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Dude Building $500 Million LA Mansion Also Building 'Tinder For Straight Bros'

One of the largest houses in history is currently being built in Los Angeles. The man who is building it says he will sell it for $US500 million, which would make it the most expensive single-family home ever sold. In the meantime, he made an app for straight men to find other straight men.

This Amazing Chinese Mansion Is Abandoned Because It's Haunted

This expansive stone mansion — known Chaonei No. 81 — is an architectural anomaly in Beijing. Once a church, then a home, today the building stands out for its ornate Baroque style, yet it lies in decay. Why? Because it’s probably haunted, and no one wants to go near it.

Mansion With Baseball Diamond Proves They Don't Always Come

Why spend thousands of dollars on World Series tickets for a game that’s going to end in a couple of hours, when you can put that money towards a real investment like this multi-million dollar estate that comes complete with a private baseball diamond?

The Frick Collection's Secret Rooms

When I become an incredibly rich technology magnate, perhaps next year, I will craft my palace as Henry Clay Frick did in 1913. There will be bowling. My staff will have their own diner. And the secrets will be many.

Mansion Sealed Shut For Over 100 Years Now Open To The Public

When frenchman Louis Mantin died in 1905, he mandated that his house be sealed up for over a century, then reopened to the public as a museum. And now it is, effectively becoming a time capsule for all to see.

Holy Batman! A Subterranean Mansion! With A Water Slide!

A Subterranean Mansion. Let that sink in your mind. Subterranean. Mansion. With a water slide that goes from the master bedroom to a swimming pool with waterfalls. The best three million dollars you could ever spend. And that’s not all:

Steve Jobs Permitted to Bulldoze (Historic?) Mansion

In 1984, Steve Jobs purchased the 17,250, 14-bedroom Spanish Colonial Revival Jackling House. Built in 1925 by copper mining mogul Daniel Jackling, many thought it historic, but Jobs never really liked the home.

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