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Lunchtime Deal: Nokia Lumia 900 For $399

Now that the Lumia 920 has been announced, previous Lumia models will start going down in price. Take the Lumia 900 for example. You can score that bad boy for $399 today.

43 Hot Smartphone Specs Compared.... (Including iPhone 5)

We’re seeing more and more high-end smartphones enter the market, and keeping up with all of them is nothing short of overwhelming. How will you decide which one will be your next handset? Here’s how popular beasts like the Galaxy S III stack up against upcoming options like the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920.

Did Nokia Accidentally Leak New WP7 Features?

Nokia has been very aggressive — and necessarily so, given its dipping position in the global smartphone stakes — in promoting its Windows Phone 7 handsets. But an advertisement running for the Lumia 900 may have accidentally leaked upcoming Windows Phone 7 features.

Nokia Lumia 900/610 Hands-On

Nokia Australia held a launch event last night to show off the Australian version of the high-end Lumia 900 and entry-level Lumia 610. Not enough time to fashion a review, but here are my early thoughts.

Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 610 Hit Australia In June

So Giz hit up the Nokia preview event in Sydney tonight, and there’s lots of news to share. Alex will have more hands-on thoughts for you in the morning, but for the moment, here’s what we’ve learnt…

Siri Doesn't Think iPhone Is The Best Phone

Time to add another to the long list of Siri’s ailments: self-loathing. Because when you ask your iPhone’s robot lady butler what the “best smartphone ever” is, she opts for a direct competitor. Personal assistants say the darndst things!

Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 610 Australia Bound

Who’s got two thumbs and will be trying the Lumia 900 in Sydney next week? This guy! And Alex, too! We’re headed to a Nokia media preview event next Thursday evening, and you know what that means – an Australian release can’t be too far away.

Nokia Lumia 900 Is Going Pink!

You thought cyan Lumia was rad, man? You haven’t seen anything. How about a pink so scorching, people will scream? In pain?

Microsoft Is Losing Mobile Subscribers Faster Than It Can Gain Them

When you run the numbers on Microsoft’s mobile platform, it doesn’t look good. Despite the debut of Windows Phone 7 about a year and a half ago, the company is losing mobile users faster than it can add them.

Lumia 900 Build Cost More Than iPhone 4S

The Lumia 900 is a hell of a phone. It’s also cheap, but it’s not for lack of quality parts: iSuppli crunched the numbers and determined it costs $US217 to build and manufacture. That’s more than the iPhone.

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