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The New Baby MacGyver Is A Member Of The X-Men

It’s Lucas Till, who is most recognisable as Havok in the X-Men prequels. Apparently, a child clone of Richard Dean Anderson could not be obtained.

This Tiny MacGyver Emergency Toolkit Will Get You Out Of Any Situation

iFixit, the folks responsible for tearing down all of our favourite gear, also sell kits that include all the tools they use. But none will ever be as useful as this tiny $US6 “Action Hero Toolkit” inspired by TV’s most resourceful hero: MacGyver.

10 Great Gizmodo Reader MacGyver Moments

We had 10 limited-edition Opena iPhone cases, laser-etched with our Gizmodo logo to giveaway. Your challenge to win one: regale us with an awesome MacGyver moment you’ve had. These are your stories.

Every Awesome Thing MacGyver Ever Made, Visualised

MacGyver was the greatest TV shows of all time, yes? Yes. But so much of it only exists in memory now. Or did, until someone came along and catalogued every single awesome thing Mac ever did, in convenient interactive form.

MacGruber Shills for Pepsi, Changes Name to 'Pepsuber'

MacGruber, the gadget-heavy SNL sketch that always ends with an explosion, was heavy on something else last night: Product placement. And not even a cameo by Richard Dean Anderson—MacGyver himself—could save these three commercials.

iPhone Barf Bag Mod is Perfect for Airsick MacGyver

Anyone can fashion a piece of cardboard to hold their iPhone at home, but who has a pile of old boxes and a spare sharpened implement on a plane? (Not you, hopefully.)

Dealzmodo Hack: Accessorise Your iPod/iPhone Like MacGyver

The ubiquity of iPods has led to a ridiculous glut of accessories, some useful, most not. The best of them have essentially become a seamless part of the iPod experience, but they’ll all cost you — and it really starts to add up. The expansion of the iPod universe, however, is twofold; more official products are followed closely by nearly as many unofficial ones. In other words, you can fully accessorise your iPod or iPhone, old or new, pretty much for free.

Plastic Cup and Toothpick Speakers Take Lo-Fi to New Heights

These “CupSpeakers” from designer Dmitry Zagga are MacGyverific. With nothing more than a large disposable drinking cup, a couple of toothpicks, and the included iPod earbuds, Zagga has constructed a sleek, cheap, and easy speaker system for his iPod. He claims the volume increase is “significant,” and his photography makes this self-aware DIY project look like something straight out of a Steve Jobs PowerPoint.

Super Pen Is Thirteen Tools in One Tiny Package

Besides being a magnet for penis puns, this pen is absolutely bursting with functionality that will leave just about any tool junkie satisfied. At the most basic level you get a handsome stainless steel ballpoint pen, but it can also transform into “a hole puncher, a stainless steel file, a short cutting blade, a flat screwdriver, a wire sleeve remover/small nail remover, an ear pick, a long cutting blade, a tweezer, a Philips screwdriver, and a stainless steel fork and a saw.” It could very well be the best US$15 you ever spend outside of a bordello my friend. [Firebox via SlipperyBrick via OhGizmo]

Cross 'Hot-Wire My Car' Off the Bucket List With a Handy How-To

Hot-wiring a car isn’t really on the list of things every boy should get handed down from their pappies, but when you find yourself in the Sahara and your Land Cruiser keys just got eaten by a lioness, you’ll be happy you checked out this informative step-by-step guide. Yes, it’s super illegal, so don’t be an idiot; use only in case of safari disasters. [Wired How-To Wiki via Lifehacker]

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