A Map Of Amazon's Empire Of Warehouses And Shipping Centres

Over the past decade Amazon has developed an incredible infrastructure of warehouses and fulfilment centres dedicated to delivering toilet paper and books within hours. For customers, these spaces are invisible, rarely thought about or even seen. But a new map reveals exactly where they are — and how quickly they’re springing up.

These Richly Detailed Maps Give The Modern World A Victorian Twist

Wouldn’t we all love to live in a city where floating dirigibles shared the horizon alongside the glass towers of our modern skylines? Such is the wild world featured in the highly complex, geographically accurate illustrations of Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams, whose maps are part of an exhibition for the London Design Festival that opened today.

View Our World Through The Eyes Of A Stormtrooper

Space Station Earth is a digital map that turns our entire planet into a cold and otherworldly spaceship. Our terrestrial home transforms into George Lucas’ scourge of the galaxy — the dreaded Death Star.

Apple Watch's Walking Directions Buzz Your Wrist When It's Time To Turn

Apple Maps have always had turn-by-turn walking directions, provided you had your iPhone in your hand. Now its new Watch will not only provide high-quality maps right there on your arm, it will also give you an haptic nudge when you need to turn right.

11 Bird's-Eye Views That Show How New York City Has Grown Over 350 Years

Exactly 350 years ago today, New York City became New York City. The city itself already existed, of course: As the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. But on September 8, 1664, the British gave it its permanent moniker, which makes today its name-day.

What's The Best Visualisation Of The Internet You've Ever Seen?

All the cables and servers that make up the internet may be actual, physical things, but the data they send zipping all over the world is a bit harder to put into perspective. Many have tried — quite a few have failed — but every once in a while, creativity and genius combine to form the perfect picture of the internet kingdom.

How Precise Is One Degree Of Longitude Or Latitude?

For those of us with no real navigation experience, encountering longitude and latitude coordinates is usually the result of some hiccup using Google Maps. 40.722272, -73.994194? What? Where the heck is that? Why are there so many digits after the decimal?

The Funny Backpack Google Uses To Map The Insides Of Buildings

In its ongoing quest to map the entire planet, Google has turned its all-seeing eyes on the next logical place: the indoors. Today, Google is showing off six new indoor maps and the Cartographer, a backpack full of high-tech sensors that makes floor plans in real time.

Every Country's Drinking Preferences, Mapped

Ever wondered which nation likes beer best? Which prefers to sip at a glass of wine? Or which one slams back the most spirits? Well, this map shows exactly that.

Samsung Is Getting Nokia's Here For Navigation

However good Google Maps might be, Samsung has decided that it can offer better. Teaming up with Nokia, a beta version of Here for Android is being made available exclusively for Samsung.

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