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Today, Ford Ended 91 Years Of Manufacturing In Australia

Today is a sad day. One of Australia’s big two homegrown car manufacturers, and one of half of the iconic red versus blue battle that has shaped our national consciousness on weekends like this one for decades, is finally shutting up shop. Today, Ford Australia produced the final car — a Falcon, with the company’s iconic four-litre inline six — at its Broadmeadows plant.

Making Striped Plastic Drinking Straws Is Satisfyingly Complex

Video: Of all the objects you use on a daily basis, you’ve probably never stopped to wonder how plastic drinking straws came to be. But if you like complicated machines that are simultaneously extruding, cutting and sorting, you’ll be more than satisfied with the high-speed process behind making two-toned plastic drinking straws.

These Crazy Robots Are 3D Printers That Build Together

3D printers are getting way faster and more intricate. Now, Siemens has created a swarm of spider-like robots that can collaborate with each other to build large and intricate structures.

Look Inside The First Ever U.S. Airbus Assembly Plant

Image Cache: This is the brand new Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility — where you seem to be able to eat your lunch from the floor. The European aircraft manufacturer inaugurated its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama on 14th September.

MIT Scientists Can Now 3D Print Optically Transparent Glass

3D printing has become a cheap and versatile way of creating new solid objects — but some materials have so far refused to be shaped using the manufacturing technology. Now, researchers at MIT have finally developed a way to 3D print optically transparent glass.

These Slithering Modular Snakebots Are The Future Of Robotics

A snakebot recently crawled up my leg. The engineers sort of grinned while I grimaced, wondering if I should try to attack it or cry for help, an impulse that comes from watching too many sci-fi movies, I guess. I expect most robots to destroy me, but these snakebots are designed to do the opposite. And they could change robotics as we know it.

New Super-Fast 3D Printer Builds Objects In 6 Minutes

Last week, Carbon3D announced a 3D printing system that’s 25 times faster than traditional 3D printers. Now, a company called Gizmo 3D has revealed that it’s developing a system that can also achieve incredible speeds.

The Process Of Making An Entire Skateboard Looks Like A Lot Of Fun

Skateboarding is fun but George Powell of Powell Peralta skateboard makes building skateboards look even more fun. It’s always cool to see hands and machines and people transform wood into something completely different but especially neat to see how the whole skateboard — trucks and bearings and wheels — comes together.

The First 3D Printer In Space 3D-Printed Its First Object

While you were probably wishing Thanksgiving break would start already, the astronauts on the International Space Station made history. They 3D-printed a spare part for the 3D printer. In space.

Apple Is Banning Two Hazardous Chemicals From iPhone Production

You can buy your pretty new iPhone 6 with somewhat of a clearer conscience later this year. Apple announced today that it’s eliminating two known toxins — benzene and n-hexane — from the production of iPhone and iPads.

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