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NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Company To Build A Magnetic 'Tractor Beam'

When Arx Pax unveiled its “hoverboard” last year, we had a hunch that this was but the first demonstration of the company’s new magnetic field technology. Why was Arx Pax really messing around with magnets? For one, to build a tractor beam.

The Cool Science Behind How The Lexus Hoverboard Works

We were teased a hoverboard. We saw a hoverboard. And we even rode the hoverboard. So how does Lexus’ hoverboard actually work? This video breaks down the science behind it.

Scientists Build The Very First Wormhole Device... For Magnets!

Physicists have created a wormhole device that can tunnel a magnetic field through space. It sounds like Star Trek, but we won’t be zapping humans across the universe anytime soon, but the breakthrough could revolutionise certain magnet-based technologies, including MRIs.

An Amazing Ferrofluid Display Brings Nike's New Sneakers To Life

So far, the most practical use man has found for ferrofluid — the mesmerising black goo that reacts to magnets in cool ways — is as gorgeous eye candy. And that’s totally OK, because how else would have Nike realised this slick animated display for its new Kevin Durant sneakers?

Why Google's Modular Project Ara Smartphone Was Delayed

We won’t see Google’s awesome Project Ara smartphone till 2016, and there’s a surprisingly simple reason for that. It fell to pieces when people dropped it.

6 Ways That Magnets Are About To Change Our Lives

Magnets. You already know what they are and everything about them. Or do you? Magnets are crucial to many more emerging technologies than you might expect. The tried-and-true magnet is about to change everything — from how we drive and treat cancer to how we play sports.

Seeing Two Magnets Try Destroying Things Is A Lot Of Fun

Video: Magnets are one of the few things that make life more interesting. Just feeling its attraction to each other or seeing it connect together is always fun. Don’t trust me? Watch these two super strong neodymium magnets try and destroy things like an apple, a juice box, an iPhone and more and try not to enjoy yourself.

Cooking Food In A Pan Cut In Half Shows The Magic Of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is sorcery masked as science through the power of magnets. That’s what I believe in my heart, at least. The heat is created from magnetic induction (as opposed to a gas stove flame or electric heating), which means without the right type of pan, you won’t be able to cook anything, even if the stove is on.

Play Magnetic Tetris On Your Fridge While You Try To Decide What To Eat

Poetry, even the magnetic kind stuck to a fridge, isn’t to everyone’s tastes. So Etsy seller The Back Pack Shoppe has created a set of magnetic wooden Tetris tetrominoes that let you stack, sort and re-arrange its various pieces while you’re trying to decide what will quell your afternoon snack cravings.

Watch A Ball Carve Beautiful Sand Art With The Secret Power Of Magnets

Bruce Shapiro’s Sisyphus is a magic machine that shows a steel ball rolling around in the sand to create wonderfully intricate sand drawings. The balls are all controlled with magnets but they seem to have a mind of their own. It’s like making a Zen Garden, only with the sorcery of magnets instead of old style rakes.

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