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The Real Reason You Wouldn't Want To Live On An All-Local Diet

An investigation into several locavore restaurants revealed that what was written on the menus wasn’t at all what was showing up at the tables. But the underlying reason for the problem is much bigger than just the restaurants: it’s the all-local diet itself.

The View Across The Ocean Is Not What You Think 

Coastlines are ragged, messy things, twisting and turning every which way. As a result, what’s “directly across the ocean” from you depends on where you’re standing on a rather fine scale. It also depends on the curvature of the Earth.

What Are These Strange Bright Spots On The Sun?

Image Cache: From our perch here on Earth, the sun seems pretty uniform from day to day. But a closer look in this new magnetic map reveals that it’s teeming with activity — and with some intriguing bright spots.

What Mars Would Look Like Mapped By Medieval Cartographers

What can one expect to find out on the dusty plains of Mars? This new map shows you through the eyes of a medieval cartographer.

This Shocking Map Of Battles Throughout History Isn't Even Close To Complete

Reading about famous wars in textbooks has nothing on this interactive map of battles across space and time. And the blood-splattered depiction of civilisation isn’t even the half of it.

Google's New AI Can Tell Where Your Photo Was Taken Without Using Geotags

In case you didn’t already feel like Google was a creepy stalker, its artificial intelligence tools are rapidly crossing over into uncanny. The latest one is PlaNet, a new deep-learning machine that specialises in figuring out where a photo was taken — using nothing but the image’s pixels.

Animated Map Shows The Spread Of ISIS In The Past Few Years

Video: The Islamic State, or ISIS or ISIL, has quickly risen to power in the regions of Iraq and Syria in the past few years. This map by Peter Ridilla tracks the groups’ spread across the region. The Islamic State is shown in red against the rest of the region, what started off in just a few areas a few years ago has now crossed multiple borders, multiplied itself, and grown terrifyingly fast in recent months.

This Collection Of Bad Transit Maps Will Get You Very Lost Very Quickly

A well-designed public transit map is a wonderful thing: clean, clear, simple and intuitive. A bad one, however, will serve to confuse you until you no longer know in which direction you’re headed.

We Think These Martian Roadmaps Accidentally Revealed The Site Of An Upcoming Mars Landing

In 2018, a Martian rover will land on that planet’s surface to dig in the dirt for signs of past life — and some newly commissioned Martian roadmaps may have accidentally revealed more than intended about just where that site will be.

21 Must-See Google Street View Locations That Aren't Streets

You don’t have to spend all your time on Google Street View time looking up the addresses of your friends: Google has added all kinds of landmarks, buildings, remote trails, underwater worlds, aeroplanes and even fictional alleyways to its database of sights you can see from your laptop or smartphone. We’ve picked a few of our favourites but there are plenty more to explore.

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