Logitech's New Auto-Dimming Keyboard Is Perfect For Movie Night

In the good ol’ days, finding the buttons on your remote in the dark was hard enough — but now, finding the keys of you keyboard is a living hell. Enter Logitech’s neat little auto-dimming keyboard, which seems just perfect for movie night.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Review: Big Sound, Small Package

Portable hi-fi speakers are all the rage at the moment. Syncing with your smartphone or tablet or notebook over Bluetooth, these battery-powered boomboxes are great for picnics, trips to the beach or on speakerphone duties (if you want to feel like Bosley from Charlie’s Angels, at least).

UE Boom Review: Big Sound Never Looked So Good

You may not have heard of Ultimate Ears, and for that, you can be forgiven. What you should definitely hear, however, is how good their latest speaker sounds.

Logitech PowerShell: A Slim, Sturdy, (Maybe Dope) iOS Gaming Controller

The anticipated gaming controllers for iPhone and iPod Touch are arriving in droves it seems. Today, we’re getting our first look at the Logitech PowerShell, an insanely simple little gamepad that’s supposed to turn touch gaming into something closer to console gaming — without going overboard.

Gizmodo Smartphone Buying Guide: Our Favourite Phone Apps, Tools & Toys

We all have our favourite apps and gadgets — they’re the ones we use more often than others, that we find especially cool, and that we think deserve your hard-earned dollars. These are the apps, tools and toys that the Australian Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku teams swear by.

This Could Be The First Official iPhone Gaming Controller

This image posted by perpetual juicy rumour machine @evleaks shows what could be a forthcoming iPhone gaming controller from Logitech. Given Apple’s reference designs for such a controller released at WWDC this year, the supposed leak looks pretty legit.

A Minute's Charge Keeps Logitech's Ultrathin Mouse Running For An Hour

Laptop trackpads have gotten considerably more capable over the years, but sometimes a mouse in hand is still the better way to go. And if you’re used to carrying a svelte laptop, Logitech’s betting you’ll want a mouse to match with its new Ultrathin T630/631 Touch Mouse that can keep you working for hours, even if you only have minutes to spare for charging.

Since When Are Logitech Products So Pretty?

I remember my family’s first Logitech product well. It was a mouse, roughly the size of a small football and shaped like a half eaten apple and the colour of dirty bones. It rolled and it clicked and did everything it was supposed to. It was not an artefact of fine design.

Here's A Look At One Of The iPhone's New Game Controllers

With Steve Jobs no longer around to tell us these things aren’t elegant enough for his device, it appears we’ll finally get a proper gamepad for the iOS this year. This will be one of them, made by Logitech.

Declutter Your Coffee Table And Control Your Lights With These Smart Remotes

Logitech has announced two new universal remote controls to tidy up your cluttered coffee table. They can also control your lights and even make use of Wi-Fi. Take that, poor range.