Telstra's 4G Works In The Ocean

The 4G battle lines are drawn. Optus hits fewer sites, but usually with a bigger splash of coverage, while Telstra has many more actual 4G sites. Including, as I discovered this morning, in the ocean just off Adelaide.

Someone Made An Entire Movie About How Awful 3G Data Is

What began as a shamelessly transparent ploy by the LTE-peddling thugs of the mobile crime wars has evolved into a tale of star-crossed lovers set for the modern stage. Presenting 3G: The Killer Connection, a tale about what can happen when your choice of data carrier turns out to be wrong. Dead wrong.

Finally, An LTE Chip Which Will Work Anywhere In The World

Qualcomm has announced something that will make travellers everywhere very happy: a new radio chipset that can support every LTE network in the world.

Every Australian 4G Contract Mobile Phone Deal Compared

Want a super-speedy 4G mobile phone but can’t afford to buy it outright? We’ve rounded up every 4G phone available on contract in Australia so you can compare and make the best choice for your needs.

The Nexus 4 Will Never, Ever Support 4G Networks...Ever

The Nexus 4 is the Achilles of Android phones. It’s incredibly powerful, ready to do battle, but it has one tiny weakness that could bring the whole thing down: the lack of 4G connectivity. iFixIt discovered that the device might actually support the high-speed network after finding 4G hardware in its teardown. LG, however, wants to dash your hopes by confirming that you will never be able to use 4G on the Nexus 4. Like, ever.

Developers Show The Nexus 4 Can Sort Of Handle LTE

A bunch of developers over on the XDA forums have been tinkering with the Nexus 4 to see if they can persuade it to play nice with LTE. Turns out that despite a lack of signal amplifier and filter it can sort of handle the high-speed connection.

The Nexus 4 Does Have LTE -- It's Just Not Switched On

Following that iFixit teardown of the Nexus 4, it looks like LG and Google did kit out their new flagship with LTE after all. There’s a Qualcomm multi-band LTE chip in there — it’s just not active. But why whack in a 4G chip and not bother to use it?

Terrorists Can Take Down An Entire City's 4G Network For Just $650

According to a critical document filed with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the US, you can take down any LTE network with a simple $US650 piece of gear.

You're Probably Being Ripped Off On Your Mobile Data Plan

Put your breakables in a safe place and ready your best angry comments, because an investigation into mobile data caps offered this year and last year has found that we’re paying more of our hard-earned for less of their data. The worst offender isn’t who you think it is, either. Cue table flip.

Optus 4G Live On Brisbane And The Gold Coast

Optus’ rollout of 4G continues to expand. A handful of sites have gone live in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, ahead of a broader update for both cities scheduled for December and January.