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Apple Admits That Delaminating Screens Might Actually Be A Problem

It’s taken 6,000 pissed-off customers, a petition, and an entire website named Staingate, but Apple has finally agreed that yes, a coating peeling off Retina Macbook displays is not good.

Apple Tilts Its MacBook Displays In-Store To Make You Buy, Buy, Buy

Anyone who’s paid any attention over the past decade or so will know that Apple is like the anti-Burger King. Things are done Apple’s way, and what everyone wants is (mostly) out of the question. The perfect example of that in action is Apple declaring that all Apple Store MacBooks’ displays must be kept at a 76-degree angle.

If You Water Cool The New Apple MacBook, It Doubles Performance

Fancy taking a $2000 computer, immersing it in water and praying that the Blu-tack you put over the ports keeps it alive? If you do*, you’ll be rewarded with a MacBook that’s twice as fast. (*don’t ever do this)

Apple MacBook (2015): Australian Review

Friend: “How’s the new MacBook Air?”

Me: “No it’s a MacBook.”

Friend: “Yeah, that’s what I said.”

Me: *headdesk*

This is a conversation you will have a lot if you buy the new 2015 MacBook.

New MacBook Review: Stupidly Thin

The new MacBook is a marvel of engineering. It’s beautiful, and far more functional than a computer this size has any right to be. But it’s not for me, and I doubt it’s for you, either. It’s just too damn thin.

Which Ports Do You Want On Your Dream Machine?

The new MacBook is out this week, and its most famous attribute — other than its model skinniness — is its single USB-C port for power and everything else. Yep, you can’t power your machine and use an external monitor or USB drive at the same time. So let’s build a crazy multi-port dream machine together.

The New MacBook's Force Touch Trackpad Is Amazing

This is the Force Touch trackpad hidden inside the 12-inch MacBook and new MacBook Pro. It’s a close relative of the force-feedback tech inside the Apple Watch, but unlike a regular trackpad, there’s no click when you push against a Force Touch pad. Instead, a tiny vibration motor pushes back against your fingers.

An Inside Look At The New MacBook's Weird, Slim Battery

The new MacBook has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve, from a new keyboard to a force feedback trackpad, and of course a lovely new hi-res screen. But maybe the coolest new feature is deep on the inside: terraced batteries that can put more power in a thinner package.

MacBook Meta-Review: The Laptop Of The Future, Just A Liiittle Too Early

Apple’s newest MacBook is undeniably slick. But with its single port and a processor that’s far from super-charged, it’s also got a few potential pain points. The first reviews are just coming in, and it seems like a shoo-in for Laptop of the Future. Just maybe not quite yet.

The NSA Is Going To Love These USB-C Charging Cables

Thanks to Apple’s new MacBook and Google’s new Chromebook Pixel, USB-C has arrived. A single flavour of cable for all your charging and connectivity needs? Hell yes. But that convenience doesn’t come without a cost; our computers will be more vulnerable than ever to malware attacks, from hackers and surveillance agencies alike.

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