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21 Must-See Google Street View Locations That Aren't Streets

You don’t have to spend all your time on Google Street View time looking up the addresses of your friends: Google has added all kinds of landmarks, buildings, remote trails, underwater worlds, aeroplanes and even fictional alleyways to its database of sights you can see from your laptop or smartphone. We’ve picked a few of our favourites but there are plenty more to explore.

Shocking NASA Satellite Photos Reveal Large Area Covered In Black Smoke Caused By Oil Fires

NASA’s Terris MODIS camera reveals how much black smoke is being pumped into the air because of oil refinery fires in Libya. According to NASA, the fires were “started by attacks on oil terminals in Libya in very early January.” That’s a hell of a lot of smoke.

Fractal Analysis Proves People Hate The SuburbsĀ 

A new fractal analysis of London’s dense network of streets and intersections reveals that a green belt meant to encourage migration to the suburbs had the opposite effect. The city has just became denser. People really seem to love urban living, especially in a thriving city like London. The work could shed light on how modern cities evolve, and help guide future urban growth policies.

Google Maps's Next Trick: Working Out Your Destination Without Asking

Google Maps might know the local traffic better than me, but for short trips around town, I can’t be bothered to turn it on. But thanks to the latest update to Maps on Android, I don’t have to.

The Entire Universe In One Clever Map

Image Cache: A map of the known universe to a constant scale would either be very big, or very useless. But use a logarithmic scale to compress the distances as you travel outwards, and you get this gorgeous and slightly Eye-of-Sauron image.

This Map Shows Just How Fast Travel Is In 2016

Last year, we published a map that showed just how long travel took in 1914. Now, there’s a similar map which shows how dramatically things have improved.

Send Maps From Your Desktop To Your Mobile Device

Many of us go through the process of looking up a route on a desktop or laptop and then switching to a phone for the actual journey. Apple and Google are wise to this process because sending directions from one platform to another is way easier than you think. Here’s how to do it.

Here's The Most Complete Ocean Floor Map Ever Made

What lies beneath the deep blue sea? So much more than you might think.

See The US Welcome Millions Of Immigrants Over 150 Years In This Interactive Map

Perhaps the best way to prove that the US is indeed a country of immigrants is to watch the data speak for itself in this beautiful interactive map.

The Fascinating Reason Why The Coldest Days Of The Year Vary So Wildly In The US

Statistically, the coldest days of the year should be a pretty simple thing to map. So why does this map look so splotchy?

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