Drone Mapping Lost Pyramids In The Andes

When Gizmodo last checked in with archaeologist Mark Willis, he was assembling huge 36GB panoramic photographs of ancient rock art in the wilds of west Texas; now he’s flying drones over ancient pyramids in the Andes.

You Can Use Google Maps To Find Faces Hidden In The Earth

It’s nearly impossible to gaze up during the day without spotting sort of cloudy, billowing face staring back at us. But rarely do we get the opportunity to see the faces we so casually trample right beneath our feet. Now, a new program by Onformative is giving us a bird’s eye’s view of every facial landform on Earth.

New York City Is Getting Futuristic Touchscreen Subway Maps

This will be awesome and also deeply unsanitary. New York City has hired a company called Control Group to install 90 47-inch touchscreen subway maps around the city. It looks like real life world-of-tomorrow type stuff.

Google Maps' New Mountain Street View Lets You Peek At Peaks You'll Never Climb

Face it, you’re no mountaineer. Unless you are, in which case, congrats. But for the rest of us, there will be no mountain-top revelations to make our souls take flight. Not in real life anyway. Google Map’s new summit shots are the next best thing.

Skip The Helicopter And Make Awesome Flyover Footage With Nokia's 3D Maps

A helicopter flyover of a crowded urban city can make for an awesome and dramatic establishing shot in a film. But it’s expensive and impractical for most amateur filmmakers — or so we assumed until we saw the fantastic flyover footage Paul Wex was able to create using Nokia’s Here mapping service and a hell of a lot of patience.

Shimmering, Tweet-Based Language Map Of New York City

If you’ve ever wondered which languages are spoken where in New York City, here’s the map for you. This visualisation shows exactly which languages are used in tweets across the city.

This Map Shows Every Meteorite That Has Hit Earth Since 2300BC

If we somehow get lucky and don’t kill ourselves first, we’re probably all going to die when a gigantic meteorite slams the crap out of our blue marble. Meteorites hit Earth more than you think! Since 2300BC, you can see all the meteorites that have pockmarked Earth.

Did Bing Maps Capture Top Secret US Drone Base In Saudi Arabia?

Reports have come out this past week about a top secret US drone base inside Saudi Arabia. The base was built two years ago, had been used for dozens of drone attacks in Yemen, and was originally hidden by the news until it was revealed this week. Now, Bing Maps may have found it.

North Korea Just Got A Lot Of New Roads According To Google Maps

Google has given its maps of North Korea a massive overhaul, using the open source Map Maker project to pull together all of the data. Suddenly, the country looks like it’s not a barren wilderness.

What Turn-By-Turn Navigation Should Look Like

The new Google Maps app was finally released, and I’m loving it so far. But it’s missing a feature I’ve been hoping to see map apps implement for some time. I have this problem where as soon as I pull up directions on my phone, whether right after entering my destination or getting out of the subway station, I get into this confused spinning dance.