Listen To This Year's 100 Top-Streamed Spotify Tracks Right Here

If all your favourite playlist is missing is everyone else’s playlist favourites, fear not! Spotify has released its 100 most-streamed songs of the 2013. The results? The most agreeable mix you’ll hear all year — and a whole lot of Rihanna.

Every Single Microsoft Device. Ever.

With the release of Surface, Microsoft is taking a serious dive into the wide world of hardware production. But this isn’t the first time Microsoft has gone down that road. In fact, Redmond has racked up a pretty impressive catalogue of devices. Here’s a list of all of them.

Yahoo AppSpot Is An App To Help You Find Apps

Yahoo’s new AppSpot service lets you search for iOS and Android apps using a web browser or a mobile device. The system includes ratings, daily personal picks and a list of related apps to help you discover the perfect app. You can download AppSpot for Android and iOS today. [Yahoo]

The 10 Easiest Ways To Waste Time On The Internet

The Internet has changed the way that we all live our lives. It’s also invented a whole host of ways to suck all of your time away. Here are some of the best.

13 Technologies That Need An Immediate Upgrade

We’ve gotten complacent with many of our technological needs, simply putting up with what we have available now, even if it’s horribly dated.

The 7 Best Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos

Today’s Thanksgiving, and a whole bunch of people are going to just toss a frozen turkey willy-nilly into a deep fryer, film the exploding fireball that results, and post it on YouTube. (For which we, of course, are very thankful.)

The Geeks In Esquire's List Of Geniuses: A Roundup

Today, Esquire dropped a great list of “15 Geniuses Who Give Us Hope,” full of artists, directors, chefs and economists. But there are also a few legitimate tech nerds thrown on the list. Here’s a quick look at those geeks.

iAppalooza Productivity: ShoppingList

A shopping list app for your iPhone. What could possibly be simpler?

The Definitive List Of Words Google Thinks Are Naughty

The new Google Instant tries to guess what you’re searching for while you type. But not if it thinks your search is dirty. Some enterprising people have compiled an exhaustive list of words and phrases Google Instant won’t auto-search for.

9 Restaurants Sent From The Future To Destroy Us (With Good Eats)

The basic premises of going to a restaurant haven’t changed tremendously throughout history. You sit down. You order. It shows up. Maybe it’s good. But new, high-tech establishments around the world are putting an innovative spin on eating out.