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Google Finally Lets You Download Maps For Offline Navigation And Search

We’ve all been in that unfortunate situation when we’re lost with no reception, and our phone’s navigation features are neutered as a result. Now, Google is offering a dead simple solution. You can download snippets of the world for offline navigation and search.

Apple's Indoor Survey App Creates Building Interior Maps Using An iPhone

Apple has quietly released a new iOS app that allows users to map out the interior spaces of a building using just an iPhone. The app doesn’t show up in search within the App Store – it requires a special, registered account in order to be used.

Uber's Surge Pricing May Not Lead To A Surge In Drivers

Uber has long stirred controversy and consternation over the higher “surge” prices it charges at peak times. The company has always said the higher prices actually help passengers by encouraging more drivers to get on the road. But computer scientists from Northeastern University have found that higher prices don’t necessarily result in more drivers.

Uber Now Has Its Own Fleet Of Mapping Vehicles

Uber has already been testing autonomous vehicles on the roads of Pittsburgh, and now it’s rolled out a separate fleet of mapping vehicles, too.

My New Favourite Instagram Is Full Of The Saddest Places On Earth

Nothing soothes an aching soul like a little ennui with a dash of dark humour. That’s exactly what @sadtopographies, my new favourite Instagram account, does best. It’s literally just screenshots of the saddest places on Earth.

What Every Block Of New York City Looked Like 400 Years Ago 

Where the Chrysler Building stands, there may have been grey wolves and hoary bats. Chinatown was home to a long tidal creek and salty marsh. A Lenape trail wound through the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.

After 80 Years Of Confusing People, the London Underground Now Has An Accurate Map 

Up until recently, the London Underground was difficult to navigate because of its beautifully-drawn yet horribly inaccurate map. But there’s a new map in town — actually, the London Underground’s been using a more accurate map for a while now and just not sharing it.

For Decades, The Public Was Not Allowed To View Maps Of The US Internet

There’s a good reason why you don’t know how data gets from one place to another on the internet. The major network cables that truss the United States haven’t ever been fully viewable to the public — until now.

This Website Lets You Study Mobile Phone Use In Cities Around The World

Mobile phone data can provide a rich source of information for understanding human activity. Now, researchers from MIT have built a tool that visualizes mobile phone use in cities around the world, for any of us to study.

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