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Another Marvel Hero Is Confirmed For The Defenders

J.J. Abrams says the Portal movie is still happening. Another familiar face is confirmed for Arrow‘s 100th episode. Plus, new Doctor Strange footage, and Duncan Jones’ Mute is heading to Netflix. Spoilers now!

Spider-Man: Homecoming May Return To A Familiar Avengers Locale

Supergirl casts another DC comics character. The cast and crew of Doctor Strange discuss the Sorcerer Supreme’s origins. Syfy has three new shows in the works — including a Grant Morrison adaptation. Plus, new looks at Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and the return of Gotham. To me, my spoilers!

The Retooled MacGyver Reboot Adds A Sense Of Humour To All The Gadgets And Explosions

Video: It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the MacGyver reboot. We already saw one trailer back in May, which has since been scrapped along with the original pilot. Australian director James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring) — a show producer who originally planned to helm the pilot, then stepped away — was hastily brought back for damage control.

Another Familiar Face Could Be Joining Marvel's Defenders

Meryl Streep is circling the Mary Poppins sequel. James Gunn talks about Baby Groot’s memory in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Plus go behind-the-scenes on Suicide Squad. To me, my spoilers!

Major Rumours About Rogue One and Suicide Squad, Denied

Supergirl‘s producers promise Cat Grant is still around in the second season. The Combaticons are coming to Transformers: The Last Knight. Plus the Lights Out sequel is a go, a new look at the Van Helsing TV show and who Grant Gustin wants to direct The Flash next. Spoilers now!

More Details On Why The Vulture Is Spider-Man: Homecoming's Big Villain

Michael Fassbender promises scares for Alien: Covenant. Agent Coulson’s robo-hand is getting some upgrades on Agents of SHIELD. Echo Kellum says he’ll be suiting up in Arrow season five. Plus, more details on the plans for the CW’s big DC show crossover event, and new looks at Wonder Woman and MacGyver. Spoilers now!

The MacGyver Reboot Really, Really Hopes The Original MacGyver Might Stop By

Getting the MacGyver reboot off the ground hasn’t been without its challenges — just last month, James Wan (The Conjuring, Furious 7) was tasked with reshooting the entire first episode. The new new MacGyver is apparently off and running, however, and the show’s Comic-Con panel was all high-energy good vibes.

Does Lucasfilm Have A Long-Term Star Wars-Style Plan For Indiana Jones?

Rumours abound of an unlikely star for Predator. Get new looks at Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange and Skull Island in the lead up to Comic-Con. Plus, another new clip from Star Wars Rebels season three, the first look at the next season of Sherlock and new pictures from Fear the Walking Dead. To me, my spoilers!

Has Arrow Lifted The Lid On Its Next Major Adversary?

More details about the return of Samurai Jack emerge. The Tales from the Crypt reboot is taking an unorthodox approach to getting story ideas. Wicked is finally being turned into a movie. Plus, tons of new Ghostbusters TV spots, and details on the return of Gotham and Lucifer. To me, my Spoilers!

The First Details On Doctor Who Season 10 Are Finally Here

Mads Mikkelsen teases a Doctor Strange unlike any other Marvel movie. James Wan talks about subverting expectations with the Aquaman film. Ed Skrein wants an unlikely comic book character to appear in Deadpool 2. Plus, a familiar face returns to The Walking Dead, and Gotham is recasting one of its comic book villains. Behold, spoilers!

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