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Phonovision: Imagine Recording TV Onto LPs

Only a year after being the first person to successfully demo a working television set in 1926, John Logie Baird dreamed up something called Phonovision. What was its purpose? To record television. On a record.

Ask Giz: Scratched Records, Arse Tattoos, Mobile Phone Fetishes

An unfortunate electronics-based arse explosion. A confused lad with dirty vinyl. A relationship doomed by a ringtone. This week’s questions tortured us for minutes, but we recovered. And we came up with answers.

June 21, 1948: The First LP Is Released

1948: Columbia Records puts the needle down on history’s first successful microgroove plastic, 12-inch, 33-1/3 LPs in New York, sparking a music-industry standard so strong that the digital age has yet to kill it.

What iTunes LP Should've Meant

Is listening to your iTunes playlist over vinyl the most practical of ideas? Nah. But throw in a futuristic glowing ring and call to arms for playlist purists, and Martin Skelly’s Playlist Player has a friend in me.

Even On A Tablet, iTunes Can't Compete With Red Vinyl

This candy apple Sophie Madeleine limited edition LP is just oozing with style that no one can digitise.

Music, Mos, Marijuana Collide In Idiotic LP Smuggling Attempt

Thanks to some moronic Jamaican and Canadian drug smugglers, the 1979 moustache patrol cracked down hard on LPs that had the rare distinction of being certified “pot.”

ION LP 2 Flash Turntable Rips Your Vinyl Records Straight to a Thumb Drive or SD Card

We’ve seen turntables designed especially for digitising your crusty old vinyl for years, but ION’s LP 2 Flash deck one-ups all that I’ve seen by recording straight to an SD card or USB thumb drive for quick transferring to a computer or recording straight to your PMP. And if you get tired of being so retro, it’ll reverse the flow and play any MP3s you have on your cards or disks, outputting to your stereo via standard RCA jacks. It’s a UK import for now, at a price of £130 (US$228).

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