Telstra Finally Trialling LTE-Broadcast Tech In The Wild To Lower Network Congestion

The Big-T told us last year it was tinkering with fancy ways to send out 4G coverage so that more people would experience less congestion. Now one of those technologies if finally being trialled in the real world. It’s called LTE-Broadcast, and it means a great deal for the way you’ll experience network congestion.

4G In Australia Explained

1800MHz? 2100MHz? 700MHz? What frequencies are Australian 4G networks on right now, and what does the future hold? Here’s what you need to know.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Finally Lands In Australia

It’s the Galaxy S4, but not as you know it: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has finally arrived in Australia. Here’s where and when you can get it, and just how much you’ll have to part with to get it.

Huawei P2 Review: The Need For Speed

Huawei has knocked its best phone yet out of the factory and onto Aussie store shelves. We’ve been living with it, and it’s certainly set to be a positive chapter for the Chinese company. Find out what makes it tick.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Connect To Whichever LTE Format You're In Around Australia

For world travellers with a need for LTE speed, Samsung’s newest version of the Galaxy S4 might be the answer to your jet-setting prayers. When they arrive, the updated Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini will be the world’s first handsets to automatically switch between the two different types of LTE networks used worldwide.

How Much Mobile Data Do You Actually Use?

Some of us — including me — are lucky enough to still have “unlimited” data plans. That’s great, especially given that I burned through 2.6GB in the last month alone. But just how much mobile data do you use?

The Optus 4G TD-LTE Trial: Everything You Need To Know

Optus today officially began trials of its TD-LTE 4G service in Canberra, ahead of a public launch for the service on June 4. Here’s what’s happening and how it will potentially make 4G more reliable.

Quad-Core Galaxy S 4 Seems Likely For Australia

If you were hanging out for that sweet octa-core processor in some versions of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, you might be in for a little disappointment if Australia follows the UK’s lead.

Telstra's 4G Works In The Ocean

The 4G battle lines are drawn. Optus hits fewer sites, but usually with a bigger splash of coverage, while Telstra has many more actual 4G sites. Including, as I discovered this morning, in the ocean just off Adelaide.

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