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Dammit, Why Can't This Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker Just Be A Real Product?

It’s about time for appliance and electronics makers to start keeping a small staff of artists on hand — because there are just too many fantastic products being created by artsy types that will never see the light of day. Case in point: this fantastic custom waffle maker that leaves your breakfast imprinted with the famous Louis Vuitton pattern.

How To Efficiently Pack Your Suitcase So You Don't Arrive With A Crumpled Mess

It might be an ad for an overpriced line of fashionable clothing and accessories, but Louis Vuitton’s The Art of Packing website is still chock full of excellent tips and tutorials on how to properly fold your clothes and pack a variety of suitcases.

Chic Louis Vuitton For Geeks Tee

Megan Lara has created a wonderful tongue-in-cheek version of the famous Louis Vuitton pattern — customised for geeks — that you can now get on a T-shirt over at Threadless.

Louis Vuitton Beasts Are The World's Most Luxurious Animals

So let’s say Kanye West builds a zoo. What’s going in this zoo? Peacocks? Golden elephants? Taylor Swift? No – a fleet of these stitched-together Louis Vuitton Franken-critters, built from the guts of some very, very expensive bags.

Louis Vuitton iPad Case Costs Nearly As Much As An iPad

Do you have $US366 left in your iPad fund? Want to buy a case for it covered in the iconic LV logo in order to show that you spent $US366 on an iPad case? Here you go. [GQ via BornRich]

Louis Vuitton's 40th Anniversary Apollo 11 Buttplug Trunk

This 40th anniversary buttplug from Louis Vuitton commemorates mankind’s first lunar landing by giving you a miniature trunk-shaped buttplug that actually opens up and holds stuff. Wait, what do you mean it’s not miniature. It’s for giants? [Ilvoelv via Hypebeast]

Louis Vuitton Trunk Is a Vacation In Itself

Who needs clothes on vacation when you can carry two solar panels, a flatscreen TV, DVD player, two-way radio and coffee maker with you wherever you go?

Fake Aura Slaps On Fake Louis Vuitton For Ultimate Tackiness

In case the Aura, Motorola’s 2008 luxury phone, didn’t scream nouveau-riche enough, some Chinese counterfeiters have decked their version out in a Louis Vuitton skin.

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