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Malware For Virtual Skimming Is Getting Scarier

In 2009, malware called “Skimer” surfaced and security firms took notice. Skimer is essentially malware that gives hackers full access to an ATM without needing to install any physical hardware, like a card skimmer. According to a new investigation by Kaspersky Lab, the malware is not only seems in use, but it’s also become more powerful.

Australians Are At Risk From 'Designer' Cyber Threats

While online ads everywhere are becoming increasingly targeted to entice users to click on them, the same trend is taking off among criminals designing ransomware, a new report from SophosLabs has found. As awareness grows about online security, ransomware is becoming increasingly customised in order to fool more people into clicking into malicious spam.

Hackers Who Got Caught By A Typo Were Trying To Take Over The World

The hackers behind a large-scale Bangladesh bank hack went further than simply stealing money. Now it turns out that they created malware that could compromise the internationally used SWIFT payment system.

Google Warns Users About A Dangerous Website Called

You’ve got to admire Google’s honesty. Right now, the company’s own safe browsing tool is flagging “” as partially dangerous. Does that mean your computer is doomed if you need to Google search for “funny cat videos”? Likely no, Google — like lots of websites — is just unsafe when in the wrong hands.

New Malware Attacks When You Type A URL Incorrectly

Better watch where those fingers fall on the keyboard next time you type out a URL. Security researchers have discovered a new trend they’re calling typosquatting, where users are attacked after they mis-type web addresses.

Serious Android Malware Is Targeting Aussie Banking Apps

Most of Australia’s major banks are being targeted by some potentially catastrophic malware on customers’ Android smartphones. Android/Spy.Agent.SI, as it’s been named, locks users’ phones when they open a banking app, redirecting them to a phishing server masquerading as the bank’s official site.

Your Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Can Be Hacked To Gain Control Of Your PC

The wireless link between your mouse and dongle might not be as useful as you think. A new hack shows that the links are often unencrypted and can be used to gain control of your computer.

Beware This Android Malware That Erases Your Phone With A Single Text

It’s been a bad week for people’s phones, and it’s not getting any better: A Danish security firm’s found malware that ravages your Android phone with a single text — erasing data or sending rogue calls and texts.

Relive Your 90s Technology Catastrophes In The Malware Museum

The early internet was truly a technological frontier, ripe with amazing ideas and equally amazing malware. Now, pesky code that used to attack your plastic, beige internet box is safely stored in The Malware Museum. Best part? Admission is free.

Scared Of Cryptolocker? Install Malwarebytes' New Anti-Ransomware Software

If you’re a computer professional, or even just the girl or guy that sits in front of a screen all day, then ransomware is one of the most annoying developments in your life over the last four or five years. Malware like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall can lock you out of your computer and its files entirely, until you pay up — and it’s hard to combat. Malwarebytes has a new piece of anti-ransomware software in beta that should stop your system from becoming infected.

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