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70-Year-Old Tolkien Poem To Be Republished, Will Probably Make You Cry

Just because J.R.R. Tolkien has been dead since 1973 doesn’t mean he can’t still continue to publish work. So of course, after two of his poems were found earlier this year, we’re set to get another poem.

The 17 Most Tear-Jerking Friendships From Science Fiction And Fantasy

A great love story can totally grab your heartstrings. But you know what is guaranteed to make you start sobbing like a drunken longshoreman? Friendship. Science fiction and fantasy are full of platonic relationships that punch you in the gut. So in no particular order, here are the 17 friendships most guaranteed to make you cry.

11 Of The Most Constipated-Looking Action Figures Ever Released

As action figures have become more detailed, toy fans have been treated to some amazing-looking figures over the years. But not that long ago, when sculpting techniques were less advanced, toy likenesses could range from the mediocre to the terrifying. Here are 11 figures who look less like they’re ready for action and more like they’re in desperate need of the restroom.

Now Everyone Can See Tolkien's Annotated Map Of Middle-Earth In All Its Glory

Last year, a map of Middle-earth, annotated by Tolkien himself, was unearthed in a copy of a book owned by illustrator Pauline Baynes. The map has now been purchased by Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries, who very kindly put a full, authorised, version of the full map online, which is sure to be pored over by fans forever and ever.

Why Does Lord Of The Rings Clear Up Space On Your iPhone?

A Reddit thread is claiming that for those of us — and there are many — who are running out of space on our iPhones, all we have to do is try hiring The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Viola! Free space!

The Fan Theory That Fixes One Of The Most Annoying Plotholes In The Lord Of The Rings

Video: It’s a question every Lord of the Rings fan asks him or herself eventually: If giant eagles could give Frodo a ride home after he dropped the One Ring into the fires of Mt. Doom, why couldn’t they have given him a ride there and saved everybody a lot of trouble?

This Video Breaks Down Fellowship Of The Ring's Score, Reminds Us The Film Is Genius

Video: Everyone loves Lord of the Rings — novels, films, whatever. But for all the visual spectacle and amazing acting that fills up J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic come-to-life, the music is simply a masterpiece.

Cut Down Those Filthy Trolleses With This LOTR Lightsabre

And today’s mash-up of fantasy and sci-fi comes to us courtesy of Vader’s Vault, an outfit that specialises in crafting custom lightsabres. Rather than get the usual blade, one client requested something special — a Lord of the Rings-themed weapon.

Did The Fellowship Have Enough Lembas To Reach Mordor? Here's The Answer

It’s not the shortest trip from the safety of Rivendell (or Imraldis) to the evil depths of Mordor. Along with the assorted dangers of orcs, spiders and scrawny, loin cloth-wearing jewellery thieves, one has to make sure they don’t starve to death. Fortunately, the Fellowship had a supply of lembas, or elven travel bread. But how much would they have really needed? Science has it covered.

Shattering And Then Reforging The Sword From Lord Of The Rings

Video: Aragorn’s sword the Narsil had been famously shattered into pieces before the Lord of the Rings trilogy and was then reforged from the shards into the Anduril by the Elves in the last movie. Man At Arms: Reforged recreates that in real life by building the Narsil and then breaking the sword (it wasn’t tempered after heat treating) only to reforge it into the Anduril.

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