Short Film: R2-D2 Adorably Falls In Love With A Blue Mailbox

Say it with me: Awwwww. In a story that’s a little like the first hour of Wall-E, this short film, Artoo In Love by Evan Atherton, tells a cute love story of R2-D2 and a blue mailbox. R2 starts holding picnics with it, zaps away people who want to mail things and holds an umbrella over its head when it rains.

This Oscar-Nominated Film About A Couple Growing Apart Melted My Heart

Video: Sometimes life — and love — seems to pass before your eyes at the speed of light. One day, you wake up and realise that the person you’ve been living with for years has changed so much that they have almost become a stranger. Head Over Heels is an Oscar nominated stop-motion film by Timothy Reckart that perfectly depicts that feeling.

A Love Story Filmed Exclusively Looking Down On A Bed

Jack Tew and Sorcha Anglim came up with such an awesomely creative way to tell a love story and one that makes so much sense: From the sole perspective of the bedroom. The short, Me & You, is filmed completely from the ceiling of the room, giving you a bird’s eye view of the entire relationship, from start to finish.

Great Animated Short Film Is As Sweet, Fun And Sad As Real Love Is

Video: I read somewhere that love was invented as a cure for loneliness. I don’t know if that’s completely true, but this brilliant short film — directed by Julio Pot — illustrates that thought perfectly.

25 Of The Most Desirable Objects Ever Made

First of all I have to make this clear: I am not an objectophile. Really, no. Not really. OK, maybe a bit. Bit who isn’t? We’re surrounded by scores of gadgets so well-designed it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with some of them. The following set of images serves as a confession for me. Call me a pervert, but I adore these objects so much, that simply to touch, to hold them causes a pleasant and tickling sensation in my nervous system.

These Are The Songs You Have Sex To, According To Spotify

Music for the bedroom is no longer a case of slipping Barry White onto your vinyl player and leaning in to your loved on. More likely, it means firing up a cloud-based playlist and routing it through your Bluetooth speaker. So, perhaps, unsurprisingly, Spotify knows exactly what you’re listening to when you do the deed.

Short Film: This Hilarious Love Story Between Snails Is Worthy Of Pixar

Video: This collaborative animated film tells the hilarious story of two snails in love tragically separated by a very busy highway — and a daredevil frog that risks his life jumping from one speedy car to another.

This App Builds You A Fake Girlfriend Or Boyfriend, Voicemails And All

Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend aren’t the first apps that promise to be your virtual partner. But they might be the best apps that promise to trick your friends into thinking you’re in a relationship when really you’re just sad and lonely and watching too much TV and eating all the pizza. The best.

Cute Love Story Animated Completely With Latte Art

Latte art is great for making you feel a little bit special in the beginning of the day and absolutely necessary for any hashtag coffee Instagram post but it turns out, latte art also makes for a cute way to tell a stop motion animation love story too. Follow along this spot that uses 1,000 cups of latte to show love.

The Statistical Facts Of A Romantic Relationship

It’s fun to think of your own life in statistical terms. How many tacos al pastor did I eat in my entire life, how many kisses did I give, or how many trousers did I brake. This cool music video for the song Afterglow does that. It shows five years of a couple’s relationship summed up into cold-hearted but fun statistical facts.