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Manhattan Sinkhole Swallows Fancy SUV

Here’s a bit of schadenfreude for those of us who can’t afford to breathe in New York’s Upper West Side: A water main break last night created a sinkhole, and that sinkhole swallow an entire BMW worth around $US55,000 ($72,577).

Reporter Rushes To Scene Of Bee Truck Crash, Gets Trapped By Bees

A truck collided with two other vehicles on a busy North Carolina highway today, upending a swarm of bees onto the road, and trapping at least one news photographer in his car. And every single tweet that local news station WBTV posted about this situation is a gem.

What Happens When The Weatherman's Computer Fails

The weather team down at ABCNews4 just made the most of a horrific, live computer crash. Apparently, the computer that generates the graphics for the TV weather forecasts failed recently, but instead of just standing up there and talking in front of a blank screen, the team created some super half-arsed chicken scratch pen drawings on printer paper.

Watch American News Anchors Hilariously Screw Up In This Blooper Reel

If you think the funniest person in the world in 2013 was Louis C.K. or Aziz Ansari or some other genius laugh out loud comedian, you’re probably right. But eventually their shtick will get tiring. It’s going to happen. But do you know what never gets old and always stays funny though? Watching the local news screw up over and over again. Like in this fantastic blooper reel.

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