms, some auto-makers are getting a little nervous that they’re about to be locked out of their own vehicles in future. To fight back, Germany’s big three auto-makers are looking to buy a controlling stake in Nokia’s HERE Maps business before someone else does.

Cost Obsessions Around The World, According To Google Autocomplete

If you ever wondered what sorts of things people are looking to buy in the Middle East, Russia or West Africa, look no further than Google, which has all of our data. That, at least, is what the cost guide website did, by examining the top Google autocomplete search terms for every country on the planet.

Every Tree In New York City, Mapped By Species

New York City is about as urban as urban gets, but even concrete jungles harbour leafy life. At last count, there were 592, 130 trees in the Big Apple and thanks to the efforts of Brooklyn-based designer Jill Hubley, you can now study them all in a colourful interactive map.