Watching Complete Strangers Kiss For The First Time Is Really Beautiful

Um, wow. I don’t know if it’s the song selection or because it’s in black and white or the fact that everybody in this video is so attractive, but what started out as incredibly awkward, seeing two strangers meet each other and kiss, turned into something pretty damn beautiful. The premise of the video, called First Kiss and directed by Tatia Pilieva, was to get 20 strangers and have them kiss each other for the first time. It gets electric.

How You Can Use Maths To Succeed At Online Dating

Ever since you read about Chris McKinlay gaming OK Cupid to find love, you may’ve wondered if you could do the same the thing. This video gives you some of the maths basics which could allow you to perform better on dating sites.

The Science Of Female Condoms: The Future Of Sex?

Once derided as being like plastic bag with the erotic appeal of a jellyfish, the female condom’s being reinvented as the next big thing in safe sex. Emily Anthes investigates.

The Most Common Relationship Advice, Visualised

How about a little relationship advice for Valentine’s Day? This visualisation shows the most frequently provided words of relationship wisdom so you can console your friends — or yourself — today.

The Science Of Kissing

Kissing is great! Everyone loves kissing. But when you stop and think about it, the idea of rubbing your face and tongue up against those of another human being is actually a little… weird. This video tries to get to the bottom of the science of kissing.

Seeing A Kiss From Inside The Mouth Is Pretty Damn Gross

Yikes. Never kiss anyone again, people. Because while you’re politely closing your eyes and giving someone a smooch, your slimy mouth is inhaling another set of lips in what looks like squirmy worm sex on a stained enamel bed. It’s gross. So gross. OK, maaaybe a little bit sexy in a vomit-inducing, I feel weird sort of way.

This Cute Animation About Love Is Just As Good As Any Pixar Short

Sit back, grab a hot cup of tea, maybe open up a bag of cookies and enjoy yourself with this lovely musical animation called Love in the Time of Advertising. It’s a short made by David Bokser and Matt Berenty, and it’s adorable in all the right ways, punching through with humour, emotion, double meanings and visual style to fill your imagination.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Card For Our Times

You haven’t made Valentine’s Day plans yet. That’s OK! Who needs ‘em? Manufactured holiday, singlehood empowerment, overpriced prix fixe menus. But if you must make a romantic gesture next month, let it be this card. It sums up modern relationships pretty much perfectly.

How A Mathematician Hacked OkCupid To Find His Girl

Mathematicians aren’t renowned for their social skills. But in a quest to find love, Chris McKinlay from UCLA realised he could use his analytical skills to his advantage — by hacking OkCupid.

A Brief History Of Aphrodisiacs

Throughout history people have been trying to solve the problem of not getting any or just not getting enough. The following are some of the all-natural historical cures for the sexy-time doldrums.